TinyOS on Ubuntu 12.04 virtual box latest

Following Image in help site should be updated.

its deficient in following packages and still after that also not list not working
following packages missing
after comparing packages installed in working tinyos image and this image.
tinyos-2.1.0                         2.1.0-20090326
ii  tinyos-base                          2.1-20080806
ii  tinyos-required-all                  2.1-20090326
ii  tinyos-required-avr                  2.1-20090326
ii  tinyos-required-msp430

Follow these step as many packages are missing:
check package list $dpkg –list | grep tiny
We need to update all packages of Distribution to latest for this:
Step l : change the repository to point to latest.  edit using any editor gedit or nano               $/etc/apt/sources.list
add these lines after few steps you can follow as desribed in blog below:

deb http://tinyos.stanford.edu/tinyos/dists/ubuntu lucid main

deb http://tinyos.stanford.edu/tinyos/dists/ubuntu maverick main

deb http://tinyos.stanford.edu/tinyos/dists/ubuntu natty main
Step 2: Update all packages of tinyos
$sudo apt-get update
step 3: install tinyos package
$sudo apt-get install tinyos
Step 4: $sudo apt-get install tinyos-2.1.2
You can use these instruction for fresh installation but since image is deficient in the packages you can use these you can follow these steps


Additionally here if motelist is failing due to some malware or virus trying to umount your devices list you can follow these instruction. or there may be other reason as well.

On TinyOS if Motelist is not working

first diagnose using.

diagnose using command
$ dmesg -s
you can see messages what is causing problem.


For motelist not working download motelist source code.  

googlecode+ tinyos+motelist

Check the mount structure for
As from previous version 8 of last image to Ubuntu 12.4 the directory structure is changed little bit  hence last version directory required should be copied to new directories
check $mount all mount structure
then if there is duplicate unmount using $umount
$sudo mount –bind /dev/bus /proc/bus
dev structure should be copied to /proc

then download Google(motelist code perl)
open editor copy paste code in editor
$nano or gedit (program name ).pl

Execute the perl code $ perl
$ perl (program name).pl

BPM, BPEL and Internet of things

Most initial components of Internet of Things comes from wireless sensor networks.
Internet of Things using TinyOS platform : http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/dac.2444/abstract
Then it has to Ubiquitous
Read for more detail:
Internet of things: https://sandyclassic.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/internet-of-things/
more details search on blog https://sandyclassic.wordpress.com
Ubiquitous computing and BI
Ubiquitous computing  and ERP:
BPM and BPEL helps in aligning changing business process requirements. Any creating orchestrating business processes. creating workflow , business Rules and process Engine.
typical BPM components architecture looks like this:
BPM_Workflow_Service_Patternmore details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_process_management
When multiple devices interact the processes between them have to be orchestrated , easiest and best way to created interaction between devices and create rules is by creating workflow. Also workflow is What you see is What you Get (WYSIWYG). A Naive user can also diagrammatically drag and drop workflow components available in the panel and set rules. Which are quite similar to Business Rules. So Even BPM will become pervasive with internet of things.
Also programming multiple device interaction for complex task. the complexity can be reduced for programmer by using BPM using notation available in BPMN.
Read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_Process_Model_and_Notation
BPMN-CollectVotesA typical workflow of voting process depicted above:
Now similarly device workflow are captured and programmed using BPMN notation.
Recently IBM released Node.js pattern JavaScript for Internet of things over wireless sensor networks.
node-red-screenshotRead more detail: http://gigaom.com/2013/09/27/meet-node-red-an-ibm-project-that-fulfills-the-internet-of-things-missing-link/
you can clearly see device workflow above . Also this is how we set the filter rules to analyse filter data from the web using yahoo pipes http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/
More details later sometime again: Happy reading 🙂

PC\Laptop will never be dead although new platform emerge: Analysis of Microsoft Strategy

PC / laptop may be dead or it will become centre piece of interaction of all devices at home.
Now as internet of things evolve or semantic agents start searching  web for you and customize search for you.
There will more than 100 devices like fan , cooler, heater, washing machine , each room sensor etc in your home as Home computing/smart city emerges platform like Zigbee, personal area network become more visible. PC will become like server controlling/configuring/updating/debugging all these devices at home.
This is in response to this news I am writing:
that Microsoft is trying to keep PC as device of choice.
Some places where low computation and mobilty is required smartphone and tablet may take up market which they already have but still PC/laptop will have its own market as it will become Home server of choice.
At end of day you want to come back home and sink all your devices to server which is Laptop with max processing power to do it fast.