Mobile Application development: part 1 : Andriod Vs IOS

Andriod basics:

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Near Field communication NFC as next wave of technology among many contenders? What you should know about it?

NFC near field communication technologies usage in Mobile world in not a new buzz now. Its has been there last

Mobile Money, Mobile

ATM alternate small money transaction

Ticketing: Air/train/concert/sports or any kind.

Access Systems: College/University access Card, NFC posters

What makes NFC hot is its range? interestingly its just 10cm range which unlike other teach looking for more range here lesser range makes it more interesting.

Take a case as example: Think suppose you have a ticket saved into a chip which can transmit data wirelessly to reader..Now if we use Bluetooth : it can read from 10 moment someone is near to 10 cm to out door of railway station will open door..moreover till he covers this distance it will remain open.. Moreover many people around means door will remain open always…off course that can be controlled programmatically but this is where NFC comes Exactly untill u bring in near to 10 cm range gate will not open.. So automatically tail-gating can reduced….

This precise 10 cm range which makes it interesting and hot…

Components of NFC:

Wireless tag: Active/passive: a small chip surrounded by magnetic coil so when and Electromagnetic waves producing device like Mobile comes closer it generates current and energy enough to power chip attached which can be used to store program,data (text, url, etc.) .

Samsung TecTile target smart Tag market but no vendor supporting it currently:
Samsung with Galaxy S3 launched tech tile coil small tag at rate 3 dollar per tag. But as we tec tiles supported MiFARE chips which non of other vendor like Microsoft, Google Nexus , Blackberry etc does not support only Galaxy S4 have support for it..

But Non MiFARE chip tech based NFC tech on Mobile is supported by most vendors.
other TAG like

Look at top NFC running projects map across the world:    click on country an city to know more details of number of NFC projects running in your city/country… (feel sad: only 1 in India :< 😦 ) , 1 in Ireland, 5 in London city alone
ead more details on the link above.

One Project looked interesting to me was :

NFC tags are much widely used across chipset and tag vendor giving fillip to OpenNFC. visit(

customize NFC using
1. Besides NFC Adapter available within Andriod API (
2. Windows Mobile (latest acquisition Nokia’s Lumia NFC API visit:,
3. Blackberry NFC API
. Motorolla NFC API:

The data Exchange Format NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) introduced here in :
In short NDEF message have NDEF record and payload. Start header bit MB message begin and End at ME message End.IL is identification CF chunked fragment and Type field defined in RTD specifications TNF.

Competing NFC technologies:
use optical not electromagmatic field.
unlike NFC contactless is contact technology.
Touch a Tag:
RFID based Tag.

Top sites to learn more about NFC:

PC\Laptop will never be dead although new platform emerge: Analysis of Microsoft Strategy

PC / laptop may be dead or it will become centre piece of interaction of all devices at home.
Now as internet of things evolve or semantic agents start searching  web for you and customize search for you.
There will more than 100 devices like fan , cooler, heater, washing machine , each room sensor etc in your home as Home computing/smart city emerges platform like Zigbee, personal area network become more visible. PC will become like server controlling/configuring/updating/debugging all these devices at home.
This is in response to this news I am writing:
that Microsoft is trying to keep PC as device of choice.
Some places where low computation and mobilty is required smartphone and tablet may take up market which they already have but still PC/laptop will have its own market as it will become Home server of choice.
At end of day you want to come back home and sink all your devices to server which is Laptop with max processing power to do it fast.

Bigdata,cloud , business Intelligence and Analytics

There huge amount of data being generated by BigData Chractersized by 3V (Variety,Volume,Velocity) of different variety (audio, video, text, ) huge volumes (large video feeds, audio feeds etc), and velocity ( rapid change in data , and rapid changes in new delta data being large than existing data each day…) Like facebook keep special software which keep latest data feeds posts on first layer storage server Memcached (memory caching) server bandwidth so that its not clogged and fetched quickly and posted in real time speed the old archive data stored not in front storage servers but second layer of the servers.
Bigdata 3V characteristic data likewise stored in huge (Storage Area Network) SAN of cloud storage can be controlled by IAAS (infrastucture as service) component software like Eucalyptus to create public or private cloud. PAAS (platform as service) provide platform API to control package and integrate to other components using code. while SAAS provide seamless Integration.
Now Bigdata stored in cloud can analyzed using hardtop clusters using business Intelligence and Analytic Software.
Datawahouse DW: in RDBMS database to in Hadoop Hive. Using ETL tools (like Informatica, datastage , SSIS) data can be fetched operational systems into data ware house either Hive  for unstructured data or RDBMS for more structured data.

BI over cloud DW: BI can create very user friendly intuitive reports by giving user access to layer of SQL generating software layer called semantic layer which can generate SQL queries on fly depending on what user drag and drop. This like noSQL and HIVE help in analyzing unstructured data faster like data of social media long text, sentences, video feeds.At same time due to parallelism in Hadoop clusters and use of map reduce algorithm the calculations and processing can be lot quicker..which is fulling the Entry of Hadoop and cloud there.
Analytics and data mining is expension to BI. The social media data mostly being unstructured and hence cannot be analysed without categorization and hence quantification then running other algorithm for analysis..hence Analytics is the only way to get meaning from terabyte of data being populated in social media sites each day.

Even simple assumptions like test of hypothesis cannot be done with analytics on the vast unstructured data without using Analytics. Analytics differentiate itself from datawarehouse as it require much lower granularity data..or like base/raw data..which is were traditional warehouses differ. some provide a workaround by having a staging datawarehouse but still  data storage here has limits and its only possible for structured data. So traditional datawarehouse solution is not fit in new 3V data analysis. here new Hadoop take position with Hive and HBase and noSQL and mining with mahout.

How to maintain privacy with surveillance ?

Recent month questions are being raised On topic of surveillance about privacy of individual. Surveillance is very much important for safety of society even if to some extent it takes privacy away as it gives safety.
But there was to give both at same time?

What can be done all three forms sound, video, data can be input into cloud on large hadoop clusters..
Now if we are able to tag all inputs or make sound to text conversion then auto tag whole script. Now the data so collected can be analysed using Bigdata analysis technology for certain suspicious keyword patters or network of words created by running social network analysis or market basket or Markov chain algorithm… which can decipher and arrange categorize the actors. Using this analysis we can directly reach to suspected traffic rather than scanning through whole traffic.. there are problems
problem 1: there are many languages in world ?
Solution:but translation software exist for each of those.

problem 2: How to achieve voice traffic tagging?
Solution: lot of speech to text conversion software are available which can do this work more quickly and with speed thus tagged scripts are easy to search through.

Even capability of predictive Analytic can be exploited.

Now this approach no one has direct access to data yet analysis can be possible in better way.. But surely there will be some constraint which where only manual interventions will required and those cannot be discounted.

Information Technology laws provisions against port scanning.

Port scanning is used by mostly network and system administrators.port scan has many legitimate uses including network inventory and the verification of the security of a network. Port scanning can, however, also be used to compromise security. exploits rely upon port scans to find open ports and send specific data patterns in an attempt to trigger a condition known as a buffer overflow.

Country specific provisions in IT laws for open and decentralized architecture of the Internet, lawmakers have struggled since its creation to define legal boundaries that permit effective prosecution of cyber criminal Network scanning: Although network scanning  in legal but since its first step used by hackers boundary is blurred and there are implications for misuse. Also

German penal code :

The simple reason is that it is very difficult to establish the intent, failing which the provision will be available for misuse(by both parties ethical as well unethical person (it’s like whoever puts better legal argument). Just like 498 A of the Indian Penal Code relieves many but if you know of the current scenario, you know how brutally it has been misused in recent times.

Here are laws country wise with some case study how prosecution happened.
we had discussion about whether any law exist to prohibit scanning? here is list.
1. US:
In December 1999, Scott Moulton was arrested by the FBI and accused of attempted computer trespassing under Georgia’s Computer Systems Protection Act and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of America. At this time, his IT service company had an ongoing contract with Cherokee County of Georgia to maintain and upgrade the 911 center security. He performed several port scans on Cherokee County servers to check their security and eventually port scanned a web server monitored by another IT company, provoking a tiff which ended up in a tribunal. He was acquitted in 2000, the judge ruling there was no damage impairing the integrity and availability of the network
2. In 2006, the UK Parliament
had voted an amendment to the Computer Misuse Act 1990 that proves guilty a person under cirtain conditon..its very blurred so can be misused or helpful prosecuting even when evidence is less.
3. Germany:
German penal code  Strafgesetzbuch § 202 a,b,c has also a similar law
4. EU also has similar law.
5. India has similar law.
At present the IT Act does provide penal provisions for hacking which is a matured and compounded form of port scanning as I have discussed earlier. Section 66 of the IT Act reads out :
66. (1) Whoever with the intent to cause or knowing that he is likely to cause wrongful loss or damage to the public or any person destroys or deletes or alters any information residing in a computer resource or diminishes its value or utility or affects it injurious by any means, commits hacking.
(2) Whoever commits hacking shall be punished with imprisonment up to three years, or with fine which may extend upto two lakh rupees, or with both.
Therefore the main elements of hacking is :
A) Intentional act
B) Wrongful loss to other
C) Alter/ delete/ destroy, diminish value of the data or utility.
The simple reason for misuse is that it is very difficult to establish the intent, failing which the provision will be available for misuse. Just like 498 A of the Indian Penal Code relieves many but if you know of the current scenario, you know how brutally it has been misused in recent times. Also there are cases where it use is justified.

Graphene the wonder material : Foldable cell phones , wearable computer,Bionic devices….soon reality

Graphene u beauty :
Foldable cell phones , wearable computer,Bionic devices, soon will be reality…
China has 400 patents on Graphine, US has 250 , UK has 70.

This was urgently needed companies are also moving on this largest no of patent are with IBM and then Samsung.