My Global Family : 15,000+ people Foreign National: White/Black Christian, Hindu, Bhudhist, Sikh.

  1. USA: 1000+ people years: 70 yrs 3rd Generation.
  2. Canada: 70+  3rth Generation 70 yrs :
  3. Australia : 100+ people 1st Generation.
  4. New Zealand: 200+ 2nd Generation.
  5. UK: 3000+ 3rd Generation 70 yrs
  6. Poland : 1000+ 7th Generation for 200+ yrs.
  7. France : 1000+ 7th generation for 200+ yrs.
  8. Germany: 2000+ 7th Generation for 200+ yrs.
  9. Europe Other: 3000+ 7th Generation [ Belgium, Spain, Italy,]
  10. Kenya: 500+ 3rd Generation.
  11. Nigeria: 100+
  12. India States:
    1. Uttrakhand : 4000 people [Garhwali  Brahmin [33%], punjabi brahmin, Nepali brahmin, Uddham singh Nagar Khatri { Manoj Kumar Actor Family}]
    2. UP: 40,000+ , First MLA , First Secretary , First VC, First World auyurveda Medical Conference  Lucknow, NOIDA, Ghaziabad, Muzaffarnagar, Modi Nagar, Shamli, Saharanpur, [ former BJP MLA Gupta ji – Chacha ji from wife side], Gorakhpur, Greater NOIDA, Hathras, Dabra.
    3. Haryana 5000+ : [ SC/ST, Barhmin, OBC] Yadav, Gautam, Sharma, pure haryana population. Dean NIT kurushetra, Prime Minister Bodygaurd, District Congress President Badli, Pvt Engg College Owner.
    4. Delhi: First Secretary Prime Minister office in 1950-60
    5. Punjab: 35,000 Plus Sikh [ 1/500 Sikh in World] belong to our Family.
    25,000 Plus Hindus brahmin, Kshatriya, [Atleast 30+ Teachers, and Block Development Officers]. Father Side population is known as gujarati Brahmin
    6. Himachal : 5000+ Around Shimla,Indora,Jawalaji [ District magistrate Manali ]. Himachali Speaking population.
    7. Gujarat: 15,000+ Dave, Desai, Patel, [ Former Finance Secretary of India , IIMA Gold medalist Hasmukh Adhia [Right hand man of Modi ji PM], Knows all IAS/IPS people and Dr Padh As well With whom my wife written more 1000 citation paper with 4000 Worldwide professors across 40 countries.
    8. Maharashtra: 5000+ 6 Schools in Mumbai [Taught more than 50X20X6= 6,000] Students Each Family 5 member = 6,000 X 5 = 30,000 passouts.
    Pune:1000+  Almost 100 pune Engineering college, military engg College, AFMC, NDA passout Engineers and Class one officers.
    Nasik: Where Kumbh happens is our ancestral Temple, Sister side.
    9. Karnataka 5000+ : Sister married to Tamil Family 10% of bangalore population is Tamil. Tamil policemen , IT Professionals.
    10 Tamil Nadu: 10,000+ Sister married to tamil Family from chennai.
    11. Bihar: 60.000+ Another sister married in Patna. School Owner, IIT Dhanbad Profesor, MIT Professor, Apple Hardware Acquisition Head, ISKON Bihar Head, RSS All india IIT Section Head, 6 School Owner in Bombay, more than 20 industries design and Development, more than 100 Engg College Air Cooling vent design
    12. Jharkhand: 10,000+ 3 Professor in AIIMS Equivalent institute [ MD,MBBS,Phd in medicine, More than 3 X 30 X 50 =4500 doctors passout under them spread All over world. More than 10 Doctors in family.
    20 IIT Equivalent professor : 20 X 30 X 60 = 36,000 IIT level Student passout under them Spread all over world. 1% of them in google means 360 people in google.
    13. West Bengal: 3000+ professor, VC Sister Extended Family
    14 Nepal: 5000+
    15 Madhya Pradesh: 1000+
    16 Assam : Wife Sister family married There And Are professor and NYU Stern in New York. 2 X 100 X 35 = 7000 US Students passed out under them.
  13. Ireland: 125+ people some of them resettled in UK/Australia.

My Touch with Government Leadership Both BJP & Congress & bureaucracy Top Leader

  1. Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia Described [ Right hand man of Modi] is our Family Friend.
    Post marriage his Sister Called us for Tea and Said you are more Secular than any other person here.
  2. All IAS/IPS Gujarat, BioTech Secretary and : Multiple Contact with IAS/IPS officer There of Dr Padh Sir.
  3. All IAS/IPS officer Uttaranchal/Uttar Pradesh. [ Serving relatives multiple more 50 contacts.]
  4. Right Hand Man of Congress : Sam Pitorda [ Was senipur to my relative who worked 13 yrs with him and his neighbour in USA]. My musa Who was Bodygaurd of PM Rajeev Gandhi and Indira Also have worked with him.
  5. IT Secretary to All serving IT ministers of India till date.
  6. Head make in India Flagship program of Mr Modi Government.


7. Our Family Muslim Connection: One BITS pilani Topper is married to Muslim Girl also BITS pilani graduate in lucknow.

8, Our Family Hindu Connection:
Ashok Singhal [VHP] from our extended singhal Family, RSS IIT Wing Head of India.


From UAE PMO To Topmost in Berkeley and Product Management Canada.

Cover Letter -New


Respected Sir,

Hope your are doing fine!. 18+ yrs experience. Certified as Portfolio Manager, Program Manager, Project Manager.
Certified on BlockChain, Big Data Certified and 25 other technology certification, 40+ management and 10 Audit certifications and worked for fortune 100 Companies. Awarded career. Many first like selected among 1 billion Indians with prime minister office UAE as first Indian to hold that position at SKGEP Dubai, Abu Dhabi , UAE.

Bussiness Excellence Consulting Appreciation

Alumnus to World’s best Engineering and Management institution Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, IIM, BITS Pilani. IISc Trained People in 4 continents Enterprise Architect, CEO, CTO, VP etc. Board Member Indo-Canadian Business Forum, CIPS Canada (equivalent of Board member  Computer Society of India + DOEACC)

Endorsed and followed by world top 10 Legend of IT world Like Father of Data warehousing Bill Inmon Top 10 Computer science and Management of IT Living Legend.

Awarded Author From multiple journals and magazines and Reviewer to World Ranked Journals.
Own Blog have unique 1000 visitors per day Almost 4 million Visitors last 7 years.

Writer and Reviewer with more than 60 Top ranked High priced Professional Journals (cost $12 each) with printed circulation of 25 million or 2.5 crore magazines carrying My name in 180+ countries to Top Ranked professional and subscribers. Set of around 50% of those are depicted in Collage which Carry my name as leader , writer and reviwer last almost 7+ years or 100+ months.


I am awarded 18 yrs  experienced IT Professional year by year Award are displayed on Linkedin Profile.
India’s No.1 Ranked institute PG certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Application

Certified and Experience Program Manager/Auditor/Enterprise Architect /Techno Management consultant with 20+ IT Technology Certification , certified 10+ GRC on audit areas, certified 40+ management Areas Portfolio/program/project Management, Human Capital Management, Business process Management , finance Techno functional, cloud computing, IPR, Awarded career, Prime Minister of UAE, Abu dhabhi and Dubai,

  1. Management Masters Alumni Top Schools in India, Europe, USA.: [Worldwide Top 10 universities]

MTech + MBA + LLB profile Alumnus Top 1% Ranked university in World Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, IIM

  1. Berkeley Hass Business School, University of California Berkeley, USA
    [Executive Program in Management] from world Top 10 Ranked B-School in heart of silicon Valley USA.
  2. Indian Institute Of Management ,Ahmedabad
  3. Cambridge Judge Business School , Marketing Management, UK
  4. Wharton Business School , Operation Management from, Philadelphia, USA
  5. Harvard, Leadership and General Management., USA
  6. Kemmy Business School: 3rd best Ranked B-School in Ireland., Ireland
  7. IIM Kashipur, India, BITS pilani, ICFAI university.
  8. Strayer university and JWMI (Jack Welch Management Institute) Founded by GE CEO Jack Welch ( Scored 100%), USA
  9. LMU University, Business Strategy, Munich, Germany
  10. Quality management, Business Excellence and IPR certification Prime Minister Office UAE Dubai.
  11. LLB [CCU university) world Top university by enrolment.[650K enrolment per year]
  12. IPR PES university Bangalore. [One of largest Bangalore based private university ]
  13. Engineering Double Full Time Masters in Tier 1 institutes, [Ranked Top 10]
  14. IISc Bangalore PG Artificial Intelligence and Applications., Banaglore.
  15. M S Software Engineering BITS Pilani/Dubai/Goa (Ranked 10),
  16. M Engg .University of Limerick (university of year by Sunday Times Largest selling newspaper in UK & Ireland). Top 50 under 50 institution.
  17. PG im artificial intelligence (Ranked no. 1 in India),
  18. Masters in Computers Application, New Delhi [World’s largest university]
  19. Top Enterprise Software Writer worldwide Only Indian in Top of List.

Rank in London based magazine.

  1. Achievement and associated with Star Consulting Projects Smart City, Smart Governance, IoT, BigData

I was involved in star Projects at Enterprise Architect Project: Togaf for smart city Dubai, HAAD, Prime minister Office Dubai.I worked with Partner Of Oracle Corporation (netcustomer) Largest HCM ERP solution provider for Peoplesoft HR world wide. Largest BI Software company SAP Corporation.

Example : First Top 50 worldwide to become Blockchain certified.




  1. Writer and Reviewer To Top Journals across World

I have been leadership level contributor to journal on bigdata as well which sold 6 million cpies

  1. Awarded Career [Awards from Prime Minister Office of UAE]

only indian and only irish  and Till date only UL student .out of 240 People global Expert PHD professor CEO and HOD of berkley.

Kindly Find my Consistent Experience and history. I have 20 IT certifications, 20+ Audit certification and 40+ management certification.

  1. Assessment Experience
Award Year Country Areas of Expertise
Michael Cangemi award 2017 United States Legislation & Governance , Provision of Services , Electronic Switch for Services Provision (Smart Government) , Information Technology
Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program 2016 United Arab Emirates Legislation & Governance , Provision of Services , Electronic Switch for Services Provision (Smart Government) , Information Technology
ISACA Reviewer For Articles Leading recomend for Michael Cangemi award 2015 United States Legislation & Governance , Provision of Services , Electronic Switch for Services Provision (Smart Government) , Information Technology
Reviewer For Articles Leading recomend for Michael Cangemi award 2014 United States Legislation & Governance , Provision of Services , Electronic Switch for Services Provision (Smart Government) , Information Technology
ISACA Reviewer For Articles Leading recomend for Michael Cangemi award 2013 United States Legislation & Governance , Provision of Services , Electronic Switch for Services Provision (Smart Government) , Information Technology


I am only 6th person from 1 billion Indians whose are mentioned as leaders in this IT journal Last 6 years and may be only 2 from Ireland , First from UL.

Letter From Prime minister Office UAE to Only indian after being involved in country level international audit of 38 ministries by 240 global Expert selected professor Harvard, Princeton, oxford Global awarded Thought leaders of which I had privilege of being only Indian member for last 4 years.

These 60,00,000 or 6 million copies I am regular Contributor mention me regularly in 180+ countries…



By now I am reviewer for 50+ Research articles.
Constantly published in Top governance, regulations, Risk, Complaince Journals in 180 countries.


  1. Top Contributor to Technical and Management Sites World wide.


Top Contributor To Berkley Hosted TinyOS site Knowldege froum worldwide during my MS in Ireland.
Top Contributor  To Standford Hosted Knowldege Sharing website World wide during my MS in Ireland not for 1 day but almost 1 and 1/2 year Rank 1.

I am in IT field almost 19 yrs [5 yrs IT Academics + 14 yrs awarded career as IT Professionals]
linkedin:           Both have almost 10K+ subcribers
My presentations:
slideshare:   Almost 1 million unique visitors Last few years.
I worked for Fortune 100 Companies in :

  1. German Companies[SAP], French-German [Business Objects].
  2. US Based MNC- Pfizer, Quintiles, Anthem, DE Shaw And Company Cognizant, Ness Technology.
  3. European companies- British Telecom, Ireland based companies.
  4. Asia and India based Companies like tech Mahindra, Wipro.

I have Graduated from Ireland Top University Of Limerick world ranking university, Studied at Top Indian World ranking university BITS pilani, IISc Bangalore etc.


AWARD: 10 Global Awards right from 2005 and last 14 yrs of Career [10 million Readers to blog and magazine in 100+ countries]
Almost 40+ Written Endorsement from Client directors from across the world.

Only Indian Smart Government Advisor to UAE Government in Dubai, Abu Dhabhi.


As Author Reviewer, Leadership of Journal : 5 million printed reputed  printed journal carrying my name As Leader and contributor Last 7 years in 180 countries. out of which nearly 2 million copies are in circulation in US Alone.


Besides I am Volunteer Member To 12 international bodies last 7 years: PMI,ISACA,TOGAF,APIM, Microsoft Architecture forum, Microsoft Enterprise Architecture group, Cloud Security Alliance, IBM Solution Architecture forum, Oracle etc…


I was Top Contributor to berkley knowledge sharing site on tinyOs and Standford ford site between 2012-2014.

Rank 1 on Many Tech Forums on IoT, Bigdata, Analytics, Datawarhousing, BI, Wireless Sensor networks
Like This Elite Forum world best CRM, Marketing professional currently

I Ranked 6th worldwide and Rank 1 in ASEAN countries+Middle East +Africa+South America.

Elected To Board of largest IT professional body like DOEACC, CSI in india which was created by United Nations

Prince Appreciation of post assessment Results


Suggestion to Prime minister Office India



Social Selling Index at 84 3 Times avg person: My ability To Sell Idea is 3 Times normal person On Social Media

Appreciation From world largest Audit Body For Writing and Reviewing research work on journal 7 th year in row



World Foremost Authorities on Advancement of 38 ministries. Link to pictures hosted by Prime minister Office.

In Talk with Head of Quality of Higher Education UK
Sandeep Sharma


40/70 yrs=60% of Time since 1950 Indian Prime Minister Security my Mother Family contributed its Sacrifices for country

40/70 = 60% of post indian History PRime Minister Security is provided By my mother Family.
1.  1950- 1964 Nehru Ji PMO Sharma Ji from Qutub enclave. = 14 yrs
2.  1964-1985 Indira Gandhi Body Gaurd Sharma Ji. = 21 yrs

3.  1985-1990 Rajiv Gandhi’s body Gaurd. = 5 yrs.

(1) + (2) +(3) = 14 + 21 + 5 = 40 yrs 
Total years since independence till 2019= 69 yrs –> 40/69 –> 58% of Times since independence.

Indian Military Academy Construction Led By Grandfather Tauji

My Grandfather Tauji Was head of Military Engineering service [North India] Civil Engineering Section between 1917 to 1952.
Only Topmost India in  Head of Military  under British Rule at that time in Military engineering service. MES
[ Infact there was no indian in position higher than him during post 1930.

My Maternal Grandfather And his colleagues heroic in Burma War resulted British Gifting india Indian military academy.

BRAVE INDIAN ARMY REGIMENT –> performance in World war 1 against Hitler Led to decision of creating first Time India Army Officers in British Army. Before that there were only soliders and No Indian/Nepali/Bangalodeshi/Burmese officer in Indian Army.

MY NANA father WAS in same reigiment which fought war in Burma Which Exisbitted highest form of valour with Cycle and Guns dispelling Hitler forces in Burma. My Nana father was Matyr of World war 1 for [ Indian, British and US Forces]. They used same Kind of Cycle and Gun carrying get up shown in picture below:

See More details in Wikkipedia link below:

Indian Millitary AcademyDehradun (also known as IMA) is the officer training Academy of the Indian Army. IMA was established in 1932.

During which My Grandfather’s father Elder Brother Head Military Engineering Service North India oversaw its Construction. His name must be there in IMA Indian Military history Also on IMA incribed somewhere in IMA building.
Indian Millitary AcademyDehradun (also known as IMA) is the officer training Academy of the Indian Army. IMA was established in 1932.”.

From Wikki pedia:


Following the experiences in World War I, where Indian soldiers proved their mettle, Montague-Chelmsford Reformsfacilitated ten Indians per year to undergo officer training at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. In 1922 the Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College (now known as the Rashtriya Indian Military College) was set up in Dehradun to prepare young Indians for admission to Sandhurst. The Indianisation of the Army started with the commissioning of 31 Indian officers. Among this first batch of officers to be commissioned was Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw, who became the Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army in 1969 and later the first Indian Field Marshal.

Post independence My grandfather Tauji served MES head till 1950 then passed it over to then newly MLA of Region serving that was my grandfather and Indian Gandhiyan leader of Region
He was longest jail serving Gandhiyan Leader from the region.
He got 100% votes supported by all factions congress, RSS and even other Factions. No one kept candidate against him out of respect in Whole UP/uttrakhand region.

He Was Sanskrit PHD and Scholar Who Wrote books with Also German Scholar Max muller. He wrote 4 mimansas [concept just like upnishad] of Vedas on his own in Jail Serving for Gandhiji Satyagrah.

His letters to gandhi ji and Gandhiji Letter to him are preserved in national memoirs.

here is one link:

Another one



My Grandfather Coverage in 10 National Newspaper : Renowned Gandhiyan Freedom Fighter

My Family My Grandfather had 5 brothers: links below
1. Amar Nath Ved Shastri:
[Conducted world first Ayurveda conference chaired by Ranjender prasad] And part of creation of world first hindi Dictionary.]
2. Second brother [ India’s first Defence under Secretary], Then migrated to Montrael  in 1960 his son and Daughter are town planner there.
3. Third My grandfather: Ramesh Chand [ India Railway mechanical engineer, Farmer, horticulturist, Banker, Religious head of Hindu religious organisation Arya Samaj in Capital city for 70 yrs, Urdu/sanskrit Expert]
4. fourth Grandfather: Railway Engineer
5. Nardev Shastri: PArt of constituent Assembly, member to Choose india’s national language created by gandhi ji, Gandhiyan freedom fighter, his books and letter to Gandhiji and mahatma Gandhi ji letter to him are preserved in national memoirs and National treasure],  Vice chancellor

News About Nardev Shastri in national News papers:
Nardev shastri : National highest year imprisoned Gandhian Freedom Fighter from Uttrakahand Argent Follower for Gandhiji and Mahatma Gandhi used to Visit our house regularly. and His Colleagues.

  1. From india’s largest News Agency: UNI
  2. PM Modi Declared Salt SatyaGrah National Meomorial:
  9. Dhanpatji Gorkha belonged to Mathrowala, Lacchiwala and was a participant of the Salt Satyagraha. After his arrest, he was in prison for three months.


My 25 million International Journal = equal to 8 blockbuster & 40 Hit Films Revenue.

Avg Cost of Top 10 commercially successful films :

in 2018 gross between 550 crore to 150 crore.   Top 10 Average 300 crore Gross.

While average successful gross remained 50-100 crore.
source :

While 60 magazine/Jornals I write 2.5 crore in circulation each has Rs 1000 cost.

So Total Value of journal gross  = 2,500 crore.

if we assume 1 Top 10 movie Gross = 300 core  then This is equivalent to 2500/300 = [ 8 Top 10 Blockbusters of Bollywood.]
source :

Average Hit film in India in 2018 earns btween 50-75 crore Taking average around 60 crore

2500 journal Revenue/ 60 crore Hit Film revenue = 40 Hit films in last 20 yrs…

In Average film there are about 70-100 Heros and heroin and 1000+ staff whoes name comes at end of film.
While compare in magazine/journal only 100 names are printed. as author or Reviewer. [Journals gives more visibility]


My Blog Reader Every 1 out of 100 in world population: 12 crore people, 3000 crore Journal market value

SEE it urself

My Blog Reader per Person across selected 8 out of 39 places its read in India

Like in dehradun 3 out of every 100 person is blog readers home last 8 yrs.  4 million Readers X 5 = 20 Million/2 crore people home it reaches.
Additional And 65 Journals Each distributed X 3,50,000 printed copies = 227,00,000 or approx 23 Million Printed Magazine or 2.3 crore copies.

Each home has 5 people it reaches:  11.5 crore population of 115 million population + Almost 11.5 crore  on PDF people. = 23 crore people

Each Magazine cost approx 1000 Rupees X 2.3 crore printed magazine/journals = 2300 crore Journal Value + 500 crore advertisement = 2800 crore Value created

City Total visitors Unique visitor per month No.of pages read by each user Per population readership
Dehradun 77 31 2.48 3/100
Gurgaon 41 22 1.86 2/100
Bangalore 37 19 1.95 1/1000
Hyderabad 25 8 3.13 1/2000
Kolkata 19 10 1.9 1/2,000
Mumbai 17 12 1.42 1/3,000
Chennai 8 6 1.33 1/2,000
Kundan 8 4 2 1/100
New Delhi 7 5 1.4 1/5,000
Pune 6 1/1000


In USA, UK, Canada, England, New Zealand : English speaking countries Blog visitors are 1 out of every 100 population.

Australia: 1/50.

Non English speaking Europe at least 1/500 to 1/1000.

South America: 1/2000.

Africa: 1/5000 [ Rough Estimates across continent at lowest level not calculated]

Middle East: 1/300.

Asean : 1/1000.

Ireland : 1/750 + Group 1/400 = 1/300. But now blog stats 1/750 -> 1/500è total 1/200.
blog : 4,500+ visitors X 5 = 27,700 Readers + 20,000 = 47,700 = 1.2/100. [ 80% 1/100 + 20% 1/50]

France: 1/5000.

Germany: 1/4000

Belizie: 1/30 population

Seychelles: 22/100 : 1/5.

Honduras: 1/69.

Indonesia: 1/10,000

UAE: 1/600

Ukraine: 1/6500

Malaysia: 1/2500

Netherlands: 1/1000

Saudi Arabia: 1/1500

South Africa : 1/2000

Singapore : 1/125

Philipines: 1/7500

Pakistan: 1/12,500

Japan : 1/15,000

Maynamar: 1/10,000

Brazil : 1/12000

Poland : 1/3200

Spain: 1/7200

Italy: 1/7000

Austria : 1/2000

Sweden: 1/1250

Norway: 1/1500

Estonia: 1/2500

Finland: 1/1500

Lithuvania: 1/2500

Czechoslovakia: 1/4000

Hungary: 1/3000

Romania: 1/4000

Switzerland: 1/1250

Argentina : 1/10000

Crotia : 1/1000

Bulgaria:  1/4000

Turkey: 1/12000

Columbia: 1/5000

Kenya: 1/12000

Nigeria: 1/40,000



Portugal/goa: 1/2000

Russia: 1/45000

Kazakhstan: 1/10000

Mongolia: 1/5000



Data Analysis: 5 Star Academic Author Selling 3 Million implies :Great Author

India has about 2,17,00,00 Students Studying in Colleges.

Higher Education Institutions (Universities and Colleges) in India
Type of Institution Number E.g.
Central Universities (Public) 44 University of Delhi
State Universities (Public) 306 University of Mumbai
State Universities (Private) 154 Amity University
Deemed Universities (Private or Public) 129 Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Institution of National Importance (Public) 67 Indian Institute of Technology
Total Degree-granting Institutions 700
Affiliated Colleges (Public or Private) 35,539

Source :
Actual Numbers Today for Number of university Alone
State University 306 + 44 (central universities) = 350
Private Universities : almost 200+

Enrollment of Indian Students by fields of study
Field Number (‘000) % of Total
Arts 7,539 37%
Science 3,790 19%
Commerce & Management 3,571 18%
Engineering & Technology 3,262 16%
Education 733 4%
Medicine 716 4%
Law 373 2%
Others 218 1%
Agriculture 97 0%
Veterinary Science 28 0%
20,327 100%

Source :

Growth of Higher education institution over years… In India.

statistics and data on different types of public and private universities in India


Latest data on student enrollment in universities and colleges in India.

out of 124 core or 1.24 billion population 28 million or  2.8 crore Graduate.

28 million/ 1240 Million = only 2.3% population Graduate in India.
2.8 million/1240 million = 0.2 % population does Post Graduation.

20 yrs back Wen i did my post graduation This % would be even less something like 0.002% you can see PG seats are doubling each year.. 2^10 = 1024 = around 1000.

so every year 1/2 means in 10 yrs (1/2)^10 = 1/1000 or if % of postgraduate today is 0.1 Postgraduate would be 0.001% 10 yrs back.

To Estimate How much would star Writer of Chemistry Would sell.

First science stream is around 19%-20% of whole population 4.8 million
Engineering is about 25% of Whole studying population. 5.4 million

There are Science subject in Graduation [ Physics, chemistry, maths, biology, Geology, bio chemistry, biotech, computer science, computer application, Electronics].

1 chemistry + 1/2 Bio chemistry +1/2 Geo are related to Chemistry = 2 out of 10.

from 4.8 million * 2/10 total market for graduate Students for chemistry.

Total market Size = around 1 million Books in Whole India.

In India There are 10 States/region many states uses regional language hence around 10 author from those regions via for that space depending on university. + 10 foreign Chemistry  author.

So 1 million = 100 thousand if we divide by around 20 , We get 5000 books per year.

Any time in college people can be in either of 1, 2 or 3rd  year.
Graduation year 1 : 5,000 Books
Graduation year 2 : 5,000 Books
Graduation year 3 : 5,000 Books
Total  in year : 15,000 Books are sold assuming 1 Book is picked by Student of every year for average good Chemistry author.

So Avg Good Chemistry Author sells : 15,000 books a year..
While Great 2 books are picked each year hence : 30,000 books a year… For Bsc.

Now Same would be for Btech [chemical engg program since almost same number studying science and engineering]  or 30,000

Chemistry Books Books Sold to Bsc Students = 30,000
Chemistry Books Books Sold to B.E. Students = 30,000
So Total :…………………………………………………………….60,000 Books a year.
Assuming :
Each Book cost Rs 400 and 5% is royalty income.

So, 5% of 400 = Rs 20.
Total income per year = …………………….60,000 X 20 = 12 Lakh rupees per year royalty.While Selling 60,000 books a year. Its about 30 yrs of age when you Start writing your first book before that is very rare in science subject By 28 you finish your PHD itself.
Then you teach 2 yrs you would be 30.

So Assuming from first year itself book is block buster hit from age 30

if Author goes to Age 80 = in 50 yrs sold = 50 X 60,000 books = 30,00,000 Books.

If person crosses 30 Lakh mark really is STAR Author… is really Rare in this world..

Only Great authors Goes There in science field.


Compare it When you write or contribute for Journals as free volunteer SME What happens ?

My Contribution to printed Science Journal in circulation worldwide:
Last year I have crosse figure of 25 million printed magazine in subscription
And my free Blog on crossed 4 million Readership

Even I had best author award

Both of which are 25 million, and 4 million  are > 3 Million Books sold of star author.

combined both 29 million is ten Times figure of 3 million Books Sold.
Even I had Best author Awards flowing but Still more to come eager to write more..

Certainly Journals are 10 times more than Good Author in academics world.
I still feel writing book is all together and different Effort and meaning So I look forward to write more Books in future…

Kudos To All great Author which made world of Science better to young generation.

Corporate Games People Play: Manage Project Politics (Power/interest) Quadrant

One of the Tools which is very much used for Stakeholder Analysis during Project Management initiation phase.
Power/Interest Quadrant:

In  a project PM is one with Power and Well Interest on what/how/when/who/where things to implemented.
It’s perfected By 5 Why Question Philosophy? Ask Why five times..
Zachman gave what/how/when/who/where list which can be used to understand implement problem in any domain.

While doing a work of Program Manager Where multiple clients were implement different software.
We had to Start Data migration and Analytcs Stream of work Started. It was Downstream System.
There was a team doing requirement Gathering along with me. The Project Charter Which was made for our stream of work had incomplete RACI matrix (R) Responsibility, (A) Assignment, (C)Consent, (I) Informed).
Only just department names and Phone numbers.
I was really surprised at client where 10 different Teams are working how it is suffice?
Tomorrow a team needs to decide a from (Existing System A) manager which is modified in New System A.
(To be)For New System A (Component Treasury) How Will person know Who are Stakholders which needs to be (R) Responsible, (A) Assiged, (C)Consented, (I) Informed.
Which you can Find out from Power/Interest Quadrant So I prepared it..
But there were multiple signoff Activities So i improved on RACI to include RACI+S. (Sign Off).

I was assigned as Sr Project Manager in The Role. 5-7 people were positioned around me whose task was to say no to every yes I make. Or get Everything from me and then start negating me.
All throughout my life I never restricted myself of sharing something because normally people do not tel everything like they say ” Cat taught lion everything but did not taught how to climb trees” hence was able to outcast lion in climbing trees.

But In my case since I am learning So diverse Skills right from childhood learning everything which I know its almost doing 5 Phds…
So I was sure they will not be able to do it.. Everytime they say No and make noises..If i utter 1 sentence all are silent why?
Psychologically: Because it was very important for them…
Sure I will never say useless stuff. Why? I have so many things to do in life that I cannot afford time.
See ( 9 hours office work + 2 hours commuting + 1 hours home activity (Eating/bathing/etc)+6 hours sleep= 18 hrs.
Left with 6 hours.. 1 hour home+friends,
out of 5 hours: 2.5 hours to blog and 2.5 hours to courses.. Every month I have Target of 6 courses.. almost 1.5 course per week.
always I try to increase what I write, Review for journal, Create video content, do more courses to find missing links..

Always connecting the dots…

Last 20 yrs in IT. Almost earlier 5-6 hrs used to go in learning.. 0.5 day of learning each day beside work.
20 yrs X 0.5 day X 300 days year..There was off for work..but learning continued on week ends or holidays as well.
Post Masters 3000 days of learning accumulated. How can people pick up say 1 month had only 30 days..

year has 300 days max.. IT will take 10 years break to do that..

So I was sure I try to share maximum. Now out of all I learned only 10% become relevant in that case but that too is 300 days atleast.
How Can people do it in say six months its impossible. you have to do something unnatural to do it otherwise its not possible.
That’s reason I become so much excited to tell because I have so much to tell on Topics..
And flow is important if i get obstructed I may forget something which I tell from Management 2 degrees, 600 cases studied, Law 1 degree, economics (MBA/MA), IT (5 degrees each had totally different subjects), finance(subject in 4 degree program )100+ MOOCs, then 40 Certification (Each certification 500 question=500 page book means 20,000 pages or 40 books).
Then Diversity I have seen languages English, french,  Pahadi, Punjabi, gujarati, telgu, kanad,tamil, bengla, marathi.
37 cities, almost now 2 continents. By courses 6 continents. 10+ sports played, 3 martial art forms, adventure sports..

I can say only missing aspect I see is medicine of which coincidently I have diploma in naturopathy.

see latest i added up in just last 7 days..Certification on Smart City.Smart City Certificate


So I had good amount of exposure and knowledge from 400+ courses all different to implement.
Everytime I am adding up. Next year it would be atleast around 450 courses …

1 course a day it will still take more than year.. all of which are 3-6 months courses.

When you tell to people there faults they become unhappy but u should find polite way out.
May be like: Just drop a mail without telling what it about for knowledge sharing that about techniques..

But what to do When people say: Do not send un-necessary mails..

Unfortunate Part:

Sometimes you have Things like I got dengu while on project hospitalized for 4 days. Doctor told its not over but office politics makes you report to work while on dengu. (constant vomiting Doc certs).

But despite fact I was very happy and reporting to work daily.. They other Thing Came they did not give computer to you to work on..
Its like cutting tree for a wood cutter without axe. (you can n’t do anything..)
To add to misery I was told There is team ask them with respect again and again after having approved ticket…
Go there physically and request them…
Add to that: place is 30 kms away it takes 2 hours in busy traffic to reach train..
Computer distribution centre starts work at 9.30 but actually present only by 10.00 u reach there as well same time it will take 30 minutes from queue they have..
Then answer comes right now there is no system.. you cannot bring you own personal laptop there because it has to encrypted.

Solution: Writing Mobile. My whole work was on Mobile…

Only thing when I was struck analysis of data..because u cannot fit database into mobile… That is when you had to shuttle between 2 offices 2 hours away..
If computer distribution centre takes 30 minutes in queue and 30 mins in then 2 hours drive..
Its MATHS Question now: What time would you reach at client?
It’s not hard for 5th grade its : 9 am + 1+2=12 pm only right…
But it’s not very easy to convince Post graduates because there mind is already filled with bais.

Only 1 week wasted between 2 office you got laptop..its information age.. at speed of light information can come but not laptop.. ( I actually do not agree with sentiments though here) will you.. its upto you…

Work had 4 bozoes looking at you nay sayers.. I thought its good excercise because its 6th Thinking hat of Robert De bono the devil’s advocate.. But I see 4 thinking hat missing.. No problem..
Every Problem is opportunity until you recognize it…
So I took it.. Let them say what ever they want to say at end tell them what you mean by that… So they understand what they were doing blabbering in meeting with customers… Many customers actually agree…

In India that decision sometimes goes to from where you are comming (Please read this care fully )
Normally people say: I can understand from where you are comming.. (meaning what subject areas u reffered to mean that)
But here it means Which region of india you are comming…
So he can make judgement based on similarity of region == similarity of thoughts…
Do you agree with that? its hard for me… bozoos and intelligent people are equally distributed across regions..
better one: Take his idea then say he did not said that or not let him speak…

But you know: “Cavaet Emptor” as they call in law.. and insurance it means: “Buyer beware” about what you are buying.

Amazing Working as Architect or individual contributor Role specially when you are targeted from people higher in hierarchy
See Normally Architect is Techncally solid but holds least power since no one reports to him.
which leaves you easy target for abuse. You cannot even push your solutions if Project managers groups people around you.

For services Companies at most place due to competitive bidding time for creative work is less. Its true some people have more time some have less or 15% workforce is on bench all the time.
Here is very interesting video for people to look at :

So There is same Task all people same input. I was promissed on mail Sr Project Manager Job at wipro Infotech before joining but inside company they have not given even single people reporting to me.
When its first few months they said we will tell u later..amazing…
Even Legally valid proof on mail of Sr Project manager Position does not deter ..As inside company I was tagged Consultant.
First project SAS Admin Work.
Second project almost 60 kms away at new city, new office small office with almost no comutation facility and work was on Foxpro To SQL server..
Hearing that I request three time I am big data, Analytics, Cloud guy Why the hell I will work in remote location for a client which has only city presence..
Client had Only 1 Office it is not even enterprise wide implementation.. commute to place 60 kms away on crowed train with almost 600 people in one compartment..
Given No choice…
Rude Abusive Influence Manager:
When I asked that I was promised project manager role my manager Told me. Why you are not fulfilling the promise of job description ?
Answer I got its like that you cann’t do anything take whatever given to you. If you find anything bad you can go and complain no one will listen. I was told even international certification not usefull…

Rationalistic narrow Thinking:
I had gr8 realtion with people around client was specially pickedup as such client had no office outside maharashtra.
I have lot of good marathi friends but at client all people like grew up together in same department.

Wipro one manger Shishir misbeaved One day: saying
“I will tell gaurds to throw you out of office”. I asked why he making such noise in open office..
Answer : I got complain anywhere there would not be anyone listen to you.

Colluded Private gaurd:
Next day when I went out in evening  for tea to ease of new joinee from andhra
at client office after Project Manager “Paltekar” instructed private security guard not to enter inside client office.
I was amazed both of us were stopped and told : Its 1600 hours office closed go home.
We replied our goods are inside and we went just for tea whole team is working inside.
Reply came not allowed..

Both of us were amazed at why such Games they are playing.. Then we asked what is problem see id given to us by you let us in but still gaurd was admant as if somebody instructed him personally to stop us from work physically.

We showed cards, asked private gaurd to have conference call with people inside but they would not listen.
After 1 hour he allowed inside. reaching inside I told incident to project Manager.
But Manager had already instructed security staff instead of taking my side and protecting me on unexpected behaviour Paltekar actually sided with client.
Next day I was asked to head security another Marathi Guy..Mr kulkarni..
Form My history I could recognize guy Abhishek Kulkarni in Ireland used gorup of student at Ireland to abuse me on social media during time of Congress government here.. I told him that if I complain then action can be taken against you..

Here This different guy Mr Kulkarni started talk with threatening me That you know our power we can frisk you.
Even Give bad comment and End your career But I asked hime incident happen in front camera of local department why he is not revising its video to see whose problem it is. He started loudly threatening we are told to just passively listen t him..
Next day there was another security officer I had good relation he was from haryana.
But I had flavour abuse of power for no region by one officer from maharastra while good treatment with from haryana next day.
Which highly speaks about that project manager hailing from same region colluded with security guy to create this incident..
This was my first brush with how low people can go and creatively add abusive power to abuse you.

I complained behaviour to third party ombudsmen by wipro policy but instead they made behaviour case against me.
Even Ombudsmen started working with project Manager..
There were three clear points>
#1 promissed Sr Project Manager not delivered no reporting.
#2 verbal abuse by Mr Shishir
#3 There were tow guys not even project manager but facilated to become one..while I had 5 yrs credentials all ignored..
Is this Character of people from Mumbai? But not everyone is smae.
#4 Abusive behaviour of private local security gaurd
#5 project change request was rejected giving me reason that everything will be routed through project manager…

Amazing we have 30 million cases pending in court its very costly process for small employee to fight with people assigned as project manager put cases it will keep running for years and drain money..
AMAZINGLY WE CALL DEMOCRACY…but look at this abuse… To coverup they started even telling we can involve big guys if you complain..So no help… where is democracy for poor people like me 300 million private workforce mostly its like that situation..

Look for government employee there are unions, government to support who support private employee it entirely at mercy of his boss which incident can be abusive and bullying.. Even blue collar worker can n’t even fight verbally or physically because he will not get employment..
Last 17 yrs working in private sector I realized there is no one to help private employee there should be Godfather for you in industry ..Its like are we really working for Mafia where we need godfathers to stand equitable right to work and fair treatment fundamental right.
Despite Search for Godfather may continue.. I am Still took steps to train employees at wipro and filling patents.

Despite This I continued won patent competition and given free training to Wipro employees on CISA for first time.

Completed Certificate\Degree\Diploma from every Continent

Now I have A degree From Each Continent Of world.
Almost 40+ Management Courses, 10+ Audit Courses, 40 Technical Courses.
See Founder partner views on my profile every week 40-50.


All major countries of Europe,Asia,Americas,Australia,Africa..(adding up new countries..)

Each certificate focus what country institution specializes on or major exporter of that area.
Most Certificates are Ranking:(Other Than India)
1. USA
2. Europe
3. UK
4. Cannada
5. Australia
7. Germany
8. Scandaniva

I have added up Africa, Singapore, Hongkong, Other Which I want to Add Brazil, SouthAfrica, More from Germany, Japan, China, Middleeast.Smart City Certificate

Mind hackers Secretly misusing technology to Harrass common people

First hand account When I was in Ireland After lots of hardwork competed  MTech Then I was trying to take job.

I gave few interviews One was For Sr Architect Position in Ericsson which I successfully cleared. I reached in Ericsson office before time at 10 am before start of my Final Round Just last Step.
Few jealous people stepped up attack on my and tried influencing my interviewer not to take me for the position.
I was really surprised After 2 rounds in final round They said “No Question Asked Almost”.

I was really surprised I had to comeback from new city 4 hours drive away wasted 3 months for this opportunity.
Suddenly I Started hearing Rants ” Tune Modi ko support kiya facebook par tujhe nahi chodeinge”. I was back to a person Who used to Support RSS while. I was really Surprised the person Told me.
Bhaiya ” I work for money you can get any work done by me..just give me money we will do it”.
He told me he is from Maharashtra-Andhra border and That he work for pakistani local Shop owner..

I then suddenly hear the rants.. I was really surprised But Some people Told me That Do not listen to him he is good but money minded. And people Told me he is Stopping our job in Ireland.I asked him whether he can give me vetable selling job to continue living there..Even used to get part time pamplet selling job. See picture below.

Then I went to my blog not even part Time job While rest of indian’s could easily find jobs there .. It was like as if I am targeted by Unknown faces.
Then One day I got call from Another Employer Fidelity.
Interestingly I had already running low on finances having spent 30 LAKH see excel sheet dated same day. (see when picture was uploaded)
It was very difficult time after 12 yrs Continous job suddenly 30 months 2.5 yrs (Half the Term of a government) I was jobless doing MS and Then doing IoT Analytics Project. I had 30+ Certification By then 5 Masters degree My blog reads were crossing almost 1,00,000 readers by then…

But Even Then I was optimistic sometimes without food or bread and 1 pair of clothes for interview.. problem I faced surprised me.

I was reading and writing doing courses almost 80+ courses I did in 30 months.. out of which almost 20 courses I cleared..+ 11 MS courses..
almost 1 3 month course every moth.. or 36 months courses in 12 months… In addition I cleared another 30 1/2 Exams but due to Schedule I could not give exam.. I had to cook , cycle daily 25 kms.. University was 5 kms.. Morning Going and coming 10kms and Even 10..
And City Visit: 5 kms…
Fist Interivew: (After 24 months joblessness Manmohan Govt. completed term and Modi Govt. came in) MY room mate told me you have supported modi Government on facebook.. Now Modi is here you will get job now.)
Company A
Round 1: Jan 2014
Round 2: Feb 2014
Round 3: Case Study Round March April 2014. (1 week was given to prepare case study which Is not most searched article on My Slideshare, almost 12,000 views on it in last 1 year.. See below… after reading 70 papers I made this Case Study.

I was really excited at prospectus of Job on in April 2014 received telephonic interview call, April 2014
Company 2: Interview Call April 2014
Second Round: May 2014
Third Round: June 2014.
Just for these 2 interviews I had to wait 6 months…  Some local IRISH very helpful were helping me although They did not know about me.
There were few people Indian/pakistani looking Who used to Call me “HINDU BANDAR”.. or BABOON or Monkey…
I was really surprised at those rant That What would they Achieve by doing that….
My budget was really show string…As I have to spend 85% money on RENT+EDUCATION FEES+CERTIFICATIONS… See chart above..
So I was excited but less eating took toll on my health along with my 16 hrs day course schedule on Coursera and other educational site.
I felt speed of internet + Electricity was wonderful in IRELAND. Then Stay inside ROOM was very comfortable.
I FOUND teachers were really helpful.
So I almost could not lift my self around interview day: There were IRISH Consultancy who helped me.. told to take coat and dress appropriately in final round.
I was Architect Back in India Worked almost 50 people under me in Tech Mahindra But here after MS I was looking for any job because
packages in India were low and having paid in Euro and Earn back in rupees would be very difficult.. Ratio of Rupee to Euro is 1:75..
It was getting worse day by day Every time rupee slips I would have more problems as cost would increase…

I finally found job in May 2014 after 2.5 yrs stay in Ireland or 900 days of unemployment and course in IRELAND.
So I told my room mate I was happy..
They were also searching job there since long and struck in part time position working under a pakistani Shop owners.
I got offer Showed to them they were happy and just 4 days before joining things begin to change.
My Job application I was coming there in 12% quota for outside Citizen. Where HR head needs to sign my application…
And It will go to Irish Minister For approval then it would be approved. I was told That year I was Only one making it there with 45,000 K Euro Salary.
or 30 Lakh in Hand.
So there was considerable approval from Govt and there was Background check done by International background check Agency inquiring all sources of employment and my records with govt.
It was fine days for next 30 days I would be joining Company as SOFTWARE ENGINEER.. almost 6 Bands/level/rank down from Indian position.
But I was still happy as package was sufficient to cover my TAXES.
I visited places around written articles on blog and made new blogs… Relaxed and casually visiting places around IRELAND on my cycle as I was runing out of money.
Just 4 days before joining and 15 days after getting offer, and 60 days after minister signing it for me.. I was about to join..
Then suddenly I found some jealous people reported back to someone.. One lady was telling on phone we got news ” He got job and 45K salary”
then also next 5 days I had no problem.
It was not like I had fight with any pakistani in Ireland I had like any other person some good pakistani friends.. I always felt that both countries should come together.. Some time I felt I can pave way for that or contribute there for peace between two countries…
My grandfather brother was SECULAR MLA from Dehradun.There was a road named after him.!1m14!1m8!1m3!1d3444.1026858254518!2d78.0395944!3d30.3195969!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x39092995a148d4d3%3A0x1cf09f8db0fc304b!2sNardev+Shastri+Marg%2C+Race+Course%2C+Dehradun%2C+Uttarakhand+248001!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sin!4v1446666905506“>Nardev Shastri Marg

My Grandfather lived with many freedom fighters..n My Paternal Grandfather Came from lived in BURMA was punjabi and when came back from NETAJI Base in burma gave name to my mother “SUBHASH”
My name is not dependent on them Either..
I never asked anyone despite software slowdown, IRAQ war and Dot com I got Job due to my differentiation Strategy.
There were only 2 school in INDIA dishing out PG in Operation Research degree.. One was Delhi University and Other was Pondichery University.
And I was doing it from Pondicherry. Hardly 200 graduates used to come.. I had already figured that in mind..
My company: Wanted OR Algorithm designer.. I had masters in Computer science and hardly 30 graduates in delhi were OR trained in 2002-3
The Company I went for was not able to find any person equally good in language C++/java and OR.
Infact My friends Who Got admission to IIT or IT BHU were jobless…
One of my BHU friend mother Told me to take This person To Delhi with him to find job.
When I was in dehradun I was working in local Engineering college as lecturer working part time for local projects. I resigned my College management told me “come back whenever you want” I used to teach nepali, indian, some even middleeast returned students there..
I had good reputation there as computer Science Teacher..” almost 20 student used to surround me and tuitions were running good at home..
There was article which came in Business world “3,00,000 java programmers on bench and returned from US”.
Same year I got job in Java.
I had planned just 7 day job search in Delhi. I gave 1 interview each day.. 5 were academic interviews and 2 were Software company interview.
Just then I used to read message on TOI Ascent page
INFOSYS : Driven By passion powered by vision.
” IGNOU Student need not apply”.  I had no qualms but I think It would have been difficult for companies to implement.
But you see Today our prime Minister is also Open University Graduate.
But I used to laugh at it AS BHU students were Staying in my room searching job from TOP INSTITUTE Not able to find Job.
But I from IGNOU had two jobs in hand Why?
1. I believed in Differentiate of Die :
2. I believed in Weakness and Strength of program MCA:
MCA no image processing ( DO project at IIRS). MCA no java or Oracle But COBOL/FORTRAN/PASCAL/LISP.
So Complement PGDIT with Financial Accounting package.
No Domain knowledge work in Insurance, read 600 business case study.
No presentations: Complement by giving Grinds or Tuition to Students.
Research Focus: Take Lecture from retired Computer Science Scientist in LABS.
No Chip design Skills: So Took a private grind in Verilog/VHDL in year 2002 from person who worked at chip design firm.
plus I had OR only 200 graduate come out Why will I not find job then… all these in 3 years…all not leaving town right there in dehradun.

I had no clue The Software considered darling for BSE write driven by passion and intellect which almost illogically say “Some university Student need not apply”.
Why not create a test for all these candidates from poor cities and take which make cut What is wrong?….Even I used to teach in engineering college While in final year of MCA. Student there used to say “Bhaiya we study fro IGNOU books for our university Exam also Full time engineering college.”
And ” Even teacher used that as source to base there lecture on college”. “But bhiya you cannot apply in BIG company see bracketed words in there advertisement ”
How Can Big Company miss The Bus? Is it not opportunity Cost? Is it not good part time programmers used to study at IGNOU?
Are we giving them research led jobs… Things have changed since then.. Today IGNOU has more IT Students Then any other University in INDIA.
When I was doing MCA. 3,00,000 students were enrolled same year… it was not easy.. only 5% pass or 15,000 passed..
Interestingly Even for IIT JEE passing rate was 5%. see data urself and make judgement..
Having given 3 yrs to IIT JEE preparation at founding father of FIIT JEE, Dr Dhaiya along with BANSALs.
I know IIT JEE was much difficult compared to MCA classes but MCA exams and questions were not easy either…
Proof: Now in Every COMPANY IGNOU students have alumni group.
But I had already identified weakness or SWOT analysis of my course Each 3 years of MCA continuously.. As you see I have differentiated well.

So Coming back to My last 4 days before joining Company B after 30 months of wait and Joblessness..when half the term or elected governance gets over.. (I was jobless). ..
On those last 4 days.. before joining immediately I have started receiving threats.. through offline sources Disturbing me day and night..
Just they wanted I should not Join company So These secretly offensive words were thrown at me continuously day and night…
I thought it might be with telecom network but its not since when I moved cities The voice went away… Then Again came back when traced…
I was actually surprised “they were saying because u supported modi we will not let u live”. This was just tactics..there target was to kill me anyhow?
And I had to leave room then live different places.. before coming bck on job day Join company…

Despite unnecessary threat I continued to Work.. 2 months in same company then I could not sleep 17 days..
Research now say 1 day no sleep intoxicate you equal to 4 beer.. so By 17 day continues torture (For no reason) .. I had intoxication level of 68 beers.
Think once if you have 68 beers for 17 days continuously what would you feel…

THEN I HAVE to take shelter of hospital Where they provided me social protection, and social services noted every details.. I had to take even more intoxicated drugs.. HOW CAN THIS Happen to people where Tagore used to say.
” Where people live without FEAR let my country BEHOLD”.
What was need for such fear Psychosis?  AM I Anti national ? This was question to me..
Then I realized that these people actually fear LAW.. And were Anti Social elements… WHAT SHOULD STATE DO IN SUCH SITUATION?
Should they not provide protection to its ordinary people.

I was surprised when I was back that one person Told me about facebook. Then I met few people “They told me you do not even write any offensive thing we have seen your all comments why should you fear”.
Because I hear news that people are targetted due to there facebook comments…MY on contrsts 90% post were related to my post and were technical in nature or the problems which I am facing..
MY STORY Section of blog have all details over me… I met a leader who told me” India is FEARLESS COUNTRY say what you want THERE IS NO FEAR”.

WHY I HAD to suffer? My relatives are SIKH, HINDU, CHRISTIAN… Many of my Friends are MUSLIM..
There was no requirement for ME to prove that I M SECULAR Neither I was Fundamentalist.. I was more of liberal..with heart for good practises of religion..and SECULARISM Where AM I in this Equation?
DID I COMMIT ANY CRIME? Then why not case against me.. without case not body can be targetted by Government Which leaves
room for some private paid MIND HACKERS to stop your progress by jealous individual.

Jealous small subset of Relatives : 10/90 percent

Many times I felt Relatives are dangerous tribes ” Jealousy is common symptom”
Especially They have access to Corridor of power
So They want to see you always under you for no reason “Do not want you to go out of radar”
Bring him here. Do not let him earn Dollars Before he goes abroad malign his image.

But there are other set who are helpful. In family uncles usually there are only small set hardly 10% Who have such feeling this is there in every family.

It also depends on level of there knowledge . Less knowledgeable once will always feel threatened when you are moving ahead.
So Less educated have no choice they became business Oriented. And Then they feel less secured seeing other RISE.

The deli ma today Honest educated people have that they are less inclined towards negative thinking While The Poor uneducated are always conspiring against “Because they cannot imagine How Can people learn despite We grouping so many people anti socials against them How can they Come up”.

Let see how India Governance is ” Politicians always mostly  inclined towards corrupt people” Corrupt people have politicians as friends.
Who knows what level there relationship translates to. Not Every politician is Corrupt.

Infact I will can prove almost it would be 30:70 ratio.. which remains heavily skewed towards honest almost every time otherwise country cannot run..
While in Politics Educated/un Educated people always know right and wrong.

But is Corrupts are partner in crime with local politicians They they have to listen to them. People at lower level may get troubled this guy rising well.
May put barriers to let them grow while decimate or stop progress of others. The Corrupt politicians prefers un-educated for corruption because he knows they will not question.
While they prefer Educated for IDEAS. This today we are in generation of IDEAS.
IDEAS grow far more challenge than the only corrupt practises. Look at theam today every where INNOVATION, Stratups, IDEAS.
Why? The multiplicative Factor is more in economy. Today Every politician Almost runs a benami in India. I feel its there compulsion to stay there But How can he make more money IDEAS/INNOVATION/Startups of many kind.

But what unsecure , uneducated Feel We are left behind ? So They conspire , spread rumours, before you go outside country. They is person is shown as NoN secular it would be difficult fr him to survive there. So They infact themselves are non secular.. So They know this group and can plant same people around you To Show that you are non secular…
But after all trials nothing comes out Then Why not send friends around your Social media? where fundamentalist post articles make pages share around your facebook to make you look un popular…
Look at when you are outside people take you as fundamentalist or may be against some fundamentalist For pluralist society like india lots of permutation possible at hand of corrupt/un educated jealous.

There are gr8 leaders in past.. Today most leaders are educated But They make be surrounded by Whispering uneducated. This is Third world That is Why it remains like that?
Under Democracy They Cannot do anything drastic So why not create lies rumours around it.. Take name of Big people So no one can go and ask question to them While tie up with local politics to harass people So they will always remain under you…

Having said that people like this do not have even 1% vote When people see there task it drops to 0.1% While 99% see around and help This is Beauty of democracy.. For INDIA is not Communist its is democratic.
” keep moving that is best revenge done because god will punish all bad acts you have done no bad acts u get no punishment from god while others if they have god will punish them..”

My Program Management path: 2.5 yrs in PM Academics + 96(8 yrs) months PM Experience


My domain coverage of Project/Program Management



Product Management:
Project Manager            :

Do you want to have Ear Whispering Government? Kana-phosee Sarkar

” Whisper in my Ear do not tell to anyone else” I will do it as you please.
Between Last Govt. people used to say it Coterie Government Where it is surrounded by people and only listen to surrounded people not listen to people who on ground may be suffering may be happy.
It was not in touch with actual reality on Ground. “Jameenee satar pe jo ho raha hai us se anbhigya”.

A person is great leader if he/she believes that let people do what they want and I will do the best I can? I will not fear there capabilities I will let them flourish… let see how long they can grow…
Let someone whisper in my ears ? I will do what is right?
No Keep it secret. people who have high post like PM or CM they would not bother by what is going on? Who is doing what?
But people locally who do not want to see other people grow wants obstacles on there path will try to keep trap on them…

I do not believe that present government is Kana-phosee sarkar But actually its listening to people. Is is run by some coterie where its listening to only few people and make judgement about other people on small matters which can be ignored.
A great economist once said countries which rise are those where people have faith on one another.. Its both way not hiding one news and presenting others.. Look out what people say : “Many say today that they do not believe in news” Why ? I asked they said its advertisement some say its selective. While still people keep faith they watch it and they make judgement whether its true or False.

year 2003: I was in Cab while moving in Cab A Senior manager was telling to another senior manager.
Senior A: Why you gave that girl a trivial unnecessary task?
Senior B: She was reading too fast I do not want her to grow So want to keep her busy in unnecessary tasks.

SeniorA: What purpose it serve?
SeniorB: Whatever be I just cannot see people grow or may be outgrow me.

I was just software engineer then But I was in shock “this is office politics”  welcome to Gang can you play it.

As competition have increased meaning of politics has changed from use to misuse. I will categorize the above one as misuse.
USE: “Politics is way of getting things done which was not possible otherwise by other means”.
This definition I read on my way back even in project Management exams long back…
But how its
MIS-USE: ” It’s way of stopping other people work which was not possible otherwise” or

” Politics is way of getting things not done which was possible otherwise by other means”
Look at Maslow hierarchy Who are the people who will think like that? It’s called INSECURITY.
People at lowest level who have not achieved anything and feel INSECURE in life….

Do you want to listen to these INSECURE people? Or you have more self Actualized levels and more important tasks to attend?
Would this Govt be the same as last one listen to only people it surround Go to there birthdays and marriages while leaving the farmer weeping in his land.. Farmers are very stuborn they are like true shivaji or auranjebs They are at mercy of RAIN god but still they work hard never say “this year no rain I will not toil soil” RAIN always comes suddenly
That’s the reason they can grow paddy or wheat we eat.. ” AAN data” like ” KAMDENU”
They give use pretty everything we eat Today or drink today.. Even for that sake young kids do not hear whispers ” there liquor they consume also somes from what farmer produce day and night….

What Change Can you do to it? ” BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD”.
Would you listen to KAMDENU or solve his/her problems or you want them die unwanted?.  How many people go and cry with farmer who died recently after 30 yrs of hardwork on same land WE CALL BHARAT MATA.
Do you really love BHARAT MATA? The curator who is taking care of it is farmer they KAMDENU do you hear his whispers?

Caucus Of Hyprocracy and sycophancy

The world we live in money rules the most. The more satisfied people are more they tend to help people.

Look at arguments like blaming someone for currency fluctuations?
Since independence The Currency has fallen more than 20,000 times sometime 20 paisa and sometimes 5 rupees. Now can The people be killed for predicting currency. All poor nations currency will continue to fall that what everyone tells. It’s not new.

Can Currency fall by looking at body language of people? The amount fo money which central bank like RBI pushes in system in 1 day will make any company bankrupt if at all they want to do that. So its impossible the demand for imports and other items drives currency downward.

For years I used to believe and live like INDIAN but last few years I have realized its better to be WORLD citizen. It’s because I had never seen world beyond india. The World we live is full of Hypocrates  and Sycophants especially in corrupt country like india.

If they give arguments like currency fluctuation would they not arrest anyone everytime currency fluctuates.? All indian prison would be full by then now. Is this kind of belligerent ignorant thinking RIGHT?
When you go after someone without reason extend anti social elements against him/her. Is it not sign of corruption or Scam?
We people work hard pay our taxes make country but if it cannot protect and give shelter What is then this whole cacus about?

WORST CRIME BY law is india is prosecuting innocent While we see actual culprits roaming on street and honest hardworking intellectuals dying.
It’s like cleansing of intellectuals. For our Ancestor Chosen method of fight NON VIOLENCE (But see condition today people die on stayagrah FAST ON TO DEATH. No one comes to them ask what is your problem? Why do you want change ?
Numerous Example in past like Ganga cleaning activist died FAST ON TO DEATH. But no body cared to listen to plan changes.

FARMER dies no body comes and drop a tear. JAWAN DIE on border people make horrendous statements. Are we bunch of idiots? Can we not see What has gone wrong against someone may come to us in future? Can we not collectively resists.

I AM NOT THAT PATRIOT NOW: BORDERS MAN have created So all creators are equal. boundaries are irrelevant today.
Scripture tells “World is our home all world people cast religion are our brothers”. I always felt the same. But since I grew 35 years in india So I could not think beyond India. Everyday watch news there is new kind of disappointment. That is precise reason I left India and planned not to come back.

Because India we know freedom fighter non violent like my grandfather brothers KNOW the prise they paid for it. So They wanted to make india great nation. We have achieved a lot But more we progressed more we became hypocrites. (telling something and doing something else).
We forgot our freedom fighters with that we are loosing our freedom as well as our fundamental right to live with dignity.

Look at inflation rate? But look what can you buy in 100 rupees in inflation adjusted terms can you buy equivalence ?Not?
Can we believe data published its all estimates? The superflous painting.

The Facebook Abuse:
Not only common people even for great legends like tendulkar, bollywood stars and cricket : if you take daily statistics atleast 1 million people will be writing negative about all those stars daily.. every second your will receive 1000 good and 500 bad tweets.
having said that Can you really blame someone for misusing INTERNET or Facebook? When let suppose they have written not even 1 or 2 comments.
Facebook abuse has become common from both sides.
There is 1% elite in every country which runs the country and makes decision how it should function?
Our culture routes are criticism ” Nindak niyare rakiyae aagan kuti chaway” But we are losing to learn from criticism.
Out culture ” Was that of giving shelter and learn from everyone” We are losing it.  Today in world of media Can we think of someone from middle class can really take on people on facebook.
It’s impossible. Everything in internet world is paid service. To making it viral.

Butt Stamped approved individual list:
Those who are enjoying fruits of it They will never understand the pain of common man. With Famous cartoonist ” R K Laxman:” The common man is dead. We have now The Thug mans (butt stamped politically butt individuals  who are made nude to check they are affiliated to a party or not)
Just keep your pants down show your butts is there any Stamp there of party No ? .. if not then you are demon not useful at all.

Can we join the caucus ? absolute earlier the better I think as soon child is born Take birth certificate sma eday get it stamped on his/her butt which party would he/she associated with. So Any problem in future you can say he/she is there in party since birth.

Welcome to Caucus. It’s most growing list. It’s almost like communist nation Where wail of secrecy always surrounds you.
Still in democratic India Honest people have no value. In fact Honest people can be treated like criminals While butt stamped can do any crime and roam free enjoy all freedom.
Everywhere you go the stamp will be checked…Then only you become acceptable. Can you have many stamps? I can n’t really say what Can happen then? Is there any refuge ? Ans: In free india atleast I cannot think one.
WE ARE BORN AFTER FREEDOM. FREEDOM WAS GIFTED TO US FOR FREE. We know most free things are precious… did we paid price?

Meanwhile The Caucus is growing….

Wail of secrecy and un-interrupted language of truth

For Over the years people from small town migrated into bigger cities.
Having baked my hands dirty in foot of soil water plants horticulture and agriculture

NECKAR BUT Haan Kar: ( Dress “No Doer” but mind “yes doer”. )

I used to help my poor once rich grandfather in daily paddy produces on field. As Child after School then marshal arts after that most of my time went around those trees on horticulture farm set by my grandfather.
I was beautiful almost 12 fruits each with combination of 4 varieties.. So you can find 50 variety of fruits
Life of farmer In India is very difficult. We would use all mechanical process to preserve Trees. Work was physical like digging pits, watering plants taking water from water canal which comes from Himalayas hills to plants. Jumping over insecticide spraying platform to throw water to top of trees. No doubt over Orchard farm was chosen 2 times best in state of Uttrakhand ( Mangoes, guavas, oranges, pomegranate, papaya, banana, peaches, loquat,pear,plum, litchi , etc..  12 vegetables, and cereals it was self sufficient.
I was just in class XI besides my studies I have to cope from stress of farm work, then martial Arts (Korean Martial Arts : Taekwondo).
With So many things Studies became little overpriced commodity.

Some people would visit our farm me always wearing necker ( mind you its not Hacker or even “Haan Kar or Yes doer” “Always saying yes tendency”.

NECKAR BUT Haan Kar: ( Dress “No Doer” but mind “yes doer”. )
My mind was always “Haan Kar” and dress was always neckar (mind you not “na kar” or “no doer”). long length will always get spoiled in mud and water. For any kind of work I would never say no the Haan kar tendency was high on me.

From Todays debate of Rationalist Vs Non Rationalist : I was far away in neckar but actually never there in hindutva firebrand which we see setup flaming country. For me all religions were equal.
My grandfather was hindu local Arya samaj local body head But he know URDU and Sanskrit. He gave his Orchard Every time to muslim vendor to picking fruits taking to mandi. (Aryan belived to came from IRAN There was no IDOL worship.) Rules were not that strict.
My Mother Father were more IDOL worshiper. Regular Temple goer. At age 5 I was able to recite many full sanskrit shlokas used in havans.
I was always learning from Kilogram books from way yards
Read ””

Changing State from Horticulturist to Educationalist
FROM early age : Farmer , horticulturist to taking plunge later on in mushroom farming : I was trying to bridge My father meagre income with priority of smaller sister Education.
At graduation I started teaching people as private Tutor.  Taking time out whole day paddy fields to tutor people around.
Then I moved to Masters in computer science. From local place I would read almost every word in newspaper from advertisement to advertising agency Name.
Like a army General Watches his maps daily Or Business watches market reports : My reports Were Job posting on newspaper by major companies.
In addition To News in news in News paper.
My Look out patterns:
” What Infosys looking each week after week” Likewise all major companies. For few year we sold out TV So I had just this stuff.
After 2 years reading I could predict Which Company want which kind of manpower sitting there in remote Dehradun away from hustle bustle of Big cities.
There were So many Mentors here Newspaper posting were first starting point of IT requirements. For me my maps were my tools I would revisit them daily taking cuttings and notes.

Also My Teacher Told me a thing “Always appreciate good things”. Made notes about good things I hear and learn from that every time.

I Kept on flowing such had work Worked 14 yrs across industry and Tools technologies. But Like Golden Goose while honest communication from my side kept flowing other side wails of secrecy Kept Tightening Each day new tricks and techniques.
Part 1
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:




What does Ordinary Software Engineer Contributed To Indian Economy in 14 yrs=3 billion dollars only?

Let’s look at When I Look Back.
Company 1 :  Worked @ Salary 100 dollar/month  While actual actual Rate of contract its ” $20/ hour for 200 work hours.. its < 4000 dollars/month.
1 year –> 50,000 dollars..
Company 2–> Worked on minimal While I get 150 dollar/month Produce work 4500 dollar/month.. –> year another 50,000 dollar..
Company 3–> Started an project due to Peopleosft+BI skill able to get
1. deal of BI layer of Peoplesoft ( 10 member team work)
2. Worked at nvidia strated with 4 people risen to 20 member Team.
3. Worked for new Project For largest BI competency Centre which started as first member soon became 27 member team…
Combined value: 60 people work created besides my work.. off course others also helped…
Value of This 60 X 50,000 dollars = 30,00,000 dollars.. or 3 million dollar work… Every project We start with 2-3 people soon it became large…
Company 4: Took project from competitor After sales team promised some feature lets say in MS Word not present… Handled team of
Project 1 : handled 18 people team and provided key feature enhancement alone working on product design… due to which competitors was out of question… I will give credit here I did not contribute 20 people team but.. due to work of enhancement team risen by 5 people…
–> 5 X 20,000 = 1,00,000 dollars.
Project 2: My alone work was used to show to client the productivity of offshore person for client. Other than me everyone was onsite..
So it was used to show to client That if more people work offshore we have more productivity.. worth 10 people work
—> 10 X 50,000 = 5,00,000 dollars….
Project 3: Did created Extra work By AJAX fying BI for 5 people but rate client was paying equalled 10 people…
–> 10 X 50,000 = 5,00,000 dollars..
Project 4 : Actually most successful I was told if this POC was successful it will be used by 200 people Team for 1 year…
Which it was : 200 X 50,000 = 100,00,000 = 10 million dollars…

Company 5: Handled Team of 50 people for product development: Did not create 50 people work for sure but As key Architect created and strengthened atleast 10 people Work = 0.1 million
Like wise If I Add All work : All work comes to almost company by company : 3 + 10 + 2 +1 = 20 million dollars..
Or  about : –> 20 X 65 /10= 130 crore rupees of billing Rate…
There are many projects which are still running… So it should be counted for 10 yrs… but Actually we take average out …
(1+2+..10 yrs ) sum is 45 but we take only 1/2 = 22.5  and multiply this to : 130 crore X 22.5 = 3000 crore…
This is billing Rate Actual rates includes profits and contingency etc. ==> its usually multiple of 40:100 or or multiplication factor of 10/4 = 2.5
So you get : 3,000 Crore X 2.5 = 7,500 crore Work..
In Terms of addition of Number of Software Engineer added in Project  its: almost 100 X 22.5 = 2,250 people…
Each Software engineer job create 1 (SE JOB): 5 (Other JOB) = 1:5  implies 2,250 X 5 = 11,250 jobs….
Each Productive Software Engineer like me Contributed almost : 7,500 crore in Indian Economy creating 11,250 jobs….

And that’s not stopping point more to Come in years…is Calculation is for 10 yrs only.. I have actually worked almost 14 yrs….
Also this Actually taking its 2/3 and then only 1/2 of 45 or 22.5 taken factor = 2/3 X 1/2 = 1/3 ..

So range goes to range of 22,000 crore  (1 X)  – 7,500 (1/3 X) crore business
JOBS : (1 X ) 35,000 – (1/3 X 11,000 ) people…

Can you have imagined Where Would we progressed under freedom? 22,000 crore business or 3 billion dollar business in 14 yrs…
This is really not fun its serious money… its running and on going…. What does we get in return? Are we not doing our duty….

Where does 14 years Vanwas Ends depends on Hippocratic, short sighted ness (kill then golden goose to find gold inside hen)
Or Would it be still : A Golden Egg giving Cock. –> Kill Cock find Gold inside meat which is producing golden eggs…

This month despite hospitalized besides Work
1. completed 4 business magazine reading…
2. Completed 35 hrs Course in Project Management..
3. Learned to ride Mumbai trains 4 hours to and fro…
4. Besides working in RBI
5. visited 2 times Home 2000 kms away.. (8,000 kms travel)
6. given 10 practice PMP test on way Mumbai local couch filled with 500 people per coach..
7. Filling a patent..
8. written and followed blog..
9. Review article in Journal
10. Planned to give training to others in Company..
11. Learn to live in new City Mumbai first time…
Counselled atleast 20 people of all community… (Hindu/Muslim/Sikh/Christian )
This is same last almost 21 years….
Only thing did not got enough time for physical Exercise…
Last 21 year I have counselled almost 3,00,000 or 300 thousand people personally 1:1 Leave alone .. Online presence of 1-4 million people…
Do not know what is real Value of That? With What I contributed and What this 4 million people contributed what would be size of Worth…

The Constant मर-मर-ing actually (murmuring) or Die-Dieing

The questions from the Tyrants:  मर मर or daily dilli Die Die-ing .. Ask question Hiding like thiefs ? Why not jail and question?

Tyrant: Be silent or will kill you.. मार दैंगे. Constant Repeated : मर मर…. Why do not u die yourself ? मर जा.. (now Die (मर)
Suffers response: What is this means What have we done ? Now we want you to die (मर).  But Why it should not be my own decision?
Tyrant: We will take decision for you.. मर-मर … Die Die …
Suffers response: What the hell is this मर-मर ing murmuring? Is this new Die Came to market as Fashion die calling die-dieing everywhere….
How long will this murmuring will last…? But Is there a mistake from my side
Tyrant:  No Just we want you to die. It’s like our liberty We are free nation… everyone has liberty… So we at liberty can think that you should die.
Sufferer: Excuse me What about my own liberty about myself.. If you are so much interested in death (Why do n’t u die ?) …
Tyrant Friend: जरा पता लगाओ .. इसका  Address क्या है?
Sufferer thinking : How are These guys never seen before.. What they want? why they not show up? if they are from Govt they will have addresses ? which means they are not from Government or police or any wing? Are they Anti social..
Sufferer Replies: पता (read patta means address/leaf/ to know). When u say ? जरा पता लगाओ Are u saying to each other Hide private parts using leaf before banging you my door.. My address is very easy… ” आप पता लगा के आओ या बीना पते लगए आओ choice is yours..
We are in 21st century now atleast “पता तो लगा के आओ” (means atleast Come hiding your private parts by leafs) “हवा बहुत तैज़ है अगर पता उद गया तो क्या होगा”.(means I am only thinking of your safety even though you are tyrant if leaves are blown away what will happen wind is strong).
” अगर आप सरकार से है तो पूछने कि क्या जरूरत है.. वो तो आपको किसी भी फोटो पहचान पातर जैसे वोटर ईड कार्ड से मिल सकता है”
If you are from Government then you can easily find address in any document like voter IT Card.. Why saying “पता” address again.. I am at same address many months now.. ” पते लगा के आओ और मार दो (Come with leaf covering atleast private body part if not clothing and kill me).
Then u say ” पता भी नही चलेगा” What does it mean will you come naked like Cave Mens in 21st Century…
Things have changed lot from Cave Men ages Were you in hibernation… people started wearing clothes now…. Do not come naked or with leaves (पते) atleast wear clothes…

Gandhi said long back ” Eye for Eye will make Whole world blind”
Another Gandhi Famous saying ”

 A religion that takes no account of practical affairs and does not help to solve them is no religion .

Mahatma Gandhi

” What do I think of Western civilization? I think it would be a very good idea.” Mahatma Gandhi

Tyrant: ” पता भी नही चलेगा कहाँ गया” ( pata bhe nahi chalega kahan gaya) you will not come to know where you are gone?
Sufferer thinking : पता or address  if you put in soundx function in Oracle.
SOUNDEX returns a character string containing the phonetic representation of char.
The Combination came back : पता either leaf or address….

Sufferer Replied: Please do not believe in “पतों” (leaves).  ” पता भी नही चलेगा कहाँ गया”  will be high risky Winds are flying high leaves will fly in air..
This have moved ahead people do not use leaves any more from 11th century onwards people are wearing clothes made from Wool/Cotton/Jute.. Leaves are not used any more… “पतों के दिन लद गए लोग अब कपड़े पहने लग गए हैं” (we have moved away from ages of leaves to clothes)
IF you use leaves The risk is when you come for Killing and wearing those leaves it may fly in air leaving u naked…
“Atleast Kuch pata laga lo.. ” Atleast get some enquiry done What this person done Book a case Run Case then do whatever you like with him?
Taking shelter another phonetic of पता: (enquire/leaf/to come to know).
You have make us suffer a lot ?Why do you not feel satisfied and leave us alone.

Tyrant (in discussion mode with other tyrant) : What do we do now he is not even responding? If he does not respond how can we harras him more?
(Tyrant IDEA) : ” Tell to world he want to take revenge on some bloody reason I do not care what is that”

Tyrant (in Saying mode) : “You want to take revenge ”
Sufferer: ” Excuse me when and where did i mentioned that. Was it in your dreams “सपने बहुत आते हैं आजकल”.  Why is this threat when I have done nothing? No case no crime? Now u find new reason when I have not responded to your calls. “Now u say I want to take revenge”. I think its another Strategy When u found nothing to continue to harras me or torchure me. If  I am not replying to all your violence and misdeeds on me for years..
Then you are thinking even now he is not responding we have harrased him so much over years may be decade…
Now you say we fear he may take revenge But where did you that world. Did I said it ? For years I was non violent did u not understand I am non Violent.
Tyrant: We understand that But What else We can say then You are not giving any chance to harras you any more…(NO OPTION LEFT).
We have to use this strategy…
Sufferer: Why do not use This strategic thinking for betterment of world What the hell By achieving this Falsehood upon ordinary person like me.
Actually now I have almost adapted to your musings. I never thought such drastic things which are advising me ” अब हम चहते हे तुम मर जओ” ” we want now you should die .
But Without any reason.
Tyrant:  Lets listen to Some dying Words of Philosophy Of great sages. You are just a puff of Wind and sole with body of flesh and bones
Sufferer: Sir correct you its soul not sole.
Tyrant: “Whatever Both are same for us”. If u say to anyone u are Gone With Wind.

Sufferer: But Atleast Give any reason For it.
Tyrant: It does not require any reason. You do not know us.

Sufferer: I know you are not that strong just a stooge of Few people.. You fear Police .. You fear open Words That’s why u are coming sleepishly and disturbing me when you found nothing against me last 10 yrs/decade.
Then When will this Constant  मर-मर-ing or Dilli-dying or Die-Die-ing Will Stop.???

Earlier you were behind me That you were against some people.. That did not work…
Then you said you were behind management ” That also people did not buyed your argument” because both Were false…
Then you said u increased scale of it” You are against province Govt” That also Did not Work as it did not stood test of time and truth..
Then you said you are against ruling party. It also Turned Wrong ” As ruling party lost Election”.
Now there is another party Ruling ” What problem you have now”.

Tyrant: ” Do not tell to anyone Even We fear leaking this conversation “.

Sufferer: ” If you are not in this Govt  nor in past who lost and your fear Police and even comming out in public then why do not leave it”.

Tyrant: ” Another reason which We could find was That you Are (MAY BE MORE Educated).
Sufferer: I have heard Computer Educated/ Physics Educated / Management Educated But What is this new specializtion called “May be more educated”. Ok Call it MBME for short.. Is There anything it will affect you. Even if its perception problem I see from your side.

Tyrant: ” May be”.
Sufferer: Does This means I will go to court And the prosecution will pleade like this …
PROSECUTION: ” My lord : he has done crime so many times That ask him does he remember how many times ”
JUDGE: ” What crime?”
PROSECUTION:” May be Courses”
JUDGE: “May Be words not allowed in court. Mind your language you have to exact”
PROSECUTION: ” Crime is Courses ”
JUDGE: ” What you expect me now to say ” This person under Indian penal Code sentenced to death for doing a crime un-numbered times even he/she not remembering the crime count that is no. of courses…”.

Tyrant: “We can make it”
Sufferer: Just now judge said it not possible… But atleast should tell crime now…

Tyrant: ” Please do not tell to anyone WE ARE SEARCHING”
The Constant मर-मर-ing FEARLESS in Country for Fearless Tagore…

Tyrant: ” जरा पता लगाओ


Let understand What is happening before I start I want to refer To This Song .
I always like good lyrics Song Which have meaning like Bob Dylan ” Masters of Wars”.. and this one from Collionial Cousins “Krishna ”


Hive in detail : part 2 (Optimization)

Hive Optimization

The Big Data Trends

1.URL to DB
2.DB driver information
db JDBC driver in hive/lib folder
3.DB username/password.
default logger: log4J (/var/log/hive)
edit /conf/ controls HiveCLI logging.
edit control logging MR tasks.
Hive stores query logs on directory altered at hive-site.xml
using hive.querylog.location property.
Hive data: /tmp/hive-username temp directory
configured with hive.exec.scratchdir variable –> then –>
client tmp: /tmp/hive/username

Operators and Functions

SQL dialect, like,
relational: equal/not
equal operator, greater than, less than, and greater than or
equal, or less than or equal operators
– additional:
check value null or not. LIKE/RLIKE
-arthematic, logical
– [array,maps], struct(.)

– count, sum average.
– array/map –> explode function –> zero/more rows.
hive> SELECT explode(packaged_with) as package_contents FROM
products WHERE prod_num=’98820′;
– array exploded out each array item returned a row. map reduce
job was run.

— hive> DESCRIBE FUNCTION upper;

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