Approach to Best collaboration Management system

Collaboration tools integrated offering (course grain integration using ) integration tools like TIBCO, Oracle BPEL, : Components to be integrated:
1. Content management system CMS  (SharePoint, Joomla, drupal) and
2. Document Management system like (liferay, Document-um, IBM file-net) can be integrated using flexible integration tools.

3. Communication platform like Windows Communication Foundation ,IBM lotus notes integrated with mail client and Social network like Facebook using Facebook API, LinkedIn API, twitter API ,skype API to direct plugin as well as data Analysis of Social networking platform unstructured data captured of the collaboration for the project discussion.
soft-phone using Skype offering recording conversation facility for later use.

Oracle Web centre:
4. Integrated Project specific Wikki/Sharepoint/other CMS pages integrated with PMO site Artefacts, Enterprise Architecture Artefacts.
5. seamless integration to Enterprise Search using Endeca or Microsoft FAST for discovery of document, information, answers from indexed,tagged repository of data.
6. Structured and Unstructured data : hosted on Hadoop clusters using Map-reduce algorithm to Analyse data, consolidate data using Hadoop Hive, HBase and mining to discover hidden information using data mining library in Mahout for unstructured data.
Structured data kept in RDBMS clusters like RAC rapid application clusters.
7. Integrated with Domain specific Enterprise resource planning ERP packages the communication, collaboration,Discovery, Search layer.
8. All integrated with mesh up architecture providing real-time information maps of resource located and information of nearest help.
9. messaging and communication layer integrated with all on-line company software.
10.Process Orchestration and integration Using Business Process Management tool BPM tool, PEGA BPM, Jboss BPM , windows workflow foundation depending landscape used.
11. Private cloud integration using Oracle cloud , Microsoft Azure, Eucalyptus, open Nebula integrated with web API other web platform landscape.
12. Integrated BI system with real time information access by tools like TIBCO spotfire which can analyse real time data flowing between integrated systems.
Data centre API and virtualisation plaform can also throw in data for analysis to hadoop cluster.
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Oracle Web centre:


Map reduce:
acebook API:
inkedin API:
witter API:

InfrAstructure As Service (IAAS) offerings and tools in market trends

New Microsoft Private cloud offering, has lots of new but few things taken from open source community.We are nearing end of discussion on open source vs property source..each one is contributing to others success.Microsoft also has given lot to open source community like AJAX which was introduced by Microsoft later taken leaps and bound by open source community, same with standardizing web services..Same way Self service portal for hybrid cloud release by microsoft is replica of features in Eucalyptus.(more tools like there provide similar features.these opn source tools are.Nimbus Open QRM OpenNebula Eucalyptus)

Eucalytus : unsung IAAS hero ,Rich Wolski, a professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. in year 2008  released an open-source (under a FreeBSD-style license) infrastructure for cloud computing on clusters that duplicates the functionality of Amazon’s EC2, using the Amazon command-line tools directly.  The system is called Eucalytus.

According to the Eucalyptus site:

“EUCALYPTUS – Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems – is an open-source software infrastructure for implementing ‘cloud computing’ on clusters. The current interface to EUCALYPTUS is compatible with Amazon’s EC2 interface, but the infrastructure is designed to support multiple client-side interfaces. EUCALYPTUS is implemented using commonly-available Linux tools and basic Web-service technologies making it easy to install and maintain.”

Using Eucalyptus you can manage your private as well public cloud from same portal.Also you can view performance statistics,you can dynamically provision virtual machines can give user self service portal to manage and schedule virtual machine requests. The platform provides a single interface that lets users access computing infrastructure resources (machines, network, and storage) available in private clouds—implemented by Eucalyptus inside an organizations’s existing data centre—and resources available externally in public cloud services.

This is same fuctionality is now provided my Microsoft System Centre Virtual machine Manager SCVMM offers new New self service portal to manage and create hybrid clouds.(it helps in rapid provisioning and de provisioning from portal).

Pre-configured Private cloud under Fast track programe Microsoft tied up with Cisco for switches and netapp for storage components , to offer joint offering of pre-configured private and public cloud .Hyper-V cloud fast track offers Compute,Storage,Network,Management,Virtualization,Automation,Service Management,Tenant/ User self service.

.There are new levels as defined by Microsoft Orchestration,Management,Automation,Virtualisation,Hardware

1. Administration:Microsoft System Centre Service manager MSCSM offers Service level tracking SLA based on customization rules .

1.Orchestration: tool opalis(End to End Workflow) now here there is BPM like tool called Opalis which is used to draw workflow to define workflow of virtual machine  assignments rules.

2. Management(manage processes and operation in cloud),Microsoft System Centre Operation Manager, MSCOM and Microsoft System Centre Virtual machine Manager SCVMM tracking and performance reporting at virtual machine and operation management level.

3. Automation ,(centralized automation and configuration)

4. Virtualisation,(Virtualized resource pools defined by hyperV (hyper-visor by Microsoft) has DM utilities like Snap Manager.

5. Hardware : management and provisioning customization with power shell.

In 2012 microsoft will be releasing new version of Microsoft System Centre Service manager MSCSM which will offer cloud level monitoring on single webapp