Data Analysis: 5 Star Academic Author Selling 3 Million implies :Great Author

India has about 2,17,00,00 Students Studying in Colleges.

Higher Education Institutions (Universities and Colleges) in India
Type of Institution Number E.g.
Central Universities (Public) 44 University of Delhi
State Universities (Public) 306 University of Mumbai
State Universities (Private) 154 Amity University
Deemed Universities (Private or Public) 129 Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Institution of National Importance (Public) 67 Indian Institute of Technology
Total Degree-granting Institutions 700
Affiliated Colleges (Public or Private) 35,539

Source :
Actual Numbers Today for Number of university Alone
State University 306 + 44 (central universities) = 350
Private Universities : almost 200+

Enrollment of Indian Students by fields of study
Field Number (‘000) % of Total
Arts 7,539 37%
Science 3,790 19%
Commerce & Management 3,571 18%
Engineering & Technology 3,262 16%
Education 733 4%
Medicine 716 4%
Law 373 2%
Others 218 1%
Agriculture 97 0%
Veterinary Science 28 0%
20,327 100%

Source :

Growth of Higher education institution over years… In India.

statistics and data on different types of public and private universities in India


Latest data on student enrollment in universities and colleges in India.

out of 124 core or 1.24 billion population 28 million or  2.8 crore Graduate.

28 million/ 1240 Million = only 2.3% population Graduate in India.
2.8 million/1240 million = 0.2 % population does Post Graduation.

20 yrs back Wen i did my post graduation This % would be even less something like 0.002% you can see PG seats are doubling each year.. 2^10 = 1024 = around 1000.

so every year 1/2 means in 10 yrs (1/2)^10 = 1/1000 or if % of postgraduate today is 0.1 Postgraduate would be 0.001% 10 yrs back.

To Estimate How much would star Writer of Chemistry Would sell.

First science stream is around 19%-20% of whole population 4.8 million
Engineering is about 25% of Whole studying population. 5.4 million

There are Science subject in Graduation [ Physics, chemistry, maths, biology, Geology, bio chemistry, biotech, computer science, computer application, Electronics].

1 chemistry + 1/2 Bio chemistry +1/2 Geo are related to Chemistry = 2 out of 10.

from 4.8 million * 2/10 total market for graduate Students for chemistry.

Total market Size = around 1 million Books in Whole India.

In India There are 10 States/region many states uses regional language hence around 10 author from those regions via for that space depending on university. + 10 foreign Chemistry  author.

So 1 million = 100 thousand if we divide by around 20 , We get 5000 books per year.

Any time in college people can be in either of 1, 2 or 3rd  year.
Graduation year 1 : 5,000 Books
Graduation year 2 : 5,000 Books
Graduation year 3 : 5,000 Books
Total  in year : 15,000 Books are sold assuming 1 Book is picked by Student of every year for average good Chemistry author.

So Avg Good Chemistry Author sells : 15,000 books a year..
While Great 2 books are picked each year hence : 30,000 books a year… For Bsc.

Now Same would be for Btech [chemical engg program since almost same number studying science and engineering]  or 30,000

Chemistry Books Books Sold to Bsc Students = 30,000
Chemistry Books Books Sold to B.E. Students = 30,000
So Total :…………………………………………………………….60,000 Books a year.
Assuming :
Each Book cost Rs 400 and 5% is royalty income.

So, 5% of 400 = Rs 20.
Total income per year = …………………….60,000 X 20 = 12 Lakh rupees per year royalty.While Selling 60,000 books a year. Its about 30 yrs of age when you Start writing your first book before that is very rare in science subject By 28 you finish your PHD itself.
Then you teach 2 yrs you would be 30.

So Assuming from first year itself book is block buster hit from age 30

if Author goes to Age 80 = in 50 yrs sold = 50 X 60,000 books = 30,00,000 Books.

If person crosses 30 Lakh mark really is STAR Author… is really Rare in this world..

Only Great authors Goes There in science field.


Compare it When you write or contribute for Journals as free volunteer SME What happens ?

My Contribution to printed Science Journal in circulation worldwide:
Last year I have crosse figure of 25 million printed magazine in subscription
And my free Blog on crossed 4 million Readership

Even I had best author award

Both of which are 25 million, and 4 million  are > 3 Million Books sold of star author.

combined both 29 million is ten Times figure of 3 million Books Sold.
Even I had Best author Awards flowing but Still more to come eager to write more..

Certainly Journals are 10 times more than Good Author in academics world.
I still feel writing book is all together and different Effort and meaning So I look forward to write more Books in future…

Kudos To All great Author which made world of Science better to young generation.

New Product Development – Case Study

Case Study
– Market Research
– Market Segmentation and new market entry planning
– Product conceptualisation
– Product development strategy
– SWOT analysis vs competitors
– Break Even Analysis
– Financial plan
– Business Plan


Daku bell and McKitchen healthy breakfast….

The Daku Bell and McKictchen Food Chain
The Taco bell just as bell runs everyone has to come to table for breakfast.
So if there was name called Daku bell. Daku (dacoit) bell as soon as bell run u have to be in breakfast Line.
The Healthy Mckitchen Knowledge is power
And there is MacDonald then there can be McKitchen Chain Which is selling healthy well re-searched food for breakfast .. you know like Mac OS this one is crafted in design for perfection to morning breakfast goers..

The Mckitchen Food Chain has institutionalised knowledge on morning breakfast.
As they say; “Breakfast like a king”. The Mckitchen knowledge is very important to decide which body part breakfast should target in morning. All organs are body are like hay stack so many objects come up but where to focus is decided by McKitchen there i no reason why Mckitchen range will not grow?
A day in McKitchen Food Resturant :
Mckitchen starts with daku bell in morning when everyone hears restaurant is called mess sometimes is up for breakfast.

The highly specialized knowledge @McKitchen
McKitchen is specialized in deciding higher level issues requiring urgent focus on your body requirements for nutrients. The knowledge is so refined that its considered almost an arbitrator on subject to decide instantly which nutrients to take up for review and which one not? But due to lot of thought which goes behind might be possible that decider has to take 20 days intensive process of deciding the case in background. But once its up for arbitration its quickly decided for review.
Nutrient Review process Real Time last resort
You cannot ignore your body requirements can you? The review would help you set
Human body requirement for protein, mineral, vitamin and amino acids are quite well known but do you have personalized recommendation done in quick time?
Of The Nutrient review application that is where McKitchen specialized that’s why morning Daku bell everyone comes running there for personalized nutrient requirements for review of there already graded nutrient requirement list.

This is not a easy Task by any one’s imagination because dynamic nature of human physiology. The review is painful exercise for everyone if requires careful calibration of requirements of person concerned.
The Practical Situation
But practical consideration is if there are enough people requiring only one kind of mineral then inventory will be empty soon for particular so there has to balance the rule has calibrated number of inventory fill up (reorder level). So ingredient in demand are relatively high in ratio in inventory and there Re-order level is adjusted hence.
Now there is conflict of interest between supplier , operation managers , Nutrition grader and the nutrient Arbitrator for you ‘The McKitchen’.
the nutrient grading decides your future success.

Calculations: Only 3% population Employable by University System

In Any country let suppose literacy rate is 80% among adults population.
Out of 80% population how many did pass 10 th class Exam.
Some may have dropped to due poverty or just because not able to clear.
Look at realistic percentage:
 1. Let say 70% of them managed to clear 10th Exam: 80-(80*.3)=56
As average state board results are in 70% range.
 2. Then Those who go for 12th : result say 90%. and 10 % dropout.
 56-(56 * 0.2) = 45 %. 12 th pass.
3. How many graduate pass ultimately?
Take case of india out of 225 university and 50 IIT or 20 IIM. only top 25% university are good enough for employability. Let suppose only top 25 % student from every indian university get into real employment.
out of 45%= 45 – (3/4 * 45) = 12 % around. This is supposing all university are Equal and pitching all of its students, all courses stream, Arts , sociology, history, Engineering and management gets into Employment.
Which is not a case in any Economy since Every economy has its key sectors depending on resource availability of country, then geo-physical factors, other environmental factors.
Like China is base to manufacturing because of low labour rate.
India did well in BPO because of english skills.
Ireland has huge potential for data centres between Europe and USA so also has for milk exports.
So there are 200 skills but 100 are more important for employment. I am taking a very large figure though actual will be small. Let say 1/2 chances.
So there is  1/2* 12= 6% of all adult population.

Now % of Adult employable population not retired. Let say 50%.
So Actual is 6% * 1/2 = 3% Employable population by University System.
Note: There may be difference in probability I have assumed from country to country
So real percentage my be 3% or 6% but it would be nearby % only.
In  DEVELOPED world Calculations are little Different SO FIGURE WOULD DIFFERENT

Why Diversity important from sociology, management to healthcare

Diversity in Management: Brings differentiation in product offering.
Diversity in Social Science: Brings Stability and Wholesome view of social paradigm hence sustainability in long term.
Diversity in healthcare: Brings new comprehensive approach towards solving health issues like from pathology, physiology , to use other speciality and engineering speciality now like we see data science usage.
Diversity in Technology: In Tech domain diversity is more important than anything else like you see What brings disruptive innovations ? its complete new technology from ground up. First thing is cleaning slate of old technology with learning outcomes from old yet start fresh with new approach. Can diversity bring that ? you can answer urself.
Diversity Business process thinking implementation : Diversity approach can bring BPR Business process Re-engineering.

Telecom Technology Stack – Part 2 Strategy ( Oracle Stack + CRM for ARPU)

Part 1 read:
The Enhanced Telecom Operation Map in short e-TOM does gives complete landsacpe of software products used by a Telecom Vendor.
EtomLevel0                                              Level Zero e-TOM software landscape.
More detail : read previous blog
Complementary read:
Two major category its is divided into are Operational support software OSS and BSS Business support software. (Read Last article for more detail)
Oracle has been trying to build a complete stack of OSS and BSS bundled into one product offering by acquiring company like acquisition of Portal in 2006 for billing acquisition of
Covergin : Telecom Service Borker
Oracle Communication Stack                                   Oracle Communication Stack
Watch complete list of acquisitions:
Software Based Communication Stack is also being defined by Open Management Group OMG which maintains specifications for UML, CORBA ( and other IDL . Can read Complete list of Specification maintained by OMG at
In OSS Activation and in BSS mediation,Billing are most important components.
Want to be Profitable focus on CRM Analytics:
Telecom services Company profitability is dependent on:
These days to mantain Good ARPU (Average Revenue per User) , CRM is most critical.
As tailoring of plans and greater understanding of consumer behaviour can be achieved By studying Data of customer inside CRM.
CRM Customer Relationship management Software were first set of ERP module Which Went trough reversal in Approach. While in ERP an ERP analyst feeds data of customer (high probability of data errors) in CRM its self service Automation. CRM provided user itself access to forms were data can be entered.
Do you remember When you take vodaphone card seller tells you do not forgot to enter your details in portal you will get extra top-up free. its same self service automation which generates forms and take data to CRM system.So not only less work on data entry and thus errors , wrong bills sometimes due to that Also Wrong targeted offering by vendors which defeats the purpose itself. So CRM is very crucial.

Changes in CRM ecosystem?
CRM were first set of software to embrace open source with products like SugarCRM based on PHP and LAMP technology. Why?
Reasoning: CRM is one set of ERP module which is required by not only small scale vendor , but also SMB (small and medium sector enterprises) as well Large vendors. Usually unlike other modules like we say SAP financials (it was hard earlier for small vendor not only to purchase but many of its sub module will remain redundant or Such details are not required by SME vendors). So Many applications vendor started adding feature for SME CRM requirements. From this born out SugarCRM completely PHP based.

Siebel dominated CRM market as focused vendor for Only CRM not other  module.
Highly customizable like ERP and integrated with products for data management like informatica, data stage , BI Business Objects or Sieble for reporting.

CRM were first set of software to enter into cloud why?
precisely same reason spelt out above. Also benefits of pay per use is more for small vendor turning its capital Expenditure CAPEX into operating Expenditure OPEX.
For SME also CAPEX to OPEX make more sense rather than blocking money in Expensive software buying , maintenance and implementation.
Cloud based SalesForce CRM was Hot technology in cloud made perfect sense last 3-4 yrs.
To That Extent that one of oracle develop conference did had inaugural address from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.
See this News:

The Presence in Every Basket Strategy
But in next 2011 conference since cloud tech was hot this was matter of speculations Whether  Marc Benioff will speak or not? in Oracle Develop. Any how Ellison had investment in both the companies.It was like P&G marketing strategy.
If you are high income group I have soap X for you.
if you are medium income group I have soap Y for you.
if you are low income group I have soap Z for you.
So Every segment was coverded.
Oracle Already present in non-cloud CRM by Oracle CRM and acquisition Oracle peoplesoft CRM, Oracle Siebel CRM had invesment in Cloud CRM Salesforce CRM.
CRM Analytics
CRM data which is most crucial is Churn Analysis will show where customer is moving.
Showing Number of customer moving out of particular plan can help in improving retention in plan or improve plan.You can find which assets are moving by turnover ratios and offer discounts on not moving to monetise assets holding up money circulation.
Market basket analysis will show the Number of baskets in which customer can be grouped use this for targeted plan for each group/basket.Segmenting depends on number of variable related to consumer and market conditions like inflection point. Using analytic we can simulate to test hypothesis, variance, trends, Extrapolate data based on induced conditions, predictive analytics can further refine trends and predict success factors.

Check:Example Decision Making based on Famous Sayings/quotations my be wrong

For Everything Which Exist in World There is a saying for it or proverb for it.
But For any proverb there is Anti-proverb So Life’s important or unimportant decisions should not be based on Proverb but based on real-time decisions you face.
There is a saying “If you are right you should not worry anything.”
So fear/worry does not mean Actual fear/worry but it means possibility of not succeeding in idealistic way. In today’s world there is less scope for idealism due to conflict of interest but person has to take middle path and take all people along. You cannot make everyone happy there would be always a set of people unhappy and ready to drag you down.

Anti-proverb / opposite saying:
Saying “Straight Trees are cut first”.
Another way to understand this is :So if you are straight forward in your approach and may be not diplomatic about it may be you are first one to face wrath.
In the world of competition mediocrity is not a choice or 0ption. But there is conflict in market there exist space for Every category or segment of product now How do you decide which approach? Both are right based on circumstances or situations ?
Let me give one Example from Stock Market:
Boom period : In time of boom invest more on equity and take risk to garner more return.
Recessionary Times: In case of Bust period invest more in debt funds and take less risk because risky stock can give negative returns.
Uncertainty: In case of uncertainty you need to balance your portfolio other word Diverse your risk to multiple options Or in other words Follow Middle-path.
So There Exists Market for Everything as long as you able to make rational decisions.
The irr-rational behaviour may exists due ill-informed decisions, or lack of environmental knowledge or due to lack of knowledge itself or Unknown Unknown. Lack of environmental knowledge like sitting in Earth you cannot visualize what might be situation in Space?
You need to go through cycle of gravity and weightlessness.

Decision making:
Decisions should be based on hard facts or situations faced. The Abstract thinking of proverb cannot be considered an alternative unless its validated by situational parameters. Based on These parameter ranking which is nearest one should be chosen heuristically or on opposite based on measured metrics based rules/score. The nearness of the score justify decision or Risk taken based on situation involved.

Something Which is right for one person cannot be right for another person. Yet Sometimes Copycat does work? Some decisions perfected over period of wisdom can be taken as rule but yet there always a space where they can be improved or contrary view.
There nothing in world which is impossible Other world of saying is There is no rule which is ultimate there is always scope to Explore and find meanings.

Having said That Let me tell you a story.
One fine day There are 7 people happen to pass through a jungle. It was getting Night so the 7 people (1 old women, One young Businessmen, One trader, one soldier, one teacher , a doctor and a small child ) were passing by A large tree.
Suddenly it started raining and lighting started falling. After many lighting Strikes passed away. People started gossiping with each other. Suddenly there came a topic What is happening Today? Why is this lighting coming when we have no shelter Elsewhere?
Rumours Started spreading Fast among group That there is some person due to which lighting is falling on all of us. Solider telling its due to corrupt businessmen. Businessmen telling it due to corrupt bureaucracy where soldier was employed. Teacher telling its due to doctor who ill-treated patients. And doctor telling its due ill-equipped teacher harming students with half knowledge. Women telling its due to child who may be full of sin.
Then everyone started fighting and blaming each other.
Settlement Rule
To settle matter teacher suggested why not like we give punishment to students? We will take this one person out of this group and let him stand not protected by shed into the open for 5 minute if nothing happen then individual comes back.
The Fear
Because every one feared if lighting strikes due to one person on this tree then many other people who are innocent may get killed.
First They decided Soldier Will go because he may have killed many people in wars he fought. So they pushed soldier in open for 5 minute But nothing happened he returned safely. Everyone was surprised.
Then They all pushed Businessmen thinking corrupt but still he also surprised everyone and came back safely no lighting falling on him. God is not angry with him.
Then they pushed trader may be doing wrong trade due which is attracting wrath of God in form of lighting. But nothing happened in 5 minute.
They Doctor was sent thought was many patient who may have died complaint to god so god was sending emergency response in form of lighting.But he also survived.
Now its turn of Teacher as many people future depends on teacher may have destroyed many career. So he was pushed but nothing happened still.
Then Everyone though its The Women because child cannot be the culprit may be she is politician and its her trade to circulate lies and win votes or may be she is not morally right So She was pushed but nothing happened still.
Everyone Was really surprised So it is this small child Who has committed so much sins that lighting is threatening there purified lifes. So They were standing at crux to push this child to wild open fumes of god wrath and getting consumed by flurry of lighting into ashes.
No one was willing to push child but they decided for the interest of there family and themselves they need to push this child to lightening. So they pushed Child To open area.
As the Child walked into open immediately lighting Strikes.
The Reaction time was limited god’s willingness at test. And bodies turned to ashes. The lighting has fallen not on child but on Tree And 6 people were consumed. Only child survived. You know why?
Due to one child god was protecting all the lighting falling on tree as he has not committed any sins As soon as child walked out. God allowed lighting through tree to pass to rest of 6 bodies for there sins.
So What is Moral of Story? Scientific wisdom says no god Exist but still there is Cause and Effect there is Newton law of Equal opposite reaction. There is Some force controlling universe.The force does react only by testing its willingness and limits.

A day in Life of Software Architect – part 1

In Computer science world Architect is designer of Software just like
Relation between Architect and Engineer is same as  between Architect of Building and Civil Engineer of Building. While Civil engineer looks at how much cement to be used block constructed, How much steel, iron rods to be used in mixture stron enough to used, material quality and usage etc.
Architect looks at design ,asthetics and sustainability of Building like  What should be thicknes of iron road and of pillar to sustain wind pressure?

IT world Civil Engineer is Software Developer and Architect is Software Architect.
Like civil Engineer Software developer looks How much lines of code can I achieve this task?, optimize code(material usage)?, Estimate time of completion of task assigned?, follow design specification to achieve concrete product.
While Architect Looks design of Software is integrable with existing Landscape of client(similar to building aesthetics to environment), long term sustainability/scalability of solution etc..
Different Types/Kind of Architects required in IT industry Read:

Architect sits between Project Manager, Stake holders and Development team.
Responsible for overcoming technical challenges in projects, Design roadmap taking stakeholders project goal aligning with business Strategy of company.
Not only Architect generates Design Artefacts for project but also gives technical guidance in for of standards/regulatory technical constraints, and Alternative solutions to road blockers, better technical coding, bridge between testing and development team to achieve defect free as well in time delivery according to specifications. While controlling resources, initiation of project , implementation to maintenance Phase provide technical solutions to project manager.
Architect must be conversant with all latest technical trends related to Technical Domain (Network for infrastructure architect, Database design/development for Data Architect,
BI&DW for Datawarehouse architect, J2EE/design pattern for Java architect, Mobile development for Mobile Architect etc etc..) Enterprise Architect works still higher level to collate data from Each of these architect to create roadmap(What? When? Why? How?) in Artefacts

To Be Continued in Next Article:

Fastest travel Train from Europe Across Asia: World Integration More Jobs trade Recession proof

Europe is already connected by train routes. Why not under multi-cultural world Extend the routes to Asia middleeast-india-china-mynamar-singapore.
EuropeToSingaporeMore Tourist in Both sides, more jobs to cover recession from project, more growth in trade and commerce.
of 14,000 kms @600kms per hour in 20 hours……. London to Singapore.
Travel from Paris or London to Singapore on fast track train. Will not only save lot of fuel will also make travel safe and less costly.
This will also enable old aged people to travel safe on long distance.
Also High Speed train 550+ kph will attraction for lot of people to attract and go for long distance travel.
Train Across Asia people can travel to china and india by train. Just like US and Canada live peacefully. India can also allow transit for Chinese oil and goods requirements from middleeast from coast of India to china.Then China need not depend on others routes to achieve. Also gives them cost effective option. Even Fast train routes to Myanmar , to Thailand and to Singapore, to Cambodia , to shanghai from china or India.

Building career: Every unrelated course is important – practical Example.

As some great men said: “Bad Man quarrel with his tools”. Educational courses are one set of tools available to mankind.
Steve Jobs lecture to Stanford:

Connecting the Dots……………………………..
Where When he was not able to pay for University fees so he could attend only 1 class so he enrolled in calligraphy course Which he had interest but not knew where it would come to use? university had best calligraphy courses.
So He says in later part of his life after 10 yrs it became clear why god made him attend that course of calligraphy When he was creating Fonts for Macintosh all those come to use.
And “Macintosh would never had typography with multiple typefaces and propotionally space fonts”. -Steave Jobs (listen video above)

Today When I was watching WEF debate Tony Blair made one statement which is quite true but said surprising sarcastically.
He says important thing is “to learn new thing everyday even when piece of information may not be practical use to you rest of your life.” -Tony Blair
Go To last of this video: 1:19:09 minute.
This is credible proof that whatever you learn comes to use one day.
Now I quote Some Examples from what I experienced.
Instance 1:
Extra Course in Operation Research Gave me first Software job:

Strategy: Differentiate or Die.
Curosity to know details of Operation Research along with my Masters in Computer Application. Most people in my class used to joke Why you need this course?
Even my cousin who was in Software at that time worked 5 yrs said same thing to my parents and complained its useless tell him to get out of that course and concentrate on MCA.
————–But I never did infact my strategy was actually correct in testing time of recession. Having read many Case Studies : I knew “Differentiate or Die”.
When I floated My resume?
within 15 days I got call : there urgent need for software developer with Operation Research OR Knowledge. And OR was critical for them they needed person who can test OR algorithms for Warehouse management software. This was company having offices in New zealand and USA. In Company in India development and testing of there product used to happen. This product was used in 160+ countries by FMCG majors Nestle and P&G.
Instance 2:
Six Sigma Green belt:
I enrolled in six sigma green belt certification in year 2006 on my own. But it was not getting used anywhere But On day When I was working for Clinical Research largest company Quantiles Transnational. They were looking at better ways to mange there studies of drugs. Each Study was organized as project. There I could related and suggest using Six Sigma how to improve processes in year 2008.
– year 2013: MS final project also I did  applied this six sigma known to complete the modelling of Wireless sensor network communication pattern. using LCL/UCL process control methodology.
Instance #3: Yoga for health
I can quote many instances like Naturopathy and yoga courses which I took as along with college graduation later even taught these to many people helped me to stablize and maintain patience also re-leaving stress build up.
Instance #4 Mathematical Modelling.
while doing MS in network and information security. I enrolled in many coursera courses one of them was on mathematical modelling.
My Six months project on Wireless Sensor Network Modelling
would be in difficult shape had I not enrolled in this Mathematical modelling course.
Infact it gave me more knowledge then any full time stuff.
Finally: Everything is useful if you can connect the dots.
“The bad man quarrel with his tools. Good man Connect Dots…………………”.
By Good here mean people with common sense. We cannot compare with Great people who have extra-ordinary vision only we can have at least common sense.

My Story part-2: Harassment Of being Hindu Software Engineer

Part 1:

So As I was in New set-up working on Peoplesoft Support projects for Human Resource Management System HRMS dealing with (global payroll customisation, benefits to employee, and there reporting using Brio’s SQR (which later got acquired with oracle now called Oracle Production reporting).
Living in house tenant to house owned by muslim. We had very cordial relationship As his son usually come and spend time in our house and discuss career options available to him after his graduation and to find schools for him for acting etc…
At Work:
Back At work I was new to technology with Organisation putting me back to work under a senior staff member. I was picking technology from outside as well especially focus on what I am not learning form outside. Having already worked as java,oracle and open source developer there was no issue with me to pick new tech. But This was ERP.
Complexity Of being ERP: Exposed first time.
ERP by its nature is very vast to give you a hint. There are more than 30,000 tables populating data in background for may be more than 20,000 + forms and 30,000+ reports of different kind all pre-delivered ready to customize.There are many ways customization can be achieved on these like using language called people code, report SQRW, app Engine, application integrator, crystal reports, Application designer tools etc..
Domain Depth:
More important thing in case of ERP is it goes really deep into domain like suppose payroll.
Now there is american payroll with 401K plans , benefits etc, But its not there in German payroll or Canadian payroll. American payroll will implement each and every related government laws like what % of salary goes to taxes , heath care related regulations for Benefits module of ERP. Usually a person who gets Expertise in 1 payroll stays with that payroll throughout career or may be Add one more payroll max.
So like this if I count how many career lines available in peoplesoft HRMS may be more than 20+ , in Financials 20+ in other modules like supply chain management etc 30+.
in total around 80+ different techno-functional career available within Single product people soft can check yourself just google Oracle Peoplesoft.
Now We had cab scheduled working in shifts. This company was largest Peoplesoft support company handling 18% of world wide cases related to Peoplesoft reported Incidents, customisation and Enhancements ICE there kinds of request have to be understood at human resource domain level than Technology level. If there is customisation required then peoplesoft would not support request and implementation vendor like Accenture, Capgemini etc. has to found for customisation. We would take mostly support cases on technology and domain.
There were 3 divisions: Peoplesoft HR, finance, SCM each of which had 4 or more sub-divisions.
So new Technology area of ERP learning curve takes min 4-5 months atleast to understand what is being done and then mentored by somebody would make it easy and fast you can easily Understand now why?
being vast modules technology, law, HR management, labour laws, taxation etc coinciding in each case. Peoplesoft has its own application server it can use any of major databases in back ground, it had its own scheduler and integration tools.
So any database like oracle, sql server, mysql, informix etc.. can come up in case assigned.
As well any of App server like Webshere, weblogic, jboss, Tuxedo etc.. can also come up.
Then from 30,000+ already built in tables figure out which one will be used in case.
Same for 20,000+ forms and reports. So learning curve was good enough and I had no senior from my college in company unlike many others who had this luxury so I needed to toil hard and pick as much as possible from outside. people were not ready to spend money on outside education they wanted more to mentored by company itself.But I had curious case doing all way as opportunity arrives outside/inside. My low cost Educational background had not provided luxury of vast alumni Network.
My Educational Background:
3 Yrs Masters degree in Computer Application MCA.

One of the problems I had many time went to University and Asked them to do it for sake of poor students studying in different part of India 500+ centres.
But Any how the Exams were good quality and assignments were even better we had good scientist working in home town to take tuitions from so we never had problem.
We would get problem Like this in our masters in year 2000-03 (3 yrs degree)
Out of 1200 student registered in centre End of 3 yr only 60 passed out. 5% passout, 95% did not made it in cut. So people were very confident that now they can get what ever they want having in 5% result set. But India reputation of college in more important than the rigorous syllabus and exam system. Even student were so much in demand in teaching institutes that they never look back into software engineering career as well.
I having Read as many 600+ business magazine by then as well complemented parallel with 2 more degree in IT and mathematics, operation research. Even final year I thought why not read economics as there is slow down so I did enrolled in MA Economics parallel with my other degrees and passed 1 year. As i got job I left focused on software job.
Back to my Experience:
So While working I came to know this fact Almuni is more important then Even your hard work because anything you do Exceed all Expectation yet evaluation is in Hand of someone Who is in Alumni of someone.  Boss can do anything he like with your performance report as trivial as not proper English skill When could not find ans fault in technology and domain. Any How I was doing well technologically never bothered about all those focused more on technological issues and break through, reading business cases.
for about 6-8 months I worked under a superior who later wants to put his own community person in my position my first Experience of casteism in Work (which I never thought before follower of samajwadi party ). So I was put under another manager for part time. Then next I came to know to make way for people he started planning to make my way out. What was strategy? put some people who his related party controls and push some muslim managers against me. I had no clue being very religious and open to any religion as one kind approach. So he started using him to push me further I had sleepless day and night. What I used to think that if I continue improving then this hard training would make my job easy on this technology in next job. One day 3 days contentiously 72 hours i was in office only. As my technology and domain was shifting constantly and I wanted to somehow complete 1 year then move to next company.
Planning Shift To another Company
Now my manager a yadav has easy strategy having put a muslim manager has easy task if i say anything it can be used as hindu-muslim issue. That would make my career in permanent cold storage. For manager He can do anything and having spent 6-7 yrs in technology and network created easy to go anywhere. But I rather did not minced anything even for 72 hours continously in office.
Institutional Failure on Integration of community in India
That is first time I say people grouping with each other based on Caste , community and languages. Having spent most of my childhood wandering all over india , I used to feel very sad at the failures of national integration visible even in private company store. Namely Jains group with jain, muslim with muslim , yadav with yadav , punjabi with punjabi, south indian with south, pahari with pahari in my case i wish to remain idealistic not in any group. But it was mistake when I look back it important to be part of group otherwise u may be left alone being hindi speaking punjabi from uttranchal who lived all over india.
So Company was doing good adding numbers took new office .
Second Successful prediction
Suggestion: One day I met director told him its risky to put all your egg in one basket by focusing on just 1 technology. What will happen if an shift happens ?
He told me be positive nothing we are doing Good.
This was during office party so I did not wanted to dwell longer. I had already studied oracle was pursuing takeover of peoplesoft for last 4 yrs many attempts.
Which turned out true later: Oracle acquired peoplesoft and cancelled support contract with company. Company lost all business in short had to reduce manpower from 240 to around 30-40 people.
Before This Manager made plan for my exit god made plans for each one’s exit.
Snooping at home:
The two boys back at home were given assurance by manager of job in return snoop on me. So when I lost job alone with 60 others as result of company losing business. I was very upset as the people i recommend were still there. So I was looking for answers and i was told it was corporate trick. I started looking for new job. As well to stabilize when one boy back home told me there is one muslim preacher you should meet he can answer your queries. He told that it helped him having and was passing this information at behest of people snooping info from company. So I went to preacher he told me to go to a sufi mazar and a majid and prey there for few minuted each week donate money and give food to poor on every Tuesday.
I having brought god as one concept looking for peace went there prayed there one man guided me. I was serious but these guys were watching from behind and making fun of me.
Which became clear later to me 3 months later and 12 visits. That See Where We have brought him.
Then I wanted to just move away from that place. To them they thought they its like joke to me i had no problem see for me god was one in any form and place. I often used to stop in front of temple, mosque or gurdwara or church and remember god.
When I look at this incident today it looks like they needed to expand horizon. India i later realized rightly maintained tolerance for many religion due to this openness. But Any how they kept laughing on the incident for many years.
During office The harrasment Which I suffered verbal and work related made one perosn say one day “He should file a defamation case but I had more tolerance to sustain being from may be poor background made me hard just making living somehow”.
Now I shifted to new place for my training without telling these person back home snooping to those people. For my next job.

Vision Vs Execution

Vision and execution cannot be has to think ahead
..execution has to think immediate…
Like execution vision also require time and effort and thinking of much greater scale..

Read this Blog:

The Mission Statement and Vision statement are aligned with strategy chosen like Peter Drucker cost Leadership strategy. But besides there is product vision which also align with strategy but many disruptive technology make new rules as when break through is reached it continuous process.
Cutting or Leading Edge technologies also strategy gets refined as stages are reached it continuous process. E.g. would be success of iPod driven Apple to rethink and bring back iPod to refine or improve strategy in History.
Today we see Microsoft changing its device vision as market gets inundated by Mobile devices haves good processing power and can process more in Background in Cloud using Compute services available on cloud. Desktop OS sales are not growing as quick and Mobile OS sales. It has been caught earlier by Google Andriod and Apple iPhone. So they have early mover advantage.. So Strategy and product vision are disruptive and keep refining as we proceed.
Day to Day Execution issues are different from after 5 yrs vision although once u are neck deep in it you can realize what is going to come.
Can you say what ? how? When? Where ? we do things now will be same in future. Then can daily toil on task can set future vision ? But surely on u know fundamentals you know directions.
its like road to a hill station you are following to reach the peak. You cannot know its optimum till you cannot see from the top. When you are viewing from top many ways more efficient stands out. Its same called vision.

Future of Web:More Processors+ more AJAX + more Web Services (flexibility Vs Security)

Since Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX)  was introduced first time through xmlHttp Object in IE browers by microsoft. Since then Every browser and Website runs on AJAX not waiting for synchronous reply from the server before sending another request. Client got freedom to seen any number of request anytime without waiting for arrival of reply.
AJAX shifted Web development balance more towards web scripting languages like JavaScript and vbscript from Server centric world of Java/ASP/Servlet.
AJAX API have come into being like for about anything from Mapping API of google, Charting and UI provided by JQuery, and better UI through Adobe Flex API using Action script, ExtJS library.
Server centric world have more sifted towards interoperability of  Web services with WS-i ans JSR 21. For better utilisation of components written as web service can be consumed by any Java or .NET or COBOL or SAP or Oracle apps.
With web services defined by (WSDL) web services definition language And three components Service Broker, Service Requester, Service Provider interacting with Each other to Expose as web service not only comes interoperate but since all web service properties are in XML thus achieving portability to other platforms like Java web service can talk to .net web service passing property details in XML format.
Now if data fetched from databases in put into XML format. data Also become portable to and database you can take data out from oracle in XML and import to SQL server and so on..
PHP not only was first to popularize AJAX but also first to introduce Restful web services.
now instead of SOAP request to server the client sends SOAP over http thus web service request is just like URL. This provided lot of flexibility and security. As Earlier firewalls were made to intercept http header request but not SOAP header request. There were things like Schema poisoning, SOAP injection etc.. But today’s firewalls can track these all to details we want.
So front end AJAX API revolution  and server side moving towards restful web services. This Flexibility in AJAX also raised lot of Security concerns like cross site scripting (XSS) attacks, injection of javascript , (CSRF) Cross site Request Forgery and cryptographic security at web server services like JAAS Java authentication and authorisation API, (JCA) java cryptography API, similarly  .NET  Also have similar API.

With in few year code sifted more from server side to client side with AJAX, Json etc So from 90:10 ratio to present 60:40 the movement has be relentless. But it have been marred with all security concerns of code present at client side.
Now we Even have server side javascript as well with Node.js.
with Flexible scripting languages like DOJO which provides so many options as compared with plain javascript. And Now we even talk reverse way by which javascript function can
Usually user request through JavaScript to server side JSP/ASP/Servlet.
But in reverse way also through Java Web R emoting : JavaScript can use methods implemented in Server side code directly. can can request for data. while server also tightly coupled with client can refresh client code any time like Cricket score websites.
server can refresh the client with new code same way client can request new data and client javascript can use java server side functions directly using JWR.
ore and More code will move towards client with AJAX to Server code ration if 40:60 it will go to 50: 50 to may be 60:40.. As the number of chips available on client machine motherboard continue to increase with i7 being 1 master chip and 6 slave chips (its like tree of level 3.  so 2^(3-1) = 7 CPU..
In future there might be 23 CPU in your system so we can execute more code in parallel
Read how this will effect programming:

Telecom Technology Stack

For Enterprise class large projects Architecture frameworks like TOGAF are very important:
TOGAF: The Open Group Architecture Framework was adopted and adapted to E-TOM framework or Enhanced Telecom Operational Map (E-TOM) .
E-TOM has two essential layers which cover most requirement on Telcos
{Telecom companies include (TEM) Telecom Equipment manufacturer like (ZTE, Cisco Ericsson  , Telecom Services companies like ( vodaphone, O2 etc)}.
1. Lowest Level 1: OSS (Operational System Software) which include systems which interfaces with most devices like routers, base station, towers, etc Cisco routers, Base station BTE software, NOS (network operation planning software), Activation Software, 2G, 3G stack management, tower management.
2. Upper layer: BSS (Business System Software) Which includes Business Interfacing software like Oracle Sieble CRM (Customer Relationship management ), Billing software like from Amdocs,or oracle BRMS (Billing and revenue management  software)
MIS and BI Business Intelligence software like OBIEE, SAP BO, Cognos BI etc.
Mediation: Software mediating between multiple layers.
Now lets see like BT working on E-TOM. For software implementations
British Telecom (BT) use agile methodology of keeping inventory of requirements as low as possible to keep cost down and know defects early in life cycle and then more requirements (User Stories) can be taken for development , taken to testing in SIT system integration testing and once tested OK dropped into production.
Scrum meetings are regularly held , as release happen the Burn down charts are updated telling progress status.

BT having incorporated concepts in between like
use RFT (Right First Time) 90 % of the project taken up must be completed in correct specifications in right time.
Concept to Market (C2M):Bring Concept to market faster.
Lead To Cash: (L2C)
where a lead generated to Cash in hand cycles are (Opportunity, Quotation, Order, Delivery, Issue, Invoice) L2C cycles are captured in workflow and quickened.
SAP Order Management Of Lead to Cash workflow
SAP Order Management L2CWatch Demo of SAP Lead to Cash using SAP Business By Design.

3. Trouble to Resolve (T2R). : where Each Trouble which needs resolution is trapped in CRM for reviewing the work.
4. Cycle time: Each Cycle must be pro-actively reduced in time frame.
You can Read this more detailed matrix Architecture Overview of Vision goals

Read about TOGAF:
1. Comparison of Enterprise Architecture to Domain specific Architecture Roles :
2. Enterprise Architecture and Security.
3. Links:
Oracle Seibel:
Oracle BRMS:
Amdocs Billing software of the year:



Retail sector Innovations ,economics and Software

Retail sector has redefined they way goods are sold to customer. Sociology helps to decide where society is moving thus what possible product can be made for changing society preferences. Marketing just present those choices to potential customers. Sociology does play a front End to marketing. As be see behavioural Economics coming to for front to vindicate these facts last 2 decades.
Software innovation in Retail : from Retail Inventory planning software tracking inventory, to sensor and tags tracking goods through RFID, Retail non tactical , non structured management planning BI systems using SAP BO, IBM Cognos, Microstrategy BI, SQL server SSRS BI. look Manathan BI ( which is based on SSRS. Read details big data, retail andRFID:

Read How Software is Eating Retail:

As Philip Kotler defined 5C and 5P of marketing. 5P (product, promotion, place, price,People) and 5 C being (Custmer, Company, collaborator, competition, context)
Read future trends:
Read Book :
In Retail sector out of 5P (Place) is very important centrally located , easy accessible to potential customers place can act as magnet for pulling in customers to mall. Then (Promotion) free car parking ,cleaning, or less than cost ice cream at Mac Donald s to attract consumers. (Price) This is where Wall mart is very famous for keeping prices low by attracting many sellers on same floor competing with each other thus like perfect competition condition goods are sold almost at price of Cost of production and supply chain are kept at level of minimal inventory to keep cost down. Supply Chain side automations brings down cost as well more rotation of goods.
Like how P&G and Nestle maintain there Physical warehouses see products by this company
you can register a see complete movie how its done.
Like maintaining Go-down with efficient warehousing management and quick reordering based alert issued by sensor on shelf following the (Reorder-level). Thus one of the Cost leadership strategy given by peter Ducker.
just Read few thoughts by author:
Book:Drucker Management
here was a classic case : On Grass cutting company On account of being marginalized in perfect competition floor of  thus not able to achieve set price to by providing differentiated product said No to walmart
Read : Man who said No to Walmart
Retail moved a long was towards innovation last 2 decade from merchandising by experts and procurement experts dealing with suppliers always thinking about the assortment they need to present to customer entering the Mall. Tracking Eyeball of consumer picking up consumer behaviour to schedule the products related to each other in one shelf or in nearby place. Creating products variety is assortment planned so as to achieve variety and meeting matrix of operational efficiency of (price, quality, time  flexibility).
Any shopping mall place with promotion pulls up potential customer called prospect to store area. Then Each vendor has its strategy of luring in customer because once in the store and customer start spending then customer does not think much about cost also like mac Donald less cost ice cream example other Items does get ordered out of expected value a consumer may derive. The rational choice theory does also play important role. It has been Noble prize winning theory by prof Daniel Kahneman (2002) and Gary Becker (1992).  Read :
Consumer Behaviour is getting shaped by the behavioural Economics of Rationality which is inherent in our thinking process.
Not only does it help justify Stock behaviour it does tell consumer preferences after entering into store.
From the format of stores and their strategies
1. Retail Store: Super Store, department store , Hypermarts, discount store,
Read Strategy here :

2. Wholesale stores/Warehouse Club : for small vendor taking bulk orders at once. Like metro
These differentiation help to achieve variety and specialization and hence more premium is available in terms of not cost but volume.
Its like classical economics “Supply will create its own demand” Although its not much relevant but surely its in play say (10%) of cases. Because there are other factors as well which dominate its not sellers market its buyers market.

Generalize problem solving through design pattern

When we start solving a problem: first step to to get logic so we can program it.
Like is some where repetition which happens so we can put in loop or we can repeat data structures like stack and array.
Data Structure to generalize 
Then we take storage about which data structure to Use let us suppose we are building a program whose maximum capacity to store a number is 10^12 but we want to add
10^12 +  10 ^12 how to achieve this when max capacity is 10^12?
Then we have to use storage through data structure like Stack…
We can create 2 stacks of each number with digit arranged in LIFO.
How will we add: take simple example : we take two 3 digit numbers
123 + 456
Stack 1             Stack 2
1              |        4                                                                                                                                    2              |        5                                                                                                                                     3              |        6
————————- We can not add these no by poping() stack pointer at top
and multiplying with its position in Stack 1: Like 123= 3 X 1+2 X 10+1 X 100.
and                                                        Stack2:         456=6 X 1+ 5 X10 +6 X 100.
=——————————————————————————                      So We pop  out 1 from (Stack 1) and 6 from (Stack 2) and Add take any carry to next element of stack. We can use array we can create linked list of Equation or we can use Stack (since number are added in LIFO from left to right) Stack are best match.
As we can see How the above is added:
pop unit position from stack 1 + pop unit position from stack 2 = store in stack 3 unit position
Stack 1             Stack 2        =  StackSum
3              |        6              =      9                                                                                                            2              |        5               =      7                                                                                                        1              |        4               =     5                                                                                                            Now Stacksum will contain Numbers in sequence push(9), push(7),push(5).

But Stack pops out in LIFO so Last inserted pop(9) X 1 + pop(7) X 10 + pop(5) X 100=579.
This example used only 3 digit but actually limits of System We can Enhance using data Structure like here..
There can be multiple practical example for menus liked through Linked List or 2 Phase commit is Oracle Using Queue of multiple user request at multiple server.  We can fit in structure based on requirement. (Lowest level of generalisation)

More higher level (top level) from 100 feet above earth we are now coming to 1000 feet We move towards Algorithms to decide which we have used one above.. but
We analyse 2 complexity .. time complexity and space complexity suing popular BigO notation to analyse performance of Algorithm.  This performance evaluation is also generalized using BigO and using popular Algorithms..
Like we want to see segmentation of market but we do not know what are different possibility of Buckets or segments.
Then We use like popular Market Basket Algorithm….

10,000 feet level generalisation: Design Pattern ..

In GoF (Gang of four pattern) we have There are 3 category of design pattern Behavioural, Structural and creational
more read:                                                   more general read:

So We see every time we create a web site we need user login, we need to maintain session hence session level objects,
So in Design pattern We search What pattern matches this design requirements Like (Visitor pattern) fits in here.
Integration Design pattern———————————————————-
Or In general during Integration we use Bridge pattern or Adapter pattern which is used in most integration tools like Webmethods ( and TIBCO (
We have many Integration design patterns only for integration….
Nowadays We have more course grain integration using Web services.
With Everything Exposed as web service is interoperable across programming languages like Java and .net and with data in XML we have data portability.
This strategy is used in like enterprise service bus or in design of many BI / BPM tools read:
20,000 feet level generalisation: Enterprise Design pattern
Depending on requirement we will mix and match.
There are various design pattern which exist today there are thousands of algorithm which can be chosen inside each mixture of pattern chosen
Let suppose we want to mix data set of two server session user information pattern in used in Observer pattern + Merge Sort (list) and create new list.. and sink in unified database.

Read this Discussion:

There are at Tool or development level Frameworks which exist to create already known programming structure Like Spring Framework uses Aspect Oriented Programing,
Declarative programming style is generalized with annotation @web service making a POJO exposed as Web service… Then we need to think we want restful web serices

BPM and its influence on Cloud: Infrastructure as service

Cisco, Microsoft and Neapp Jointly produced a system called opalis (Workflow) in 2012.

Data centre System process interactions can be configured depending on user need on Opalis and rules can be set up for those interactions. Read previous blog more about BPM and internet of things:
Opalis, Which essentially provide a workflow to dynamically create,monitor,deploy a Machine instance , allocate OS instance, (just like in Nebula, or Eucalyptus ) and User also can request (specific machine with RAM, CPU, storage space).
Microsoft provide all OS /software instance, Neapp provide SAN or and storage required on , Cisco provide Server , Nexus switches boxes.
ts integrated with Microsoft SCMM System centre Manager (used to creating private cloud on Microsoft technologies and a single User Interface to administer whole
Orchestration are discussed in previous blog in case of opalis its architecture llooks like this
Read: opalis blog


If all exist then they can be configured using BPM workflow of opalis for a user.

BPM, BPEL and Internet of things

Most initial components of Internet of Things comes from wireless sensor networks.
Internet of Things using TinyOS platform :
Then it has to Ubiquitous
Read for more detail:
Internet of things:
more details search on blog
Ubiquitous computing and BI
Ubiquitous computing  and ERP:
BPM and BPEL helps in aligning changing business process requirements. Any creating orchestrating business processes. creating workflow , business Rules and process Engine.
typical BPM components architecture looks like this:
BPM_Workflow_Service_Patternmore details:
When multiple devices interact the processes between them have to be orchestrated , easiest and best way to created interaction between devices and create rules is by creating workflow. Also workflow is What you see is What you Get (WYSIWYG). A Naive user can also diagrammatically drag and drop workflow components available in the panel and set rules. Which are quite similar to Business Rules. So Even BPM will become pervasive with internet of things.
Also programming multiple device interaction for complex task. the complexity can be reduced for programmer by using BPM using notation available in BPMN.
BPMN-CollectVotesA typical workflow of voting process depicted above:
Now similarly device workflow are captured and programmed using BPMN notation.
Recently IBM released Node.js pattern JavaScript for Internet of things over wireless sensor networks.
node-red-screenshotRead more detail:
you can clearly see device workflow above . Also this is how we set the filter rules to analyse filter data from the web using yahoo pipes
More details later sometime again: Happy reading 🙂