How to maintain privacy with surveillance ?

Recent month questions are being raised On topic of surveillance about privacy of individual. Surveillance is very much important for safety of society even if to some extent it takes privacy away as it gives safety.
But there was to give both at same time?

What can be done all three forms sound, video, data can be input into cloud on large hadoop clusters..
Now if we are able to tag all inputs or make sound to text conversion then auto tag whole script. Now the data so collected can be analysed using Bigdata analysis technology for certain suspicious keyword patters or network of words created by running social network analysis or market basket or Markov chain algorithm… which can decipher and arrange categorize the actors. Using this analysis we can directly reach to suspected traffic rather than scanning through whole traffic.. there are problems
problem 1: there are many languages in world ?
Solution:but translation software exist for each of those.

problem 2: How to achieve voice traffic tagging?
Solution: lot of speech to text conversion software are available which can do this work more quickly and with speed thus tagged scripts are easy to search through.

Even capability of predictive Analytic can be exploited.

Now this approach no one has direct access to data yet analysis can be possible in better way.. But surely there will be some constraint which where only manual interventions will required and those cannot be discounted.


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