Data Analysis: 5 Star Academic Author Selling 3 Million implies :Great Author

India has about 2,17,00,00 Students Studying in Colleges.

Higher Education Institutions (Universities and Colleges) in India
Type of Institution Number E.g.
Central Universities (Public) 44 University of Delhi
State Universities (Public) 306 University of Mumbai
State Universities (Private) 154 Amity University
Deemed Universities (Private or Public) 129 Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Institution of National Importance (Public) 67 Indian Institute of Technology
Total Degree-granting Institutions 700
Affiliated Colleges (Public or Private) 35,539

Source :
Actual Numbers Today for Number of university Alone
State University 306 + 44 (central universities) = 350
Private Universities : almost 200+

Enrollment of Indian Students by fields of study
Field Number (‘000) % of Total
Arts 7,539 37%
Science 3,790 19%
Commerce & Management 3,571 18%
Engineering & Technology 3,262 16%
Education 733 4%
Medicine 716 4%
Law 373 2%
Others 218 1%
Agriculture 97 0%
Veterinary Science 28 0%
20,327 100%

Source :

Growth of Higher education institution over years… In India.

statistics and data on different types of public and private universities in India


Latest data on student enrollment in universities and colleges in India.

out of 124 core or 1.24 billion population 28 million or  2.8 crore Graduate.

28 million/ 1240 Million = only 2.3% population Graduate in India.
2.8 million/1240 million = 0.2 % population does Post Graduation.

20 yrs back Wen i did my post graduation This % would be even less something like 0.002% you can see PG seats are doubling each year.. 2^10 = 1024 = around 1000.

so every year 1/2 means in 10 yrs (1/2)^10 = 1/1000 or if % of postgraduate today is 0.1 Postgraduate would be 0.001% 10 yrs back.

To Estimate How much would star Writer of Chemistry Would sell.

First science stream is around 19%-20% of whole population 4.8 million
Engineering is about 25% of Whole studying population. 5.4 million

There are Science subject in Graduation [ Physics, chemistry, maths, biology, Geology, bio chemistry, biotech, computer science, computer application, Electronics].

1 chemistry + 1/2 Bio chemistry +1/2 Geo are related to Chemistry = 2 out of 10.

from 4.8 million * 2/10 total market for graduate Students for chemistry.

Total market Size = around 1 million Books in Whole India.

In India There are 10 States/region many states uses regional language hence around 10 author from those regions via for that space depending on university. + 10 foreign Chemistry  author.

So 1 million = 100 thousand if we divide by around 20 , We get 5000 books per year.

Any time in college people can be in either of 1, 2 or 3rd  year.
Graduation year 1 : 5,000 Books
Graduation year 2 : 5,000 Books
Graduation year 3 : 5,000 Books
Total  in year : 15,000 Books are sold assuming 1 Book is picked by Student of every year for average good Chemistry author.

So Avg Good Chemistry Author sells : 15,000 books a year..
While Great 2 books are picked each year hence : 30,000 books a year… For Bsc.

Now Same would be for Btech [chemical engg program since almost same number studying science and engineering]  or 30,000

Chemistry Books Books Sold to Bsc Students = 30,000
Chemistry Books Books Sold to B.E. Students = 30,000
So Total :…………………………………………………………….60,000 Books a year.
Assuming :
Each Book cost Rs 400 and 5% is royalty income.

So, 5% of 400 = Rs 20.
Total income per year = …………………….60,000 X 20 = 12 Lakh rupees per year royalty.While Selling 60,000 books a year. Its about 30 yrs of age when you Start writing your first book before that is very rare in science subject By 28 you finish your PHD itself.
Then you teach 2 yrs you would be 30.

So Assuming from first year itself book is block buster hit from age 30

if Author goes to Age 80 = in 50 yrs sold = 50 X 60,000 books = 30,00,000 Books.

If person crosses 30 Lakh mark really is STAR Author… is really Rare in this world..

Only Great authors Goes There in science field.


Compare it When you write or contribute for Journals as free volunteer SME What happens ?

My Contribution to printed Science Journal in circulation worldwide:
Last year I have crosse figure of 25 million printed magazine in subscription
And my free Blog on crossed 4 million Readership

Even I had best author award

Both of which are 25 million, and 4 million  are > 3 Million Books sold of star author.

combined both 29 million is ten Times figure of 3 million Books Sold.
Even I had Best author Awards flowing but Still more to come eager to write more..

Certainly Journals are 10 times more than Good Author in academics world.
I still feel writing book is all together and different Effort and meaning So I look forward to write more Books in future…

Kudos To All great Author which made world of Science better to young generation.

Most innovative Education Program: Possibility and Reality

When I started My three years Computers masters in India I never realized at start The flexibility , innovation, personalisation and creativity aspect of it.
Just to give you clue:
Look At possibility Senario:
I used to ask many people about each new course started by university. In this process I happened to meet one of my old Foxpro system tutor. Who was doing MBA?
There was subject on ISO:27001 (do not remember exact Code) . I was told there is no book in market so university has created a book in India and University was present for 1 billion people in india but only 250 people enrolled for this.
In case here people enrolled in year 1999 were from cities situated 1000 kms away within India.
Look carefully this data. Why only 250 when there in no restriction on students who can enroll?
First: Though there was huge need but no fulltime-institute was teaching. Why? They will not get all student in one place. only few were aware about importance of this course.
So it was like 1 learner from London, 1 in tokyo, 5 in bejing , 3 in calcutta, 4 in delhi.
All those people only realized importance of this subject because they can relate its importance due there readings and direct work.
Second: Now institute can enrol student worldwide thus have critical mass to run program or course which only few people realize importance of yet it was critical.
Third: Due to scale it could publish and bring Expert to create relevant material as it can enroll people any place…. across globe.
Senario 2
In My case of 3 years degree: We had choice of choosing our own teacher for subject that was good as well bad. Good We had scientist from best laboratory available to teach.
– We had rented a computer lab in insitute and were running cases there.
We had choice of picking teacher who were teaching subjects they worked many years.
And since they do not have to depend on institution for pay instead they collect fee directly from us and had better incentives thus. These Scientist were working in best labs in the area of study for years.
– We could enroll in any Extra courses in any other university along with it.
– So first year I enrolled Extra Computer Graphics + ERP oriented DOEACC ‘A’ level which were no taught in 20+ courses + project We had in masters.
and a PGDIT with had modern Oracle, java but our university was teaching COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL, LISP, C++.
– Second year was slow down :I choose 1 subject which ultimately provided me second job in operation research.
– Third year I went into intern ship with local firm + insecure slow down led me to take MA Economics (1 year) on distance mode along. I did learned Econometrics basics.
So By End I had 20+ course from best teacher in town, intern-ship, plus another 20+ Extra courses.

Lets see how can such less people can relate to it?
from this calculation you can see only 3% people can reach employability status to think beyond what extra is required?

Two things : First People had choice to customize

Check:Example Decision Making based on Famous Sayings/quotations my be wrong

For Everything Which Exist in World There is a saying for it or proverb for it.
But For any proverb there is Anti-proverb So Life’s important or unimportant decisions should not be based on Proverb but based on real-time decisions you face.
There is a saying “If you are right you should not worry anything.”
So fear/worry does not mean Actual fear/worry but it means possibility of not succeeding in idealistic way. In today’s world there is less scope for idealism due to conflict of interest but person has to take middle path and take all people along. You cannot make everyone happy there would be always a set of people unhappy and ready to drag you down.

Anti-proverb / opposite saying:
Saying “Straight Trees are cut first”.
Another way to understand this is :So if you are straight forward in your approach and may be not diplomatic about it may be you are first one to face wrath.
In the world of competition mediocrity is not a choice or 0ption. But there is conflict in market there exist space for Every category or segment of product now How do you decide which approach? Both are right based on circumstances or situations ?
Let me give one Example from Stock Market:
Boom period : In time of boom invest more on equity and take risk to garner more return.
Recessionary Times: In case of Bust period invest more in debt funds and take less risk because risky stock can give negative returns.
Uncertainty: In case of uncertainty you need to balance your portfolio other word Diverse your risk to multiple options Or in other words Follow Middle-path.
So There Exists Market for Everything as long as you able to make rational decisions.
The irr-rational behaviour may exists due ill-informed decisions, or lack of environmental knowledge or due to lack of knowledge itself or Unknown Unknown. Lack of environmental knowledge like sitting in Earth you cannot visualize what might be situation in Space?
You need to go through cycle of gravity and weightlessness.

Decision making:
Decisions should be based on hard facts or situations faced. The Abstract thinking of proverb cannot be considered an alternative unless its validated by situational parameters. Based on These parameter ranking which is nearest one should be chosen heuristically or on opposite based on measured metrics based rules/score. The nearness of the score justify decision or Risk taken based on situation involved.

Something Which is right for one person cannot be right for another person. Yet Sometimes Copycat does work? Some decisions perfected over period of wisdom can be taken as rule but yet there always a space where they can be improved or contrary view.
There nothing in world which is impossible Other world of saying is There is no rule which is ultimate there is always scope to Explore and find meanings.

Having said That Let me tell you a story.
One fine day There are 7 people happen to pass through a jungle. It was getting Night so the 7 people (1 old women, One young Businessmen, One trader, one soldier, one teacher , a doctor and a small child ) were passing by A large tree.
Suddenly it started raining and lighting started falling. After many lighting Strikes passed away. People started gossiping with each other. Suddenly there came a topic What is happening Today? Why is this lighting coming when we have no shelter Elsewhere?
Rumours Started spreading Fast among group That there is some person due to which lighting is falling on all of us. Solider telling its due to corrupt businessmen. Businessmen telling it due to corrupt bureaucracy where soldier was employed. Teacher telling its due to doctor who ill-treated patients. And doctor telling its due ill-equipped teacher harming students with half knowledge. Women telling its due to child who may be full of sin.
Then everyone started fighting and blaming each other.
Settlement Rule
To settle matter teacher suggested why not like we give punishment to students? We will take this one person out of this group and let him stand not protected by shed into the open for 5 minute if nothing happen then individual comes back.
The Fear
Because every one feared if lighting strikes due to one person on this tree then many other people who are innocent may get killed.
First They decided Soldier Will go because he may have killed many people in wars he fought. So they pushed soldier in open for 5 minute But nothing happened he returned safely. Everyone was surprised.
Then They all pushed Businessmen thinking corrupt but still he also surprised everyone and came back safely no lighting falling on him. God is not angry with him.
Then they pushed trader may be doing wrong trade due which is attracting wrath of God in form of lighting. But nothing happened in 5 minute.
They Doctor was sent thought was many patient who may have died complaint to god so god was sending emergency response in form of lighting.But he also survived.
Now its turn of Teacher as many people future depends on teacher may have destroyed many career. So he was pushed but nothing happened still.
Then Everyone though its The Women because child cannot be the culprit may be she is politician and its her trade to circulate lies and win votes or may be she is not morally right So She was pushed but nothing happened still.
Everyone Was really surprised So it is this small child Who has committed so much sins that lighting is threatening there purified lifes. So They were standing at crux to push this child to wild open fumes of god wrath and getting consumed by flurry of lighting into ashes.
No one was willing to push child but they decided for the interest of there family and themselves they need to push this child to lightening. So they pushed Child To open area.
As the Child walked into open immediately lighting Strikes.
The Reaction time was limited god’s willingness at test. And bodies turned to ashes. The lighting has fallen not on child but on Tree And 6 people were consumed. Only child survived. You know why?
Due to one child god was protecting all the lighting falling on tree as he has not committed any sins As soon as child walked out. God allowed lighting through tree to pass to rest of 6 bodies for there sins.
So What is Moral of Story? Scientific wisdom says no god Exist but still there is Cause and Effect there is Newton law of Equal opposite reaction. There is Some force controlling universe.The force does react only by testing its willingness and limits.

Laughing on somebody misery is Escapism on yourself

People create a trap or situation and laugh from background thinking no one is seeing what is happening ? But God is everywhere it sees everything there is no hiding no Escape from God.
You laugh on other and God laughs at you. (see these people I am already seeing them what they are doing and they are laughing 🙂 )
Now people think God is This thing or that But its just force which is running the whole world its like force behind nature. Which waits for right moment before reacting. When Accumulated sins goes beyond a limit it will react immediately.
Simple Example : Like in some land one by one all trees are cut after some time the top soil will get washed away. Immediately top soil is not washed away it over period of time. But one it is done there is no recovery. The Land becomes infertile or turn into desert as water level drops it may become desert.
So Nature flurry is sudden and it does not announce its arrival before. So Even if people create some situation use power to laugh over other people.But God if most powerful.
As they are seeing the weak and laughing. God sees at them laughing. As they are planning something over other people God is planning over them. There is no Escape Where will you run to mars, venus , milky way or other galaxy God is the power running everything has reach everywhere.
People say There if One Day called Day of Judgement in Christianity, same in Hinduism is called pralay, same in Islam is called kayamat. Now people say on that day whole earth will be destroyed and new life forms may emerge. History and origin of species do also tells same thing. Like how Dinosaurs more intelligent than humans wiped out. That is Earth\geological Phenomena But When a person die immediately for him/her is the same day is day of Judgement. He/She does not need to wait till End of Earth. The God knows all this sins and all his good deeds. Based on that judgement is arrived How to do justise with this spirit.
Now people say Who has seen what happens after death?
But Most of time God does not even wait for Death. People get the result of there Karma in this life itself. It may be delayed but its never dark or wrong. The judgement always tries to take people toward brightness from darkness in there life time. If that is not the case people would not say I did lot of handwork that is reason I am here or reached this position.
There can be temporary set back or testing times But there always silver lining and path defined. God help those who help themselves.
“The Flesh becomes word. And Word becomes Flesh” This means What?
The Flesh becomes word
The man made of flesh lives his life and this autobiography become words.
The Word become Flesh
The inspiring stories of moral values and stories of decorum Which help to ignite moral values in young minds. As people practise right path The words ignited moral souls become Flesh.
If you had some wrong story Then also t needs to become flesh or not? So God decides what way you can become after your story. So the Correction can be applied to your Essay of life to correct the Story. Whether you believe or not rebirth seems logical? But no one can say with surety. Bad karma…Bad story.. transform into bad flesh? Flesh is same in all animals what is changed is mind/body ratio. Highest then human being less than that then any other life form.
Any How? Karma always leaves imprint in this life itself it does not even wait for next life. but still whatever remaining is carried forward.
Life is never like straight line there are ups and down. Nothing remains permanent. Change is only permanent in the world. So Downs change into ups. And Ups into down.
A person who takes enjoyment in others down fall is No less than a Joker because God behind is seeing his/her drama. Life is all about What best you can do in given situation.
Rest you should leave to God. Water when left to settle alone finds its own level and settle.
drop some water on an area see it travels and reaches to spot below which it cannot go.
Let say under Earth is also water table.
See when you children in school of college are encouraged to behave in violent ways What happens? Violent breads violence not in othher mind but in there mind themselves as they learn this new art of violence they are less hesitant next time. It definitely end at anarchy.
There cannot be any end game of it.
Let suppose as example a owner one day decides to grow some goons with violent behaviour at some point of time the goons itself consume the owner. One day they decide why we need him/her to give instruction we can take up on over own. Is that not a logical conclusion? Institutions foundations are its values. Without values or paper values it erodes over period of time. See The institutions like failed companies read the story. Once started some malpractice it cannot be stopped. Because other people will say u did last time? This time I did? next time someone else?
from frequency one per year it ? next cycle goes to 2 ………
And The competitions set in to outpace at cost of institution.
This is precisely reason of many failing companies facing corporate governance issues.

Building career: Every unrelated course is important – practical Example.

As some great men said: “Bad Man quarrel with his tools”. Educational courses are one set of tools available to mankind.
Steve Jobs lecture to Stanford:

Connecting the Dots……………………………..
Where When he was not able to pay for University fees so he could attend only 1 class so he enrolled in calligraphy course Which he had interest but not knew where it would come to use? university had best calligraphy courses.
So He says in later part of his life after 10 yrs it became clear why god made him attend that course of calligraphy When he was creating Fonts for Macintosh all those come to use.
And “Macintosh would never had typography with multiple typefaces and propotionally space fonts”. -Steave Jobs (listen video above)

Today When I was watching WEF debate Tony Blair made one statement which is quite true but said surprising sarcastically.
He says important thing is “to learn new thing everyday even when piece of information may not be practical use to you rest of your life.” -Tony Blair
Go To last of this video: 1:19:09 minute.
This is credible proof that whatever you learn comes to use one day.
Now I quote Some Examples from what I experienced.
Instance 1:
Extra Course in Operation Research Gave me first Software job:

Strategy: Differentiate or Die.
Curosity to know details of Operation Research along with my Masters in Computer Application. Most people in my class used to joke Why you need this course?
Even my cousin who was in Software at that time worked 5 yrs said same thing to my parents and complained its useless tell him to get out of that course and concentrate on MCA.
————–But I never did infact my strategy was actually correct in testing time of recession. Having read many Case Studies : I knew “Differentiate or Die”.
When I floated My resume?
within 15 days I got call : there urgent need for software developer with Operation Research OR Knowledge. And OR was critical for them they needed person who can test OR algorithms for Warehouse management software. This was company having offices in New zealand and USA. In Company in India development and testing of there product used to happen. This product was used in 160+ countries by FMCG majors Nestle and P&G.
Instance 2:
Six Sigma Green belt:
I enrolled in six sigma green belt certification in year 2006 on my own. But it was not getting used anywhere But On day When I was working for Clinical Research largest company Quantiles Transnational. They were looking at better ways to mange there studies of drugs. Each Study was organized as project. There I could related and suggest using Six Sigma how to improve processes in year 2008.
– year 2013: MS final project also I did  applied this six sigma known to complete the modelling of Wireless sensor network communication pattern. using LCL/UCL process control methodology.
Instance #3: Yoga for health
I can quote many instances like Naturopathy and yoga courses which I took as along with college graduation later even taught these to many people helped me to stablize and maintain patience also re-leaving stress build up.
Instance #4 Mathematical Modelling.
while doing MS in network and information security. I enrolled in many coursera courses one of them was on mathematical modelling.
My Six months project on Wireless Sensor Network Modelling
would be in difficult shape had I not enrolled in this Mathematical modelling course.
Infact it gave me more knowledge then any full time stuff.
Finally: Everything is useful if you can connect the dots.
“The bad man quarrel with his tools. Good man Connect Dots…………………”.
By Good here mean people with common sense. We cannot compare with Great people who have extra-ordinary vision only we can have at least common sense.

Tribal wisdom

AborigneeSometimes back I saw one Documentry about Aborigines in Australia disturbed at depleting level of underground water lake…One statement old tribal said changed my thinking He said
“you know what is difference between Modern world and tribal world and why world is suffering?
He answered his own question: Western Society is All about Now rather than long term. How much can we hoard up Now? what treasure and wealth can hoard up now.
( video go to 13:55 minute u can watch
you see olden times tribal used to pick fruit from trees as many as he required to he will keep it hanging for other people in future..same way for minerals under earth left for future generation but today..
Today’s Man wants to dig and pick everything out and make money leave nothing for future…”
Watch this Documentary:
Alternative Energy is Also very important for the world. I only like that part where man made this comments. Some part I agree Some I do not in movie.