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More Details blog: https://sandyclassic.wordpress.com
linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandepsharma
google+ http://google.com/+SandeepSharmaa
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sandeeclassic
Data warehouse    : http://datawarehouseview.wordpress.com/
Data Science View          : http://thedatascience.wordpress.com/
Java Architect                 : http://javaarchitectview.wordpress.com/
Enterprise Architect: http://enterprisearchitectview.wordpress.com/
data Architect                 : https://dataarchitectview.wordpress.com/
Business Intelligence trends: http://businessintelligencetechnologytrend.wordpress.com/
Business Architect         :http://businessarchitectview.wordpress.com/
Cloud perspective         :http://thecloudview.wordpress.com/
Business Strategy          :http://businessstrategyview.wordpress.com/
Finance IT Trends         :http://financialtechnologytrends.wordpress.com
Product Management: http://productmanagementview.wordpress.com
Project Manager            :http://projectmanagerview.wordpress.com
IT Security Prospective: http://thesecurityview.wordpress.com
Internet Of Things View: http://theiotview.wordpress.com
Datawarehouse             :http://thedatawarehouseclassics.wordpress.com
Big Data                            :http://thebigdatatrends.wordpress.com
Network Technology :              http://networktechview.wordpress.com


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