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4G and Trends in VOIP. (WAN technology)-WiMAX

 Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave access
The expectation for the 4G technology is basically the high quality audio/video streaming over end to end Internet Protocol. If the Internet Protocol (IP) multimedia sub-system movement achieves what it going to do, nothing of this possibly will matter. WiMAX or mobile structural design will become progressively more translucent, and therefore the acceptance of several architectures by a particular network operator ever more common
The technologies that fall in the 4G categories are UMTS, OFDM, SDR, TD-SCDMA, MIMO and WiMAX to the some extent
Its a standard against (DSL,Cable,T1).So alternative earlier;(DSL,Cable,T1)
limitation of other alternatives which exited Ealrier.
Alternative 1 :DSL: distance is barrier beyond (17,000 ft) signal become weak.
Alternative 2 :cable lines:
people need to franchise it and if anything wrong with cable signal goes off. Maintenance is hard.
Alternative 3 :T1 lines : price is very high.

Comparison to DSL,Cable or T1 lines WiMAX
WiMAX towers are installed at multiple location in community.
- transceiver (receive and send signal to tower).
newest and great thing about Wimax is mobile WiMax (same network)

WiMAX supports to next evolution i.e. ubiquitous computing.
WiMAX enable ubiquitous computing, that will simultaneously connects to numerous high date speed networks offers faultless handoffs all over the geographical regions. Many network operators possibly utilize technologies for example; wireless mesh networks and cognitive radio network to guarantee secure connection & competently allocates equally network traffic and bandwidth.
same application can reach any device.from notebook to mobile any device can get connected with the WImax towers. advantage with wimax is:
without any changes so its seam less.(application and services).
digital divide.
-hardware price,availability.