My Global Family : 15,000+ people Foreign National: White/Black Christian, Hindu, Bhudhist, Sikh.

  1. USA: 1000+ people years: 70 yrs 3rd Generation.
  2. Canada: 70+  3rth Generation 70 yrs :
  3. Australia : 100+ people 1st Generation.
  4. New Zealand: 200+ 2nd Generation.
  5. UK: 3000+ 3rd Generation 70 yrs
  6. Poland : 1000+ 7th Generation for 200+ yrs.
  7. France : 1000+ 7th generation for 200+ yrs.
  8. Germany: 2000+ 7th Generation for 200+ yrs.
  9. Europe Other: 3000+ 7th Generation [ Belgium, Spain, Italy,]
  10. Kenya: 500+ 3rd Generation.
  11. Nigeria: 100+
  12. India States:
    1. Uttrakhand : 4000 people [Garhwali  Brahmin [33%], punjabi brahmin, Nepali brahmin, Uddham singh Nagar Khatri { Manoj Kumar Actor Family}]
    2. UP: 40,000+ , First MLA , First Secretary , First VC, First World auyurveda Medical Conference  Lucknow, NOIDA, Ghaziabad, Muzaffarnagar, Modi Nagar, Shamli, Saharanpur, [ former BJP MLA Gupta ji – Chacha ji from wife side], Gorakhpur, Greater NOIDA, Hathras, Dabra.
    3. Haryana 5000+ : [ SC/ST, Barhmin, OBC] Yadav, Gautam, Sharma, pure haryana population. Dean NIT kurushetra, Prime Minister Bodygaurd, District Congress President Badli, Pvt Engg College Owner.
    4. Delhi: First Secretary Prime Minister office in 1950-60
    5. Punjab: 35,000 Plus Sikh [ 1/500 Sikh in World] belong to our Family.
    25,000 Plus Hindus brahmin, Kshatriya, [Atleast 30+ Teachers, and Block Development Officers]. Father Side population is known as gujarati Brahmin
    6. Himachal : 5000+ Around Shimla,Indora,Jawalaji [ District magistrate Manali ]. Himachali Speaking population.
    7. Gujarat: 15,000+ Dave, Desai, Patel, [ Former Finance Secretary of India , IIMA Gold medalist Hasmukh Adhia [Right hand man of Modi ji PM], Knows all IAS/IPS people and Dr Padh As well With whom my wife written more 1000 citation paper with 4000 Worldwide professors across 40 countries.
    8. Maharashtra: 5000+ 6 Schools in Mumbai [Taught more than 50X20X6= 6,000] Students Each Family 5 member = 6,000 X 5 = 30,000 passouts.
    Pune:1000+  Almost 100 pune Engineering college, military engg College, AFMC, NDA passout Engineers and Class one officers.
    Nasik: Where Kumbh happens is our ancestral Temple, Sister side.
    9. Karnataka 5000+ : Sister married to Tamil Family 10% of bangalore population is Tamil. Tamil policemen , IT Professionals.
    10 Tamil Nadu: 10,000+ Sister married to tamil Family from chennai.
    11. Bihar: 60.000+ Another sister married in Patna. School Owner, IIT Dhanbad Profesor, MIT Professor, Apple Hardware Acquisition Head, ISKON Bihar Head, RSS All india IIT Section Head, 6 School Owner in Bombay, more than 20 industries design and Development, more than 100 Engg College Air Cooling vent design
    12. Jharkhand: 10,000+ 3 Professor in AIIMS Equivalent institute [ MD,MBBS,Phd in medicine, More than 3 X 30 X 50 =4500 doctors passout under them spread All over world. More than 10 Doctors in family.
    20 IIT Equivalent professor : 20 X 30 X 60 = 36,000 IIT level Student passout under them Spread all over world. 1% of them in google means 360 people in google.
    13. West Bengal: 3000+ professor, VC Sister Extended Family
    14 Nepal: 5000+
    15 Madhya Pradesh: 1000+
    16 Assam : Wife Sister family married There And Are professor and NYU Stern in New York. 2 X 100 X 35 = 7000 US Students passed out under them.
  13. Ireland: 125+ people some of them resettled in UK/Australia.

My Touch with Government Leadership Both BJP & Congress & bureaucracy Top Leader

  1. Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia Described [ Right hand man of Modi] is our Family Friend.
    Post marriage his Sister Called us for Tea and Said you are more Secular than any other person here.
  2. All IAS/IPS Gujarat, BioTech Secretary and : Multiple Contact with IAS/IPS officer There of Dr Padh Sir.
  3. All IAS/IPS officer Uttaranchal/Uttar Pradesh. [ Serving relatives multiple more 50 contacts.]
  4. Right Hand Man of Congress : Sam Pitorda [ Was senipur to my relative who worked 13 yrs with him and his neighbour in USA]. My musa Who was Bodygaurd of PM Rajeev Gandhi and Indira Also have worked with him.
  5. IT Secretary to All serving IT ministers of India till date.
  6. Head make in India Flagship program of Mr Modi Government.


7. Our Family Muslim Connection: One BITS pilani Topper is married to Muslim Girl also BITS pilani graduate in lucknow.

8, Our Family Hindu Connection:
Ashok Singhal [VHP] from our extended singhal Family, RSS IIT Wing Head of India.


From UAE PMO To Topmost in Berkeley and Product Management Canada.

Cover Letter -New


Respected Sir,

Hope your are doing fine!. 18+ yrs experience. Certified as Portfolio Manager, Program Manager, Project Manager.
Certified on BlockChain, Big Data Certified and 25 other technology certification, 40+ management and 10 Audit certifications and worked for fortune 100 Companies. Awarded career. Many first like selected among 1 billion Indians with prime minister office UAE as first Indian to hold that position at SKGEP Dubai, Abu Dhabi , UAE.

Bussiness Excellence Consulting Appreciation

Alumnus to World’s best Engineering and Management institution Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, IIM, BITS Pilani. IISc Trained People in 4 continents Enterprise Architect, CEO, CTO, VP etc. Board Member Indo-Canadian Business Forum, CIPS Canada (equivalent of Board member  Computer Society of India + DOEACC)

Endorsed and followed by world top 10 Legend of IT world Like Father of Data warehousing Bill Inmon Top 10 Computer science and Management of IT Living Legend.

Awarded Author From multiple journals and magazines and Reviewer to World Ranked Journals.
Own Blog have unique 1000 visitors per day Almost 4 million Visitors last 7 years.

Writer and Reviewer with more than 60 Top ranked High priced Professional Journals (cost $12 each) with printed circulation of 25 million or 2.5 crore magazines carrying My name in 180+ countries to Top Ranked professional and subscribers. Set of around 50% of those are depicted in Collage which Carry my name as leader , writer and reviwer last almost 7+ years or 100+ months.


I am awarded 18 yrs  experienced IT Professional year by year Award are displayed on Linkedin Profile.
India’s No.1 Ranked institute PG certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Application

Certified and Experience Program Manager/Auditor/Enterprise Architect /Techno Management consultant with 20+ IT Technology Certification , certified 10+ GRC on audit areas, certified 40+ management Areas Portfolio/program/project Management, Human Capital Management, Business process Management , finance Techno functional, cloud computing, IPR, Awarded career, Prime Minister of UAE, Abu dhabhi and Dubai,

  1. Management Masters Alumni Top Schools in India, Europe, USA.: [Worldwide Top 10 universities]

MTech + MBA + LLB profile Alumnus Top 1% Ranked university in World Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, IIM

  1. Berkeley Hass Business School, University of California Berkeley, USA
    [Executive Program in Management] from world Top 10 Ranked B-School in heart of silicon Valley USA.
  2. Indian Institute Of Management ,Ahmedabad
  3. Cambridge Judge Business School , Marketing Management, UK
  4. Wharton Business School , Operation Management from, Philadelphia, USA
  5. Harvard, Leadership and General Management., USA
  6. Kemmy Business School: 3rd best Ranked B-School in Ireland., Ireland
  7. IIM Kashipur, India, BITS pilani, ICFAI university.
  8. Strayer university and JWMI (Jack Welch Management Institute) Founded by GE CEO Jack Welch ( Scored 100%), USA
  9. LMU University, Business Strategy, Munich, Germany
  10. Quality management, Business Excellence and IPR certification Prime Minister Office UAE Dubai.
  11. LLB [CCU university) world Top university by enrolment.[650K enrolment per year]
  12. IPR PES university Bangalore. [One of largest Bangalore based private university ]
  13. Engineering Double Full Time Masters in Tier 1 institutes, [Ranked Top 10]
  14. IISc Bangalore PG Artificial Intelligence and Applications., Banaglore.
  15. M S Software Engineering BITS Pilani/Dubai/Goa (Ranked 10),
  16. M Engg .University of Limerick (university of year by Sunday Times Largest selling newspaper in UK & Ireland). Top 50 under 50 institution.
  17. PG im artificial intelligence (Ranked no. 1 in India),
  18. Masters in Computers Application, New Delhi [World’s largest university]
  19. Top Enterprise Software Writer worldwide Only Indian in Top of List.

Rank in London based magazine.

  1. Achievement and associated with Star Consulting Projects Smart City, Smart Governance, IoT, BigData

I was involved in star Projects at Enterprise Architect Project: Togaf for smart city Dubai, HAAD, Prime minister Office Dubai.I worked with Partner Of Oracle Corporation (netcustomer) Largest HCM ERP solution provider for Peoplesoft HR world wide. Largest BI Software company SAP Corporation.

Example : First Top 50 worldwide to become Blockchain certified.




  1. Writer and Reviewer To Top Journals across World

I have been leadership level contributor to journal on bigdata as well which sold 6 million cpies

  1. Awarded Career [Awards from Prime Minister Office of UAE]

only indian and only irish  and Till date only UL student .out of 240 People global Expert PHD professor CEO and HOD of berkley.

Kindly Find my Consistent Experience and history. I have 20 IT certifications, 20+ Audit certification and 40+ management certification.

  1. Assessment Experience
Award Year Country Areas of Expertise
Michael Cangemi award 2017 United States Legislation & Governance , Provision of Services , Electronic Switch for Services Provision (Smart Government) , Information Technology
Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program 2016 United Arab Emirates Legislation & Governance , Provision of Services , Electronic Switch for Services Provision (Smart Government) , Information Technology
ISACA Reviewer For Articles Leading recomend for Michael Cangemi award 2015 United States Legislation & Governance , Provision of Services , Electronic Switch for Services Provision (Smart Government) , Information Technology
Reviewer For Articles Leading recomend for Michael Cangemi award 2014 United States Legislation & Governance , Provision of Services , Electronic Switch for Services Provision (Smart Government) , Information Technology
ISACA Reviewer For Articles Leading recomend for Michael Cangemi award 2013 United States Legislation & Governance , Provision of Services , Electronic Switch for Services Provision (Smart Government) , Information Technology


I am only 6th person from 1 billion Indians whose are mentioned as leaders in this IT journal Last 6 years and may be only 2 from Ireland , First from UL.

Letter From Prime minister Office UAE to Only indian after being involved in country level international audit of 38 ministries by 240 global Expert selected professor Harvard, Princeton, oxford Global awarded Thought leaders of which I had privilege of being only Indian member for last 4 years.

These 60,00,000 or 6 million copies I am regular Contributor mention me regularly in 180+ countries…



By now I am reviewer for 50+ Research articles.
Constantly published in Top governance, regulations, Risk, Complaince Journals in 180 countries.


  1. Top Contributor to Technical and Management Sites World wide.


Top Contributor To Berkley Hosted TinyOS site Knowldege froum worldwide during my MS in Ireland.
Top Contributor  To Standford Hosted Knowldege Sharing website World wide during my MS in Ireland not for 1 day but almost 1 and 1/2 year Rank 1.

I am in IT field almost 19 yrs [5 yrs IT Academics + 14 yrs awarded career as IT Professionals]
linkedin:           Both have almost 10K+ subcribers
My presentations:
slideshare:   Almost 1 million unique visitors Last few years.
I worked for Fortune 100 Companies in :

  1. German Companies[SAP], French-German [Business Objects].
  2. US Based MNC- Pfizer, Quintiles, Anthem, DE Shaw And Company Cognizant, Ness Technology.
  3. European companies- British Telecom, Ireland based companies.
  4. Asia and India based Companies like tech Mahindra, Wipro.

I have Graduated from Ireland Top University Of Limerick world ranking university, Studied at Top Indian World ranking university BITS pilani, IISc Bangalore etc.


AWARD: 10 Global Awards right from 2005 and last 14 yrs of Career [10 million Readers to blog and magazine in 100+ countries]
Almost 40+ Written Endorsement from Client directors from across the world.

Only Indian Smart Government Advisor to UAE Government in Dubai, Abu Dhabhi.


As Author Reviewer, Leadership of Journal : 5 million printed reputed  printed journal carrying my name As Leader and contributor Last 7 years in 180 countries. out of which nearly 2 million copies are in circulation in US Alone.


Besides I am Volunteer Member To 12 international bodies last 7 years: PMI,ISACA,TOGAF,APIM, Microsoft Architecture forum, Microsoft Enterprise Architecture group, Cloud Security Alliance, IBM Solution Architecture forum, Oracle etc…


I was Top Contributor to berkley knowledge sharing site on tinyOs and Standford ford site between 2012-2014.

Rank 1 on Many Tech Forums on IoT, Bigdata, Analytics, Datawarhousing, BI, Wireless Sensor networks
Like This Elite Forum world best CRM, Marketing professional currently

I Ranked 6th worldwide and Rank 1 in ASEAN countries+Middle East +Africa+South America.

Elected To Board of largest IT professional body like DOEACC, CSI in india which was created by United Nations

Prince Appreciation of post assessment Results


Suggestion to Prime minister Office India



Social Selling Index at 84 3 Times avg person: My ability To Sell Idea is 3 Times normal person On Social Media

Appreciation From world largest Audit Body For Writing and Reviewing research work on journal 7 th year in row



World Foremost Authorities on Advancement of 38 ministries. Link to pictures hosted by Prime minister Office.

In Talk with Head of Quality of Higher Education UK
Sandeep Sharma


40/70 yrs=60% of Time since 1950 Indian Prime Minister Security my Mother Family contributed its Sacrifices for country

40/70 = 60% of post indian History PRime Minister Security is provided By my mother Family.
1.  1950- 1964 Nehru Ji PMO Sharma Ji from Qutub enclave. = 14 yrs
2.  1964-1985 Indira Gandhi Body Gaurd Sharma Ji. = 21 yrs

3.  1985-1990 Rajiv Gandhi’s body Gaurd. = 5 yrs.

(1) + (2) +(3) = 14 + 21 + 5 = 40 yrs 
Total years since independence till 2019= 69 yrs –> 40/69 –> 58% of Times since independence.

Indian Military Academy Construction Led By Grandfather Tauji

My Grandfather Tauji Was head of Military Engineering service [North India] Civil Engineering Section between 1917 to 1952.
Only Topmost India in  Head of Military  under British Rule at that time in Military engineering service. MES
[ Infact there was no indian in position higher than him during post 1930.

My Maternal Grandfather And his colleagues heroic in Burma War resulted British Gifting india Indian military academy.

BRAVE INDIAN ARMY REGIMENT –> performance in World war 1 against Hitler Led to decision of creating first Time India Army Officers in British Army. Before that there were only soliders and No Indian/Nepali/Bangalodeshi/Burmese officer in Indian Army.

MY NANA father WAS in same reigiment which fought war in Burma Which Exisbitted highest form of valour with Cycle and Guns dispelling Hitler forces in Burma. My Nana father was Matyr of World war 1 for [ Indian, British and US Forces]. They used same Kind of Cycle and Gun carrying get up shown in picture below:

See More details in Wikkipedia link below:

Indian Millitary AcademyDehradun (also known as IMA) is the officer training Academy of the Indian Army. IMA was established in 1932.

During which My Grandfather’s father Elder Brother Head Military Engineering Service North India oversaw its Construction. His name must be there in IMA Indian Military history Also on IMA incribed somewhere in IMA building.
Indian Millitary AcademyDehradun (also known as IMA) is the officer training Academy of the Indian Army. IMA was established in 1932.”.

From Wikki pedia:


Following the experiences in World War I, where Indian soldiers proved their mettle, Montague-Chelmsford Reformsfacilitated ten Indians per year to undergo officer training at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. In 1922 the Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College (now known as the Rashtriya Indian Military College) was set up in Dehradun to prepare young Indians for admission to Sandhurst. The Indianisation of the Army started with the commissioning of 31 Indian officers. Among this first batch of officers to be commissioned was Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw, who became the Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army in 1969 and later the first Indian Field Marshal.

Post independence My grandfather Tauji served MES head till 1950 then passed it over to then newly MLA of Region serving that was my grandfather and Indian Gandhiyan leader of Region
He was longest jail serving Gandhiyan Leader from the region.
He got 100% votes supported by all factions congress, RSS and even other Factions. No one kept candidate against him out of respect in Whole UP/uttrakhand region.

He Was Sanskrit PHD and Scholar Who Wrote books with Also German Scholar Max muller. He wrote 4 mimansas [concept just like upnishad] of Vedas on his own in Jail Serving for Gandhiji Satyagrah.

His letters to gandhi ji and Gandhiji Letter to him are preserved in national memoirs.

here is one link:

Another one



My Grandfather Coverage in 10 National Newspaper : Renowned Gandhiyan Freedom Fighter

My Family My Grandfather had 5 brothers: links below
1. Amar Nath Ved Shastri:
[Conducted world first Ayurveda conference chaired by Ranjender prasad] And part of creation of world first hindi Dictionary.]
2. Second brother [ India’s first Defence under Secretary], Then migrated to Montrael  in 1960 his son and Daughter are town planner there.
3. Third My grandfather: Ramesh Chand [ India Railway mechanical engineer, Farmer, horticulturist, Banker, Religious head of Hindu religious organisation Arya Samaj in Capital city for 70 yrs, Urdu/sanskrit Expert]
4. fourth Grandfather: Railway Engineer
5. Nardev Shastri: PArt of constituent Assembly, member to Choose india’s national language created by gandhi ji, Gandhiyan freedom fighter, his books and letter to Gandhiji and mahatma Gandhi ji letter to him are preserved in national memoirs and National treasure],  Vice chancellor

News About Nardev Shastri in national News papers:
Nardev shastri : National highest year imprisoned Gandhian Freedom Fighter from Uttrakahand Argent Follower for Gandhiji and Mahatma Gandhi used to Visit our house regularly. and His Colleagues.

  1. From india’s largest News Agency: UNI
  2. PM Modi Declared Salt SatyaGrah National Meomorial:
  9. Dhanpatji Gorkha belonged to Mathrowala, Lacchiwala and was a participant of the Salt Satyagraha. After his arrest, he was in prison for three months.


My 25 million International Journal = equal to 8 blockbuster & 40 Hit Films Revenue.

Avg Cost of Top 10 commercially successful films :

in 2018 gross between 550 crore to 150 crore.   Top 10 Average 300 crore Gross.

While average successful gross remained 50-100 crore.
source :

While 60 magazine/Jornals I write 2.5 crore in circulation each has Rs 1000 cost.

So Total Value of journal gross  = 2,500 crore.

if we assume 1 Top 10 movie Gross = 300 core  then This is equivalent to 2500/300 = [ 8 Top 10 Blockbusters of Bollywood.]
source :

Average Hit film in India in 2018 earns btween 50-75 crore Taking average around 60 crore

2500 journal Revenue/ 60 crore Hit Film revenue = 40 Hit films in last 20 yrs…

In Average film there are about 70-100 Heros and heroin and 1000+ staff whoes name comes at end of film.
While compare in magazine/journal only 100 names are printed. as author or Reviewer. [Journals gives more visibility]