Architecture sap hana vs oracle exadata competitive analysis part -2

READ part 1:
This debate of SAP Vs Oracle or last 2 yrs buzz SAP HANA vs Oracle Exalytics
Every year in Enterprise Software space Competition of SAP Vs Oracle Hots up with new announcements and New technology comparisons of SAP new Tech Vs Oracle New Tech.
The Enterprise Software stack built up by No.1 and No.2  world’s top most valued companies in Enterprise Technology Space.
So SAP Vs Oracle comparison will never go out of picture only every year it will up the ante. 
In Memory Technology: SAP Vs Oracle (New tech now 2 yrs old).

Now a day In-Memory Technology is the Hottest area especially in Business Intelligence (BI). But its not limited to BI it goes into ERP, Application development of any Kind.
The processing infrastructure in form of in Memory Systems is much faster than any other form. As Cost of RAM is coming down and capacity of server is expanding So most data to be processed can be pulled inside memory at once instead of using Locality of reference to pull and process from secondary memory.
Also Server can hold lot more data to processed in memory at once.
SAP HANA Vs Oracle Exadata
So SAP Came with SAP HANA and Oracle has its own in memory systems. At same time Oracle released high performance machine Exadata which brook many performance records. So There was running comparisons of SAP Vs Oracle in Enterprise Technology space.
innovation at SAP : ABAP, BSP and BAPI 
SAP customized by using  Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) Language.
Using which reports are customized, forms are modified, business processes are written to reflect business Logic. ILE, BAPI, IDOC can be used to interface with external software or integration or developing Adaptor. Custom Exits and User Exits are written to customize forms and reports.
For SAP datawarehouse technology SAP BIW or SAP BI datawarehouse is created using
Extraction Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) or Cost and profitability Analysis (COPA) Extrations then transformation can be applied using ABAP user exits.
Problem with ABAP is compared to mordern langauges it has not evolved much over time.
Most of ABAP constructs are similar to COBOL constructs. There is Object oriented ABAP also like JSP or ASP  it came up with BSP (Business Server Pages) to Expose ABAP code directly to Web like JSP does for Java or ASP does for Microsoft Technology.

SAP Netweaver  Vs SAP ABAP BSP
SAP began adopting Java in 2003 and came up with Netweaver product which was J2EE server for ABAP code. Now you can code using either java or ABAP in netweaver. For Application requiring functionality to exposed to Web Java was natural choice.
But Oracle having acquired Java in year 2010 Since then there was continuous Effort on part of SAP to move away from its dependence of Java.  So BSP came into picture as first step.
Benefits of In-memory in SAP HANA
next was paradigm shift using Columar database instead of Row oriented databases which consumed less storage (on account of reduction in repetitions of similar column values as well compression of data).
Also it integrates:
BI and datawarehousing system or OLAP with
Operational systems or OLTP Systems as one.
Even Analytic requiring lowest level of granularity can be queried on same server.
Effect of which was Whole data can be pulled and kept in In-memory system offering faster response time to multiple user connected at same time rather than
Regular database Query processing logic
parsing request , making parse tree,
comparing with already fetched query parse tree in cache
if not available
fetching data from secondary memory
when depending on the request into

Improvement in data processing in SAP HANA and column oriented database
Now since whole data can be kept in-memory So Every query can directly fetch data quicker.
Future Technology Like SAP HANA
Enhancement over this Technology are Probabilistic databases and Graph databases.
Graph databases are available commercially since long time.
Index free storage. Every element has direct pointer to adjacent element, hence no lookup needed.
Here is list:
Probabilistic databases : Are active area of research as discussed above as well.

More Sign of Climate Change from Google Correlate

Lets look at Snow news pattern over time.
Normal data:
You can clearly see around End of Each year snow news peak Which is right.. That’s how it should be as winter season comes around December everywhere..

But abnormal pattern is the number of peaks news making Each year.
As Every time it snows at any part of world people searches increase giving consolidated data pattern. One more worry look is the Elongation of top curve and variation there it getting more varried Every year since 2004.

A Day in Life of Datawarehouse Architect part 1

A data warehouse Architect generally help to design datawarehouse , requirement gathering in ETL Low level design LLD, and HLD high level design, setting up database infrastructure design for datawarehouse like Storage Area Network requirements, Rapid application Clusters for database of datawarehouse more details read
Datawarehousing consists of three main area :
1. ETL(data migration, data cleansing, data scrubbing, data loading )
2. Datawarehouse design
3. Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting infrastructure.
Read These Two part article for BI
And Architect

Design : Now Coming to part 2 (is generally work of Data warehouse architect)
Read Some details More would be covered in future articles
9:00-9:30 Read and reply mails.
9:30-10:30 Scrum Meeting
10:30-11:30 update documents According to Scrum meeting like burn down chart etc..update all stake holders.
11:30-12:00 Meeting with Client to understand new requirements. create/update design specification from requirement gathered.
12:00-13:30 create HLD/LLD from the required user stories according to customer Landscape of technology used.
13:30-14:00 Lunch Break.
14:00-14:30 Update the Estimations ,coding standards , best practises for project.
14:30-15-30 Code walk through update team on coding standards.
15-30-16:30Defect call with Testing and development Team to understand defects, reasons of defects, scope creep, defect issuse with defect manager, look at issue/defect register
16:30-17:30 Work on specification of Design of datawarehouse modelling Star or Snow flake schema design according to business requirements granularity requirements.
17:30-18:30 Look at Technical Challenges requiring Out of Box thinking, thought leadership issue, Proof of concept of leading Edge and Breeding Edge technologies fitment from project prospective.
18:30-19:30  onwards Code for POC and Look a ways of tweaking , achieving technology POC code.
19:30- 20:30 onwards Forward thinking issue might be faced ahead by using a particular technology is continuous never ending process as there can be multiple combination possible to achieve as well as using particular component or technology should not create vendor lock in, cost issues, make/buy cost decisions, usability, scalability, security issues (like PL/SQL injection, SQL injection using AJAX or web services may be affected by (XSS attack or web services Schema poisoning), Environmental network scalability issues. Affect due to new upcoming technology on Existing code.
20:30 Dinner
Available on Call.. for any deployment, production emergency problems.

A day in Life of datawarehousing Engineer Part-2

Read Previous part
Normal Schedule for development role :
9:00-9:30 Check all mail communications of late night loads Etc.
9:30-10:30 Attend Scrum meeting to discuss update status of completed task mappings and mapping for New user stories requirements, understand big picture of work completed by other staff status.
10:30 am -1:30 pm Look at LLD, HLD to create source to target transformations after understanding business logic and coding that in transformations available with tool.
1:30-2:00 Lunch break
2:00-3:00 Unit test data set to validate as required between source and target.
3:00-3:30 Documentation requirements of completed work.
3:30-4:30 Attend defect Call To look into new defects in code and convey back if defects not acceptable as out of scope or not according to specifications.
4:30-5:00 Status update daily work to Team Lead.
5:00-5:30 sit with Team lead, architect code walk through and update with team.
5:30-6:30 Take up any defects raised in Defect meting and Code walk through.

A day in life of BI Engineer part 2

Read Part1:
Part 2:
First few days should understand business otherwise cannot create effective reports.
9:00 -10am Meet customer to understands key facts which affect business.
10-12 prepare HLD High level Document containing 10,000 feet view of requirement.
version 1. it may refined later subsequent days.
12-1:30 attend scrum meeting to update status to rest of team. co-ordinate with Team Lead, Architect and project Manager for new activity assignment for new reports.
Usually person handling one domain area of business would be given that domain specific reports as during last report development resource already acquired domain knowledge.
And does not need to learn new domain..otherwise if becoming monotonous and want to move to new area. (like sales domain report for Chip manufactuers may contain demand planning etc…)
1:30-2:00 document the new reports to be worked on today.
2:00-2:30 Lunch
2:30-3:30 Look at LLD and HLD of new reports. find sources if they exist otherwise Semantic layer needs to modified.
3:30-4:00 co-ordinate with other resource reports requirement with Architect to modify semantic layer, and other reporting requirements.
4:00-5:00 Develop\code reports, conditional formatting,set scheduling option, verify data set.
5:00-5:30 Look at old defects rectify issues.(if there is separate team for defect handling then devote time on report development).
5:30-6:00 attend defect management call and present defect resolved pending issue with Testing team.
6:00-6:30 document the work done. And status of work assigned.
6:30-7:30 Look at report pending issues. Code or research work around.
7:30-8:00 report optimisation/research.
8:00=8:30 Dinner return back home.
Ofcourse has to look at bigger picture hence need to see what reports other worked on.
Then Also needed to understand ETL design , design rules/transformations used for the project. try to develop frameworks and generic report/code which can be reused.
Look at integration of these reports to ERP (SAP,peopesoft,oracle apps etc ), CMS (joomla, sharepoint), scheduling options, Cloud enablement, Ajax-fying reports web interfaces using third party library or report SDK, integration to web portals, portal creation for reports.
So these task do take time as and when they arrive.

My Story Year 2004 (Demand/supply) Law in Work.

Year 2002 .Com Brust and Iraq war double whamy , recessionary period for IT sector. I had just finished lecturing a college Master’s classes. Evening I would group up with professional for Web development although business was very weak for vendors.
Daily Routine was very strict as Salary were very low (70 Euro per month) So I needed to patch up with other things like preparing for Entrance Exam like CAT/GMAT, read 3 business magazine on Saturday/Sunday (popular Business World India regularly since 18 yrs old so spent by then 6 yrs of reading (600 magazines at rate @1 each fortnight), Business Today and Business India was occasional addition).
Year 2003-4 Was my First full time Software Product development job. people advised me not To learn Java as during .com burst it will never recover. I used to tell to my student that this infact precisely the reason you should learn more of it. (Most other people started considering .NET) But I Sticked with java as I know Demand/supply would come in picture due to my Exposure to 600+ business cases which I read.
Actually same happened in 2003 there was huge demand for Java professional but since not one studied/preferred during there graduations there was huge gap in Market between demand and supply. And My student will come back to me validating telling that “your suggestion was right”.
So In 2003 i got into Java product development position owing to right decision.
.com burst started with “supply will create its own demandEnded. Now its balance of demand and supply which was in play i.e. supply of .com (websites) constraint by its demand.It was small team precisely 5 people. Salary 70 Euro per month (5000 rupees) in Delhi designation Software Developer. We were making Operation Research based software to optimize space in Physical Warehouses. Software was already in C++. we needed Java on top C++ middleware as using JNI as (as java was becoming popular again as internet Enablement provided connectivity and Ease of use/deployment/Installation).
Java XML API, 2 D graphics (2 print of area), 3D (visualisation of 3D space).
People at home were Critic of my curosity to join new types of courses through new open Education platform. Through which I did 1 post graduate course in Operation Research which was also a contributing factor for my first job requirement may be somebody might have Recommended also Which I am not aware.
Recommendation Culture is very prevalent Even now in India. only 10% jobs would be given without recommendation for any level.
I knew i did not had fancy degrees to support me so I needed to work hard. And get into manageable salary range. IT was my first job outside Home away from parents. I had to send some money back also in that range (saved 14 euro every month to send back home). There were no online tutorials then for J2EE neither I had system So 14 Euro will go in J2EE classes and system access Every month. Rent was 28 Euro for Hostel breakfast was free. so 14 Euro was left for diner/lunch and monthly Expenses.
My routine morning 5 am start at Hari Nagar, Delhi grab seat (read J2EE book on way) in first bus start at 5:30 to work place 3 hours journey reach Hari govind Enclave near preet vihar. through traffic jam private buses.
Finish work by 6:30 move to NOIDA for cheapest and best course in J2EE if u got luck bus was not full hanging in door with bag. at 8:30. walk from Telephone tower reach by 9PM . If bus reached on time and I rushed walking fast i would reach 15 minutes late other wise class gone.
But It was risk worth taking as there was no other option.
Class start at 9 AM finished at 9:45 most of it was initial 15 minutes. So bus delay which I had no control was where my luck would hang if i could get space on the door to hang. So then I had to go back to Hari Nagar Extreme End of Delhi then slow traffic. I would reach by 11.30 at night. Saturday was not off but no classes on Saturday.
It was Extreme tight schedule. To save time and protect from disease I would eat only fruits on Lunch time during work hour.
So Next month I moved near to work place in Laxmi Nagar, just 15 minutes by bus. It saved morning 2 hours to study in New Hostel. New First Work demand also Escalated as work progressed. So mornings with J2SE and night end with J2EE it there was no prolonged stay due to work.

There was urgent need to move to better job after 1 year. I got chance to work on ERP by company which would train me on Peoplesoft  ERP in year 2004.  As you know due to my curiosity I had a course in ERP as well in Academics back in year 2000-2002. Infact I was only student in whole state writing that paper in DOEACC ‘A’ level Exam. Along with my 3 yrs Masters in Computer Application MCA.(another long story for it pending….Next time)

Market was demanding j2EE but I was in j2SE (So Started learning night classes)
Year 2004 was When IT was recovering from .com brust period. Iraq war had just ended petrol prices started stabilising and Java was in Demand. I got into people soft ERP with java Exposure behind. Company was in new place Gaziabad but it provided cab facility.

So It was my first Mid size company with 200+ people.Third job salary increased to 170 Euro(or 220 dollar or 12,000) rupees per month designation ERP Analyst. Demand from home was increasing as Both Sister looking for Higher Education a cut of 5,000 or 70 Euro Every month. I was back to almost same level with now 30 euro Extra for spending left.

But a new Twist in story Training was not enough to get on work. So I needed to learn People-soft from outside company at my own cost. 400 Euro distributed to 3 months.
So Effectively I had no Earning left even to send back home as I need to pay 130 euro pm to trainer. and left same 70 Euro for Food+Rent+Travel.

After six months things look stabilising although no savings. Then While I was in home town on week end I met a friend who used to prepare with me MCA Entrance Examination just completed MCA from BHU belonging to Dalit communiy. I used to be regular visitor to their home and I knew everyone his home and few issues related to Education and Employment. His Mother told me he got graduate but No job
“Why you not take him with you? ” So same week End he is now with me in Delhi searching job. Only I had salary So we took small house rent 30 Euro a month. Now Combination Dalit, a rajput and Brahmin in single house. We never had fight even single day. Owner of house was Muslim and his son was regular feature in house.
Jugalbandi in Running:
Sharing house  4 boys :A Dalit, brahmin, rajput and muslim .
We all lived quite happily enjoying music, party, dance etc.
Unlike UP in Uttranchal There was no discrimination against any caste. So I was never aware of the Caste Equations and clashes.
All people were from different state as well. And we had no issue at all.
Owner Son a muslim wanted to become Actor. Wanted me to help find school from him.
I told National School of Drama NSD, New Delhi. He brought bike we went there. He had hesitation So I started Enquiring. The Director Was Some Sharma. (forgot First name).
He thought I wanted to be actor So he asked me question:
“Are you Kapoor or Muslim otherwise chances of moving up as actor is rare?”
I told I do not want to be actor pointed toward owner son and said he is muslim and wanted to be actor. So His training begin. We were living in Dilshad Garden.
But I had to plug in Money for Rent,sometimes food and other things a for them As I was only Earner in house a cut for about 50 Euro a month. Which was Okay for me for few month till they got job. 220-50 contribution-70 home left me : 100 Euro for food, living Expenses per month. saving 50 Euro Every month first time in 3 yrs career as IT professional.
After few months the complexity of living in metro came to me.
First incident: Found that Dalit friend had secret affair with his mother’s brother daughter.
Which was hided from me. I used to work in shifts I was not aware what’s going on in room.
Suddenly one day His relative banged he door searching for him. I opened door found that they all are angry and searching for him. Them picture become clear for me that This guy was duping his relative daughter in house. I told them I was not aware what is going on in house? After convincing them as soon he arrive I will inform you. after 4 days he returned.
For next 2 months I had take extra care for him for his love failure and bear all his expenses.
After he become okay. I left house without informing them because I did not wanted to suffer again un-necessarily.
Also there was another development. My office staff I was reporting to Yadav as manager Who worked there 6 yrs. After some time he wanted to put his own community people there which I was not aware. So he told me your department is changing and you will report to A manager Who was Muslim.
His Gameplan:
I was not aware Yadav belonged to political party which has huge muslim support base.
So Script was simple. Every day a new task a new tool was given.
Also he began spreading rumours. I had built up some knowledge in Peoplesoft by then but if new new areas were given it was difficult to work across. So some day I would  spent 3 days 24 hours in office. trying to figure those new task. Atlast he can claim that I am not able to understand properly but since I had PS knowledge he could mark it as Not hving good English skills.
Also to get leverage using his vast political clout Samajwadi leaders of Muslim leaders spread rumours. My crime I praised Mayawati Dalit Rule not being aware that this guy is actually opponent and has political links.
So I was sidelined as Dalit who has changed name to Brahmin Name. I was my first blush with Casteism and community politics in India.  Where people can be grouped against some person with no reason by political clout.
Anyhow it was like election canvassing I was new in company and in city. So Everyone was given some different version to get support from them. As most people then has experience only in peoplesoft support only and no development exposure including the old hand So they were very weary of anyone with development skills. It was percepetion in their mind so they thought I had good Java+peoplesoft skills by now. To help it further I new they are planning something I started putting more material in their mind by touting that some guy from MNC is mentoring me on peoplesoft.
I had good Java skills for sure which so of the people there with java background became aware. So i could have easily with Peoplesoft knowledge made up something to buy more time.
Coincidently the person who was teaching me Peoplesoft was also their agent as they offered him job in Hewitt So they were aware of any of my skills.
Peoplesoft got Acquired By Oracle same time. And Oracle cancelled support license of whole company. And now the sword was hanging on Everyone not only on me.
So company had to reduce staff from 250 to just 50 in 3 months. 200 people needed to get out. I was looking at God what a Stew.
Break in Jugalbandi: Peoplesoft Acquisition : all 4 parted ways.
So now All these 200 people needed to find new job. So I Went to Hyderabad without informing these guys at home in Delhi left job and started learning BI and Datawarehousing Tools which I did worked at my stint in Peoplesoft SQR, Oracle production reporting.
My goal was to cover Maximum foot print. I Did learned 5 top BI tools (SAP BO, Microstrategy, IBM Cognos, Actuate , Oracle discoverer) and 5 Top ETL tools(Data Stage, Informatica, Terradata ETL, Ab-initio, SAS ETL,SAP ABAP/BI). Then Oracle Apps technical. day and night I would spend in Lab.
Joined My Fourth job at Ness Technology As Sr Software Engineer in year 2005.
This was my First Job with MNC with around 8,000 Employee where I had comfortable 500 Euro a month Salary.(double from previous job). Leaving first 2 months paid for Loans from learning Expenses.
I was staying in Hostel Then I Experienced another level of politics from people from previous company interfering here as well but now I was determined to cut all politics after long hard work. And I was determined only to look at technology every time people run around playing politics.
Spruced up saying Job was in Bangalore. First time I had taste of multicultural India and also regional politics with group formed inside company based on regions in India.

Cyber Coolie of Modern World: Software Economics

Outsourcing :
Makes Companies 7 times more profitable and creates 3.5 times more local jobs
Most People Indian/Chinese/ IT companies work at 1/10 cost and Make products of Developed world competitive in International Market. Let us see how?
Suppose a product Cost 100 dollar/Euro.
If any modification on Software worked in Euro-zone or US
then it cost suppose 30 Euro/dollar.
Total Cost becomes : 130 Euro /dollar
But if done in third world it cost just: 5 Euro. Then Cost is 105 Euro.
suppose its sold at 140 Euro. Selling Price
Now By outsourcing company profit is 35 Euro/dollar
while Not outsourced profit: 10 Euro.
Ratio of Profit Outsourced:Not Outsourced 1:3.5  or 2:7..
Now Money saved can be used creates more employment in Developed world.
For Each job outsourced it can create 3.5 times more job in local market. As you can see job Euro job cost 10 while saving in outsourcing was 35. for 35/10 number of jobs created locally.
This is More related to software. But look at some more details Even developing countries also buys those product since the product become affordable to them. Thus increasing sales many fold. So actual Effect many be 6 to 7 times more local jobs.
What developed world needs to move more on top of it to Earn more revenue.
See here developed world Earned 35 Euro but developing world 5 Euro.
So For Each Unit sold developed world Earn 7 times more money then the country where it is outsourced.
Why I say Cyber Coolie?
1. Developing
 world not only earn 1/7 revenue But Also looses it grip on Local Product market. As those product take market. So Developed world has 7 times more Revenue
2. Product development capability of local market is permanently Killed. Since most workforce gets diverted to either Outsourcing provider or Captive Centre due to Dollar or Euro Vs rupee/yuan Cost arbitrage. As Starting Salary in these jobs due to arbitrage looks very high compared with startup which initially start selling in local market.
3. Third Most important These Jobs are Just Contract dependent. As Parent company takes can shift these jobs to any other country any time. Let suppose 20% contract given to some other country means 20% jobs gone at once.As these are contract based Jobs.
So To whose benefit the Job serve.(Developed World)
Think A software Company wins a Contract. Of course with Every contract the learnings company keep moving up the value chain. But more up the value chain it moves more benefits to developed world by same calculation given above. As profit difference in higher value chain products would be large. So More Outsourcing Higher value chain mean more Revenue for MNC and more Jobs for local Market.
suppose High value chain Commands 50% more premium. Then Every Ration will increase by 50%. So 3.5 times more revenue becomes. 3.5+1.75=5.25 times more revenue
and 7+3.5= 10.5 times more local jobs for high value jobs.

– From the Pen of Cyber Coolie

Near Field communication NFC as next wave of technology among many contenders? What you should know about it?

NFC near field communication technologies usage in Mobile world in not a new buzz now. Its has been there last

Mobile Money, Mobile

ATM alternate small money transaction

Ticketing: Air/train/concert/sports or any kind.

Access Systems: College/University access Card, NFC posters

What makes NFC hot is its range? interestingly its just 10cm range which unlike other teach looking for more range here lesser range makes it more interesting.

Take a case as example: Think suppose you have a ticket saved into a chip which can transmit data wirelessly to reader..Now if we use Bluetooth : it can read from 10 moment someone is near to 10 cm to out door of railway station will open door..moreover till he covers this distance it will remain open.. Moreover many people around means door will remain open always…off course that can be controlled programmatically but this is where NFC comes Exactly untill u bring in near to 10 cm range gate will not open.. So automatically tail-gating can reduced….

This precise 10 cm range which makes it interesting and hot…

Components of NFC:

Wireless tag: Active/passive: a small chip surrounded by magnetic coil so when and Electromagnetic waves producing device like Mobile comes closer it generates current and energy enough to power chip attached which can be used to store program,data (text, url, etc.) .

Samsung TecTile target smart Tag market but no vendor supporting it currently:
Samsung with Galaxy S3 launched tech tile coil small tag at rate 3 dollar per tag. But as we tec tiles supported MiFARE chips which non of other vendor like Microsoft, Google Nexus , Blackberry etc does not support only Galaxy S4 have support for it..

But Non MiFARE chip tech based NFC tech on Mobile is supported by most vendors.
other TAG like

Look at top NFC running projects map across the world:    click on country an city to know more details of number of NFC projects running in your city/country… (feel sad: only 1 in India :< 😦 ) , 1 in Ireland, 5 in London city alone
ead more details on the link above.

One Project looked interesting to me was :

NFC tags are much widely used across chipset and tag vendor giving fillip to OpenNFC. visit(

customize NFC using
1. Besides NFC Adapter available within Andriod API (
2. Windows Mobile (latest acquisition Nokia’s Lumia NFC API visit:,
3. Blackberry NFC API
. Motorolla NFC API:

The data Exchange Format NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) introduced here in :
In short NDEF message have NDEF record and payload. Start header bit MB message begin and End at ME message End.IL is identification CF chunked fragment and Type field defined in RTD specifications TNF.

Competing NFC technologies:
use optical not electromagmatic field.
unlike NFC contactless is contact technology.
Touch a Tag:
RFID based Tag.

Top sites to learn more about NFC:

BPM and its influence on Cloud: Infrastructure as service

Cisco, Microsoft and Neapp Jointly produced a system called opalis (Workflow) in 2012.

Data centre System process interactions can be configured depending on user need on Opalis and rules can be set up for those interactions. Read previous blog more about BPM and internet of things:
Opalis, Which essentially provide a workflow to dynamically create,monitor,deploy a Machine instance , allocate OS instance, (just like in Nebula, or Eucalyptus ) and User also can request (specific machine with RAM, CPU, storage space).
Microsoft provide all OS /software instance, Neapp provide SAN or and storage required on , Cisco provide Server , Nexus switches boxes.
ts integrated with Microsoft SCMM System centre Manager (used to creating private cloud on Microsoft technologies and a single User Interface to administer whole
Orchestration are discussed in previous blog in case of opalis its architecture llooks like this
Read: opalis blog


If all exist then they can be configured using BPM workflow of opalis for a user.

Internet of things New Paradigm Shift in Computing

Paradigm shift in Computing Industry over period of time:

Mainframe–> Personal Computer, (PC based Application software ) –> Web Computing (Web servers, Internet, web application) –> devices (Mobile/ Mobility )/IP TV , notebook /ipad —>
For next shift there lot of possibility Like surface computing might eliminate Screen requirement or Ipad/laptop requirement, IP TV interacting with human interactions with gesture to camera , and devices projecting screen on any surface. Many devices which are coming in the industry would certainly require Ubiquitous Access. And All devices will have agent to take informed decisions (Like once fridge know milk is empty it could connect to internet and ask your access to credit card or confirmation (workflow software configured) it can order retailer.(So like Internet of Things)
So Internet of things is not only these devices that will interact with other home system, devices but also get data with wired or wireless sensors inside Home.
more about it can be read at :


New age application development :

CMS are integrated with SIP servers for PSTN phone to Digital phone and Softphone conversion. More details:

All these will increase focus on the development Internet of Things with sensor network generating huge video,audio, image and text data collected from sensor has to move ubiquitous from one system to another. For this to happen internet infrastructure will be utilized using cluster computing of Hadoop, Hive, HBase. for data analysis and storage. When sensor nodes , devices , Home appliances access and interact with this data ubiquitously  at same time interact , under transaction using internet infrastructure Possibility of Internet of things is only conclusion it can derive.
Read more on hadoop:

Relation to cloud here 3V have actually now became 5V variability and value new 2V +addition to existing 3V Volume, variety and velocity being old 3V.                                  Read more:

External links for reference:,,

Oracle Web centre:


Map reduce:
acebook API:
inkedin API:
witter API:

Approach to Best collaboration Management system

Collaboration tools integrated offering (course grain integration using ) integration tools like TIBCO, Oracle BPEL, : Components to be integrated:
1. Content management system CMS  (SharePoint, Joomla, drupal) and
2. Document Management system like (liferay, Document-um, IBM file-net) can be integrated using flexible integration tools.

3. Communication platform like Windows Communication Foundation ,IBM lotus notes integrated with mail client and Social network like Facebook using Facebook API, LinkedIn API, twitter API ,skype API to direct plugin as well as data Analysis of Social networking platform unstructured data captured of the collaboration for the project discussion.
soft-phone using Skype offering recording conversation facility for later use.

Oracle Web centre:
4. Integrated Project specific Wikki/Sharepoint/other CMS pages integrated with PMO site Artefacts, Enterprise Architecture Artefacts.
5. seamless integration to Enterprise Search using Endeca or Microsoft FAST for discovery of document, information, answers from indexed,tagged repository of data.
6. Structured and Unstructured data : hosted on Hadoop clusters using Map-reduce algorithm to Analyse data, consolidate data using Hadoop Hive, HBase and mining to discover hidden information using data mining library in Mahout for unstructured data.
Structured data kept in RDBMS clusters like RAC rapid application clusters.
7. Integrated with Domain specific Enterprise resource planning ERP packages the communication, collaboration,Discovery, Search layer.
8. All integrated with mesh up architecture providing real-time information maps of resource located and information of nearest help.
9. messaging and communication layer integrated with all on-line company software.
10.Process Orchestration and integration Using Business Process Management tool BPM tool, PEGA BPM, Jboss BPM , windows workflow foundation depending landscape used.
11. Private cloud integration using Oracle cloud , Microsoft Azure, Eucalyptus, open Nebula integrated with web API other web platform landscape.
12. Integrated BI system with real time information access by tools like TIBCO spotfire which can analyse real time data flowing between integrated systems.
Data centre API and virtualisation plaform can also throw in data for analysis to hadoop cluster.
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Oracle Web centre:


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PC\Laptop will never be dead although new platform emerge: Analysis of Microsoft Strategy

PC / laptop may be dead or it will become centre piece of interaction of all devices at home.
Now as internet of things evolve or semantic agents start searching  web for you and customize search for you.
There will more than 100 devices like fan , cooler, heater, washing machine , each room sensor etc in your home as Home computing/smart city emerges platform like Zigbee, personal area network become more visible. PC will become like server controlling/configuring/updating/debugging all these devices at home.
This is in response to this news I am writing:
that Microsoft is trying to keep PC as device of choice.
Some places where low computation and mobilty is required smartphone and tablet may take up market which they already have but still PC/laptop will have its own market as it will become Home server of choice.
At end of day you want to come back home and sink all your devices to server which is Laptop with max processing power to do it fast.

How to solve mutating table Error? Oracle PL\SQL

What is mutating table Error?

One of the scenario when mutating table errors occurs when Table A is parent to Table B and there are triggers defined on table A trigger a1 and on Table B trigger b1.
Triggers are defined in such way that before insert trigger a1 on A

Mutating table error
before insert trigger b1 on Table B. inside trigger b1 you are trying to check value in parent table if it exits parent field. While in parent Table A triggers are called before insert which having reference to Table B values. this leads to kind of race conditions causing mutating table error.
How to solve mutating table error?
While writing trigger care should be taken that parent table triggers should try to avoid update to child table otherwise mutating table error occur.
There are more scenario which would be covered in next Example you can just read many reference available on Mutating table Error.
just do a google search and read its common PL/SQL error which would face.

second option: Use after insert trigger.
More details: next

Strategies For Software Services/product Companies next decade




These requirement are going to stay for next decade:Strategy-Small1Where can Software services/product firms lay emphasis for next stage of development. Or the areas which will see maximum amount of work coming in future..

Or What areas of knowledge should software companies develop manpower on:
1. Game development and Gamification:


2-7. Each of the Seven areas in development:


As you read you realize software which can take advantage of multiple processor available on the devices None of sotware present in market today is written to take advantage of this fact. It may be possible an new language may come up to take benefit of this fact of we can still use old java/C++ threads more offen or we can distribute load on server by more specific COM/ DCOM or Distributed Common Request broker Architecture CORBA to processor level at server.. We have virtual switches and VM ware or Zen virtualisation which can exploit maximum benefit from it.
8. More virtualised network stack: this I wrote 2 yrs back still valid to quote here:

private and public cloud new API will emerge:

9. from SDLC V model to Agile and now to lean Agile ..use of six sigma to control process is just one part of mathematics being used for quality control but there would be new data model which will be tested based to mathematical modelling like probability distributions new model industry specific models would keep emerging.
like how for security project how security user stories are plugged into model
or read

10.  BI would be Everyware:
parallelism , map reduce algorithm and cloud

Next generation Application development

The Next generation application development will not only take care of utilizing 50 or 100+ processors which will be available in you laptop or desktop or mobile but by using parallel processing available at clients
I covered 7 points last article this is part -2 of
also Next genration ERP read first:
8. More pervasive BI eating App: Business Intelligence application development will go deeper in organisation Hierarchy
Oraganisation Hirearchyfrom more strategic level BI  and Middle management level to more pervasive  transactional processing level , and Office automation System level BI (shown in diagram as knowledge level or operational level.)

How it will affect architecture of Enterprise product Read SAP HANA
Understanding Management aspect to little contrary view but related.. there will be need for more deeper strategic Information system to make more unstructured decision making.

pervasive BI bound to eat up Application development market also fulled by in-memory products like cognos TM1, SAP HANA etc..but also changes, cross functional innovation happening at enterprise level.
read :

As with these products no need for separate Database for datawarehouse and for operational systems. This unification of Operational data store ODS and data warehouse DW. on reporting level both Business intelligence BI and operational reporting will be accessing same database and that will be using in Memory technology.

9. Bigdata as everyone knows is Hot: more unstructured data than structured data today present for you is like open laboratory to experiment. More of it will find place in strategic management system and Management Information system.
read more details:

Read Application in security for metadata analysis :

10. Application security will be important as never before: its already there .
The intensity can be gauged from fact that changes in top 10 OWASP list is happening as never before and positions are changing in terms of top most risk ranking.

list before:

2010 A2 was Cross site Scripting XSS but 2013 at ranking to of perceived risk is Broken Authentication and session management. Changes do happen but here ranking and no of incident changing fast because momentum is fast.
11. More will continue when I find time next time….

Problem with Plagiarism software (more English test less science innovation test)

If you paraphrase then you are innovative. I cannot understand is it scientific innovation which is tested or English language test.
I want to keep other work as original and my work separately there that would be real scientific innovation
We are not writing novels here by paraphrasing…
Its not that i cannot paraphrase I can do better but I feel is n’t it real waste of money by paraphrasing worlds and saying that is your original work…
There should be some numbering system to qualify using categorisation using market basket, using machine learning algorithm and compare, RDF or ontology or owl.. there would be many method of categorisation which is used currently. Some of this would be surely used but there are still gaps. how can paraphrase pass test?

How to solve Fan trap and Chasm trap?

In BI system Fan trap and chasm trap are common problem When designing a Universe (semantic Layer) which is used by BI reports to dynamically generate query.
The query information is passed to other system using CWXML (common warehouse XML files) this makes query data inter-operable to desperate systems requiring various different software landscape.
Fan Trap: happen when Object A representing table is mapped to another object B in 1:m cardinality. Which is also mapped to Object C in 1:m cardinality.
This WHEN this happens it lead to double or triple values in summary numerical attributes measures when query generated over them.
A (5) –> B(5,5) = may have value 10 then B –> C may have over calculated summaries c (5,5,5)=15.
A (Emp, salary) now B(dept, emp), C(section, dept).. now you can clearly see 1:m relationship between tables. as explained above the Emp,dept,sum(salary) would have 3 times or more over calculated values when dynamic query is genrated by semantic Layer. this is Called Fan Trap:
This can be solved by using Aliases, aggragate awareness functions @object, @ functions..

Chasm trap: A –> B (1:m) and B –> C (m:1) when relationship between objects is of this type it leads to Chasm trap.
There Chasm trap can also be solved by using aggregate awareness functions @userObjects etc…
Along with this loops are common problem in BI designing ?
Loops are resolved by setting context, which actually defines the path query is going to takes thus resolving ambiguity of join suppose A,B,C are joined but there are in web of tables which join happens dynamically by BI system it can take path like
join path 1: A, B, D1, D2, C
join path 2: A, B, D3, D4, C
Which introduces loops in BI semantic layer is systems like SAP Business Objects, IBM cognos or Micro strategy. Because as report utilizes the semantic objects directly and tool creates query as defined by semantic layer by BI architect it leads to loops.
the two intermediary routes available to tool creates two different types of query and hence two different types of results which leads to distortions in values and duplicate values on reports.
There are resolved by defining path by setting context so suppose we say always when A,B,C join use path 1 by using context.

New Breed of App development is here

Here are reasons Why next generation app will be totally different:
1. – In few years we will be seeing ending dominance of physical routers, switches , firewall to virtual soft switches, virtual routers , software defined routers and switches. More open routing technology would be program driven rather than configuration on boxes.
Companies like application firewall maker Palo Alto Networks and virtual programmable router maker nicira have huge role to play.

its also affected by trends in Network technology
2. – in next year we will see 20+ processors on single machine making parallel processing one of important requirement. Huge software would be re written to meet this requirement.

3. The changes in business and systems are occurring very fast as system and getting more understood and cross functional due to intense competition Where only innovation can make you stay ahead of curve: Read more reasons why?

4. Cloud will increase innovation to change way we think about software:
Software As service SAAS, PAAS, IAAS going to make more deeper innovation as defined in above article (
How innovation on cloud will be much quicker read :

5. Laptop will never go (large screen requirement) but Mobile will be mass platform:
As we can move we can see virtually wearable shirts made of graphene with storage and data streamed on walls .. as when we want we can just grab wall data to graphene shirts..
Read more about Graphene:
surfaces will keep emerging we would see virtually display in air without any device but what it would be added with augmented reality and virtual reality.
we can in future just stream data to wall and program on wall outside our house.
6. Internet of things : where Machine to machine transfer of information and data and semantic web will make possible more intelligent feedback to user by all devices based on user need. so when you pick up milk from shelf next time. your fridge will search for you and alert you on latest offer of cheapest milk from various retailer.
And it will be displayed on fridge itself.. not only that it would order for you when its empty if you configure so. it will calculate you calorie consumed by family of fridge item and send updates to doctor monitoring you and display return messages from doctors.
7. Sensors will be everywhere and huge and Ubiquity will rule :

New age Enterprise resource planning systems

Activity based accounting has changed the accounting system where even cost centre inputs to bottom line is also appreciated , calculated and accounted and apportionment is run not only to profit centre but also to cost centre.

This led to renewed influence of new cost centre based new module reporting like Human resource Accounting/Analytic ( Profit centre based system were preferred early and coast centre were neglected )which not only introduced new module in the Enterprise Resource planning ERP also changed the interlinking between modules such as Human resource management system , human resource accounting influence to General ledger and to profit and loss account.

– as each activity is apportioned into management accounting there are changes which are happening in the Analytics as more deeper ,cross functional analytic measure are used last 5 yrs leading to huge changes in business thinking for top line and bottom line growth.
– as BI becomes pervasive and ubiquitous it leads to deeper granular analysis to system thinking by lower level staff leading to bottom up innovation.
cloud and mobility has introduced pay per use model which influenced more pervasive BI and ERP usage by all staff giving fillip to bottom up thinking. Capital expenditure changed to operating expenditure leading to more acceptability to mid size companies as well large scale companies.
– real time updates using sensor based tracking of supply chain items , stock keeping unit SKU in Retail and in-memory system (SAP HANA, Oracle Exadata, IBM Cognos TM1)  making update faster and possibility of including more compressed data into primary memory for analysis.

Gamification/AJAXifying of ERP:
dobe forms and increasing replaced SAP forms and even Oracle apps forms in AJAXified ERP systems. Augmented reality on AJAX making possible Gamification of ERP.
Javascript and AJAX dominates the Java on client side. increasing used of Node.js making server side javascript dominance a possibility with less requirement for strictly typed languages like Java and easy callback references.