Data Analysis: 5 Star Academic Author Selling 3 Million implies :Great Author

India has about 2,17,00,00 Students Studying in Colleges.

Higher Education Institutions (Universities and Colleges) in India
Type of Institution Number E.g.
Central Universities (Public) 44 University of Delhi
State Universities (Public) 306 University of Mumbai
State Universities (Private) 154 Amity University
Deemed Universities (Private or Public) 129 Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Institution of National Importance (Public) 67 Indian Institute of Technology
Total Degree-granting Institutions 700
Affiliated Colleges (Public or Private) 35,539

Source :
Actual Numbers Today for Number of university Alone
State University 306 + 44 (central universities) = 350
Private Universities : almost 200+

Enrollment of Indian Students by fields of study
Field Number (‘000) % of Total
Arts 7,539 37%
Science 3,790 19%
Commerce & Management 3,571 18%
Engineering & Technology 3,262 16%
Education 733 4%
Medicine 716 4%
Law 373 2%
Others 218 1%
Agriculture 97 0%
Veterinary Science 28 0%
20,327 100%

Source :

Growth of Higher education institution over years… In India.

statistics and data on different types of public and private universities in India


Latest data on student enrollment in universities and colleges in India.

out of 124 core or 1.24 billion population 28 million or  2.8 crore Graduate.

28 million/ 1240 Million = only 2.3% population Graduate in India.
2.8 million/1240 million = 0.2 % population does Post Graduation.

20 yrs back Wen i did my post graduation This % would be even less something like 0.002% you can see PG seats are doubling each year.. 2^10 = 1024 = around 1000.

so every year 1/2 means in 10 yrs (1/2)^10 = 1/1000 or if % of postgraduate today is 0.1 Postgraduate would be 0.001% 10 yrs back.

To Estimate How much would star Writer of Chemistry Would sell.

First science stream is around 19%-20% of whole population 4.8 million
Engineering is about 25% of Whole studying population. 5.4 million

There are Science subject in Graduation [ Physics, chemistry, maths, biology, Geology, bio chemistry, biotech, computer science, computer application, Electronics].

1 chemistry + 1/2 Bio chemistry +1/2 Geo are related to Chemistry = 2 out of 10.

from 4.8 million * 2/10 total market for graduate Students for chemistry.

Total market Size = around 1 million Books in Whole India.

In India There are 10 States/region many states uses regional language hence around 10 author from those regions via for that space depending on university. + 10 foreign Chemistry  author.

So 1 million = 100 thousand if we divide by around 20 , We get 5000 books per year.

Any time in college people can be in either of 1, 2 or 3rd  year.
Graduation year 1 : 5,000 Books
Graduation year 2 : 5,000 Books
Graduation year 3 : 5,000 Books
Total  in year : 15,000 Books are sold assuming 1 Book is picked by Student of every year for average good Chemistry author.

So Avg Good Chemistry Author sells : 15,000 books a year..
While Great 2 books are picked each year hence : 30,000 books a year… For Bsc.

Now Same would be for Btech [chemical engg program since almost same number studying science and engineering]  or 30,000

Chemistry Books Books Sold to Bsc Students = 30,000
Chemistry Books Books Sold to B.E. Students = 30,000
So Total :…………………………………………………………….60,000 Books a year.
Assuming :
Each Book cost Rs 400 and 5% is royalty income.

So, 5% of 400 = Rs 20.
Total income per year = …………………….60,000 X 20 = 12 Lakh rupees per year royalty.While Selling 60,000 books a year. Its about 30 yrs of age when you Start writing your first book before that is very rare in science subject By 28 you finish your PHD itself.
Then you teach 2 yrs you would be 30.

So Assuming from first year itself book is block buster hit from age 30

if Author goes to Age 80 = in 50 yrs sold = 50 X 60,000 books = 30,00,000 Books.

If person crosses 30 Lakh mark really is STAR Author… is really Rare in this world..

Only Great authors Goes There in science field.


Compare it When you write or contribute for Journals as free volunteer SME What happens ?

My Contribution to printed Science Journal in circulation worldwide:
Last year I have crosse figure of 25 million printed magazine in subscription
And my free Blog on crossed 4 million Readership

Even I had best author award

Both of which are 25 million, and 4 million  are > 3 Million Books sold of star author.

combined both 29 million is ten Times figure of 3 million Books Sold.
Even I had Best author Awards flowing but Still more to come eager to write more..

Certainly Journals are 10 times more than Good Author in academics world.
I still feel writing book is all together and different Effort and meaning So I look forward to write more Books in future…

Kudos To All great Author which made world of Science better to young generation.

Jealous small subset of Relatives : 10/90 percent

Many times I felt Relatives are dangerous tribes ” Jealousy is common symptom”
Especially They have access to Corridor of power
So They want to see you always under you for no reason “Do not want you to go out of radar”
Bring him here. Do not let him earn Dollars Before he goes abroad malign his image.

But there are other set who are helpful. In family uncles usually there are only small set hardly 10% Who have such feeling this is there in every family.

It also depends on level of there knowledge . Less knowledgeable once will always feel threatened when you are moving ahead.
So Less educated have no choice they became business Oriented. And Then they feel less secured seeing other RISE.

The deli ma today Honest educated people have that they are less inclined towards negative thinking While The Poor uneducated are always conspiring against “Because they cannot imagine How Can people learn despite We grouping so many people anti socials against them How can they Come up”.

Let see how India Governance is ” Politicians always mostly  inclined towards corrupt people” Corrupt people have politicians as friends.
Who knows what level there relationship translates to. Not Every politician is Corrupt.

Infact I will can prove almost it would be 30:70 ratio.. which remains heavily skewed towards honest almost every time otherwise country cannot run..
While in Politics Educated/un Educated people always know right and wrong.

But is Corrupts are partner in crime with local politicians They they have to listen to them. People at lower level may get troubled this guy rising well.
May put barriers to let them grow while decimate or stop progress of others. The Corrupt politicians prefers un-educated for corruption because he knows they will not question.
While they prefer Educated for IDEAS. This today we are in generation of IDEAS.
IDEAS grow far more challenge than the only corrupt practises. Look at theam today every where INNOVATION, Stratups, IDEAS.
Why? The multiplicative Factor is more in economy. Today Every politician Almost runs a benami in India. I feel its there compulsion to stay there But How can he make more money IDEAS/INNOVATION/Startups of many kind.

But what unsecure , uneducated Feel We are left behind ? So They conspire , spread rumours, before you go outside country. They is person is shown as NoN secular it would be difficult fr him to survive there. So They infact themselves are non secular.. So They know this group and can plant same people around you To Show that you are non secular…
But after all trials nothing comes out Then Why not send friends around your Social media? where fundamentalist post articles make pages share around your facebook to make you look un popular…
Look at when you are outside people take you as fundamentalist or may be against some fundamentalist For pluralist society like india lots of permutation possible at hand of corrupt/un educated jealous.

There are gr8 leaders in past.. Today most leaders are educated But They make be surrounded by Whispering uneducated. This is Third world That is Why it remains like that?
Under Democracy They Cannot do anything drastic So why not create lies rumours around it.. Take name of Big people So no one can go and ask question to them While tie up with local politics to harass people So they will always remain under you…

Having said that people like this do not have even 1% vote When people see there task it drops to 0.1% While 99% see around and help This is Beauty of democracy.. For INDIA is not Communist its is democratic.
” keep moving that is best revenge done because god will punish all bad acts you have done no bad acts u get no punishment from god while others if they have god will punish them..”

The Constant मर-मर-ing actually (murmuring) or Die-Dieing

The questions from the Tyrants:  मर मर or daily dilli Die Die-ing .. Ask question Hiding like thiefs ? Why not jail and question?

Tyrant: Be silent or will kill you.. मार दैंगे. Constant Repeated : मर मर…. Why do not u die yourself ? मर जा.. (now Die (मर)
Suffers response: What is this means What have we done ? Now we want you to die (मर).  But Why it should not be my own decision?
Tyrant: We will take decision for you.. मर-मर … Die Die …
Suffers response: What the hell is this मर-मर ing murmuring? Is this new Die Came to market as Fashion die calling die-dieing everywhere….
How long will this murmuring will last…? But Is there a mistake from my side
Tyrant:  No Just we want you to die. It’s like our liberty We are free nation… everyone has liberty… So we at liberty can think that you should die.
Sufferer: Excuse me What about my own liberty about myself.. If you are so much interested in death (Why do n’t u die ?) …
Tyrant Friend: जरा पता लगाओ .. इसका  Address क्या है?
Sufferer thinking : How are These guys never seen before.. What they want? why they not show up? if they are from Govt they will have addresses ? which means they are not from Government or police or any wing? Are they Anti social..
Sufferer Replies: पता (read patta means address/leaf/ to know). When u say ? जरा पता लगाओ Are u saying to each other Hide private parts using leaf before banging you my door.. My address is very easy… ” आप पता लगा के आओ या बीना पते लगए आओ choice is yours..
We are in 21st century now atleast “पता तो लगा के आओ” (means atleast Come hiding your private parts by leafs) “हवा बहुत तैज़ है अगर पता उद गया तो क्या होगा”.(means I am only thinking of your safety even though you are tyrant if leaves are blown away what will happen wind is strong).
” अगर आप सरकार से है तो पूछने कि क्या जरूरत है.. वो तो आपको किसी भी फोटो पहचान पातर जैसे वोटर ईड कार्ड से मिल सकता है”
If you are from Government then you can easily find address in any document like voter IT Card.. Why saying “पता” address again.. I am at same address many months now.. ” पते लगा के आओ और मार दो (Come with leaf covering atleast private body part if not clothing and kill me).
Then u say ” पता भी नही चलेगा” What does it mean will you come naked like Cave Mens in 21st Century…
Things have changed lot from Cave Men ages Were you in hibernation… people started wearing clothes now…. Do not come naked or with leaves (पते) atleast wear clothes…

Gandhi said long back ” Eye for Eye will make Whole world blind”
Another Gandhi Famous saying ”

 A religion that takes no account of practical affairs and does not help to solve them is no religion .

Mahatma Gandhi

” What do I think of Western civilization? I think it would be a very good idea.” Mahatma Gandhi

Tyrant: ” पता भी नही चलेगा कहाँ गया” ( pata bhe nahi chalega kahan gaya) you will not come to know where you are gone?
Sufferer thinking : पता or address  if you put in soundx function in Oracle.
SOUNDEX returns a character string containing the phonetic representation of char.
The Combination came back : पता either leaf or address….

Sufferer Replied: Please do not believe in “पतों” (leaves).  ” पता भी नही चलेगा कहाँ गया”  will be high risky Winds are flying high leaves will fly in air..
This have moved ahead people do not use leaves any more from 11th century onwards people are wearing clothes made from Wool/Cotton/Jute.. Leaves are not used any more… “पतों के दिन लद गए लोग अब कपड़े पहने लग गए हैं” (we have moved away from ages of leaves to clothes)
IF you use leaves The risk is when you come for Killing and wearing those leaves it may fly in air leaving u naked…
“Atleast Kuch pata laga lo.. ” Atleast get some enquiry done What this person done Book a case Run Case then do whatever you like with him?
Taking shelter another phonetic of पता: (enquire/leaf/to come to know).
You have make us suffer a lot ?Why do you not feel satisfied and leave us alone.

Tyrant (in discussion mode with other tyrant) : What do we do now he is not even responding? If he does not respond how can we harras him more?
(Tyrant IDEA) : ” Tell to world he want to take revenge on some bloody reason I do not care what is that”

Tyrant (in Saying mode) : “You want to take revenge ”
Sufferer: ” Excuse me when and where did i mentioned that. Was it in your dreams “सपने बहुत आते हैं आजकल”.  Why is this threat when I have done nothing? No case no crime? Now u find new reason when I have not responded to your calls. “Now u say I want to take revenge”. I think its another Strategy When u found nothing to continue to harras me or torchure me. If  I am not replying to all your violence and misdeeds on me for years..
Then you are thinking even now he is not responding we have harrased him so much over years may be decade…
Now you say we fear he may take revenge But where did you that world. Did I said it ? For years I was non violent did u not understand I am non Violent.
Tyrant: We understand that But What else We can say then You are not giving any chance to harras you any more…(NO OPTION LEFT).
We have to use this strategy…
Sufferer: Why do not use This strategic thinking for betterment of world What the hell By achieving this Falsehood upon ordinary person like me.
Actually now I have almost adapted to your musings. I never thought such drastic things which are advising me ” अब हम चहते हे तुम मर जओ” ” we want now you should die .
But Without any reason.
Tyrant:  Lets listen to Some dying Words of Philosophy Of great sages. You are just a puff of Wind and sole with body of flesh and bones
Sufferer: Sir correct you its soul not sole.
Tyrant: “Whatever Both are same for us”. If u say to anyone u are Gone With Wind.

Sufferer: But Atleast Give any reason For it.
Tyrant: It does not require any reason. You do not know us.

Sufferer: I know you are not that strong just a stooge of Few people.. You fear Police .. You fear open Words That’s why u are coming sleepishly and disturbing me when you found nothing against me last 10 yrs/decade.
Then When will this Constant  मर-मर-ing or Dilli-dying or Die-Die-ing Will Stop.???

Earlier you were behind me That you were against some people.. That did not work…
Then you said you were behind management ” That also people did not buyed your argument” because both Were false…
Then you said u increased scale of it” You are against province Govt” That also Did not Work as it did not stood test of time and truth..
Then you said you are against ruling party. It also Turned Wrong ” As ruling party lost Election”.
Now there is another party Ruling ” What problem you have now”.

Tyrant: ” Do not tell to anyone Even We fear leaking this conversation “.

Sufferer: ” If you are not in this Govt  nor in past who lost and your fear Police and even comming out in public then why do not leave it”.

Tyrant: ” Another reason which We could find was That you Are (MAY BE MORE Educated).
Sufferer: I have heard Computer Educated/ Physics Educated / Management Educated But What is this new specializtion called “May be more educated”. Ok Call it MBME for short.. Is There anything it will affect you. Even if its perception problem I see from your side.

Tyrant: ” May be”.
Sufferer: Does This means I will go to court And the prosecution will pleade like this …
PROSECUTION: ” My lord : he has done crime so many times That ask him does he remember how many times ”
JUDGE: ” What crime?”
PROSECUTION:” May be Courses”
JUDGE: “May Be words not allowed in court. Mind your language you have to exact”
PROSECUTION: ” Crime is Courses ”
JUDGE: ” What you expect me now to say ” This person under Indian penal Code sentenced to death for doing a crime un-numbered times even he/she not remembering the crime count that is no. of courses…”.

Tyrant: “We can make it”
Sufferer: Just now judge said it not possible… But atleast should tell crime now…

Tyrant: ” Please do not tell to anyone WE ARE SEARCHING”
The Constant मर-मर-ing FEARLESS in Country for Fearless Tagore…

Tyrant: ” जरा पता लगाओ


Let understand What is happening before I start I want to refer To This Song .
I always like good lyrics Song Which have meaning like Bob Dylan ” Masters of Wars”.. and this one from Collionial Cousins “Krishna ”


Economic Development and National integration of North East India

Read Previous Blog entries problems in India National Integrations and solutions:
North East of India has unique culture with Each of 7 states have unique classical dance forms, Folk, Mighty Himalayas, common Brahmputra, and its own Martial Art forms.
a. Watch these two beautiful dance forms devoted to Krishna as aerobatic as Brazil martial dance forms.

b. Manipur dance on life Krishna raslila with Radha
Similarly other parts of North East Assam has Bihu, Nagaland very aerobic dance..
Toursim spots.
The Economic Success of North East lie with linking it to Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia , Cambodia and Singapore with high speed Road and Rail connectivity.
Like in Ancient times it can become trade route between India and East Asia, China and Bangladesh As more people travel through the region people will be able to understand the diversity of India.
How Linking helps North East, and Bengal, Bihar, UP? Read above article and below one
High Speed Rail Economics:

2. Teaching North East Dance forms and Martial Art forms to Rest of India.
North East dance form are very aerobatic can be used for people to learn art as well workout to reduce obesity. In directly It will show people in rest on India cultural awareness about North East.
There is huge market to learning in rest of India let say: Thang-Ta
Government and proviate sector can pitch in create these kind of course in rest of India like for obessity reduction with dance can popularise this dance form

Similarly Naga dance, Arunachal, Each Region has so many skills to teach in schools in India. Really it makes me surprise Why its not taught in schools in India?
Assam Bihu, Arunachal pradesh Folk dance each part of 7 states Has so many music and dance forms to Offer but yet not taught in Any School in India..

Chill Pill to Eradicate Malnutrition- SPIRULINA

There are countries facing huge malnutrition crisis, Food Crisis.
Giving poor people only staple food with cereals like Wheat, rice only gives Carbohydrates to body which gets converted into sugar inside body to provide us energy to run our daily body cells functions. But in terms of priority for any wear a tear require protien
For proper metabolism we require vitamin, minerals.
For proper development of child during Early years protein is most important as it is associated with growing body.
1. SPIRULINA is considered wonder by WHO food for future having all essential protein, mineral and vitamins

For a child 1g to 5g spirulina can wipe out all malnutrition and it already being used in Maudrai in Tamil nadu with good results.
Moreover it can also Reduce poverty in Urban as well as rural areas As Spirulina can be grown in small tanks , in ponds.
The Extra Dried up spirulina can be sold in market can be brought by some Board to promote Spirulina and then can be sold at subsidised prices further in multiple for in
2. Mid Day Meal is school spirulina can be mixed to eradicate malnutrition.
3. Cost:
Avg Cost per day buying
 from international market comes 7 Rupees per day.
When Avg income per day in 180 rupees per day in India.
This is just 3% of daily income of poor in India malnutrition can be eliminated.
While when locally grown cost comes down by 1/3 then its almost negligible cost malnutrition can be eliminated.
4. Spirulina BioFuel
Extra Spirulina can be turned into Fuel can be turned into Biofuel

5. Waste Water Management: Spirulina production
Algae thrive on waste water to grow faster can be effectively utilised to grow
with Spirulina production.

6. URBAN POVERTY and Malnutrition

Calculations: Only 3% population Employable by University System

In Any country let suppose literacy rate is 80% among adults population.
Out of 80% population how many did pass 10 th class Exam.
Some may have dropped to due poverty or just because not able to clear.
Look at realistic percentage:
 1. Let say 70% of them managed to clear 10th Exam: 80-(80*.3)=56
As average state board results are in 70% range.
 2. Then Those who go for 12th : result say 90%. and 10 % dropout.
 56-(56 * 0.2) = 45 %. 12 th pass.
3. How many graduate pass ultimately?
Take case of india out of 225 university and 50 IIT or 20 IIM. only top 25% university are good enough for employability. Let suppose only top 25 % student from every indian university get into real employment.
out of 45%= 45 – (3/4 * 45) = 12 % around. This is supposing all university are Equal and pitching all of its students, all courses stream, Arts , sociology, history, Engineering and management gets into Employment.
Which is not a case in any Economy since Every economy has its key sectors depending on resource availability of country, then geo-physical factors, other environmental factors.
Like China is base to manufacturing because of low labour rate.
India did well in BPO because of english skills.
Ireland has huge potential for data centres between Europe and USA so also has for milk exports.
So there are 200 skills but 100 are more important for employment. I am taking a very large figure though actual will be small. Let say 1/2 chances.
So there is  1/2* 12= 6% of all adult population.

Now % of Adult employable population not retired. Let say 50%.
So Actual is 6% * 1/2 = 3% Employable population by University System.
Note: There may be difference in probability I have assumed from country to country
So real percentage my be 3% or 6% but it would be nearby % only.
In  DEVELOPED world Calculations are little Different SO FIGURE WOULD DIFFERENT

Most innovative Education Program: Possibility and Reality

When I started My three years Computers masters in India I never realized at start The flexibility , innovation, personalisation and creativity aspect of it.
Just to give you clue:
Look At possibility Senario:
I used to ask many people about each new course started by university. In this process I happened to meet one of my old Foxpro system tutor. Who was doing MBA?
There was subject on ISO:27001 (do not remember exact Code) . I was told there is no book in market so university has created a book in India and University was present for 1 billion people in india but only 250 people enrolled for this.
In case here people enrolled in year 1999 were from cities situated 1000 kms away within India.
Look carefully this data. Why only 250 when there in no restriction on students who can enroll?
First: Though there was huge need but no fulltime-institute was teaching. Why? They will not get all student in one place. only few were aware about importance of this course.
So it was like 1 learner from London, 1 in tokyo, 5 in bejing , 3 in calcutta, 4 in delhi.
All those people only realized importance of this subject because they can relate its importance due there readings and direct work.
Second: Now institute can enrol student worldwide thus have critical mass to run program or course which only few people realize importance of yet it was critical.
Third: Due to scale it could publish and bring Expert to create relevant material as it can enroll people any place…. across globe.
Senario 2
In My case of 3 years degree: We had choice of choosing our own teacher for subject that was good as well bad. Good We had scientist from best laboratory available to teach.
– We had rented a computer lab in insitute and were running cases there.
We had choice of picking teacher who were teaching subjects they worked many years.
And since they do not have to depend on institution for pay instead they collect fee directly from us and had better incentives thus. These Scientist were working in best labs in the area of study for years.
– We could enroll in any Extra courses in any other university along with it.
– So first year I enrolled Extra Computer Graphics + ERP oriented DOEACC ‘A’ level which were no taught in 20+ courses + project We had in masters.
and a PGDIT with had modern Oracle, java but our university was teaching COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL, LISP, C++.
– Second year was slow down :I choose 1 subject which ultimately provided me second job in operation research.
– Third year I went into intern ship with local firm + insecure slow down led me to take MA Economics (1 year) on distance mode along. I did learned Econometrics basics.
So By End I had 20+ course from best teacher in town, intern-ship, plus another 20+ Extra courses.

Lets see how can such less people can relate to it?
from this calculation you can see only 3% people can reach employability status to think beyond what extra is required?

Two things : First People had choice to customize

World moving towards reconciliation India moving Backwards

Over the Years in India people gets divided in group although this is true in Every country to some extent But In india very often. National integration has failed so miserably that there is need to think innovative ways to create atmosphere for people to come out of there Well.
Two solutions which I could think rather than just running Advertisement which people rarely see. Fast Track Train (travelling is learning) and exchange of student among school is state. May be govt can open Some school like Kendriya/Navodaya Vidyalaya open for common public even for those not in central govt offices Call these School Aam Vidyalaya where student exchange can happen between states.
Need for regulation for Exchange Student among states
But it will small percentage So there need to regulation by govt on school to compuslory Exchange students with other schools in other state. So in 12 yrs schooling atleast student lives 1 ,1 yr in 2 different state other than home state.
Read This :
Why it important?
Today We have Europe where every country fought war over others like England with france with germany etc. etc have come together to form a alliance called European Union.
People are moving freely across school and colleges and work across countries without any prejudice. But Similar problem look at India (upper caste vs not upper caste, religious groups, regional groups) these existed for 60 yrs and still almost at war level Why not have same policies and leave all bitterness of 200 yrs back and look forward learn from Gandhi atleast ” An Eye for Eye leave all people blind”.
Today the discussion happen in country : ” What is for my community?” Why not for everyone Why community have to pitted against community?.
Why not similar focus on all group. The politics of focusing on one group over other just for votes in very detrimental to Future of India.
As somebody says people dig ditches not build bridges to overcome differences”. This What destroying india community Vs Community even when voting there leaders.
But look at No- one is winner Collectively Everyone is loosing by digging ditches bigger and bigger.
Solutions have to found. In india we have socialist party which are not even 2% socialist voted by community feeling. There party won against communist turned out more communist then there opponent communists. We have national party which not present everywhere in India? We have a major national party present every part in india which tries to win vote by looking some community?
Does it not surprise ? Actually There are party who claim to work for poor but involved in most corruption cases at regional level .
Look at attack on North East Student. Look at India was missing from All talks on maynamar despite being second largest border with it. No one Ask Foreign secretary for East Affairs Why?  India is not in ASEAN not in Middle East Does it want to isolated?
All this due to community politics in India. Where will poor 80% hindu population will go if this country not grow to its potential. Where will other 20% community go also?
Can you think what would be endgame of all this?
READ link above for possible solutions

India: problems in National Integration and solutions

The problem of national integration : I want to illustrate from story from third party outsider in India.
Story: How to Go to Nigeria from India by Bus.
I met a person from Nigeria in CCIE security Lab training. Normally he would talk less to people in India. In class When I started to taking to him asking about Nigeria.
He told me one day: You know what people here Ask me?
I asked: what?
He replied: people ask me. Which bus do you take from Hyderabad to go to your village in Nigeria?
I was surprised so was many people around. Then We confirmed further does people who asked this looked educated. He told they were in Computer Network training and already graduate.
people are not able to recognize Nigeria is in country or outside is not only geography lesson failure for those graduate but also failure to know states outside the their own state.
Getting more Data: Real hand people understanding
When I asked few more people: How often do you visit state outside their own in AP?
Answer: in majority case was never. Even some people said we need not. Only people from outside come to our state.
I was really surprised that is people do not know country How will they understand?
Then there was this assumption: We want to see Snow So we go outside?
When I told: There are 8 states in India where you can get dumped in snow Himalayas, Uttranchal, J&K, Sikkim, Assam, Aurnachal Pradesh, Mizoram, West Bengal (Darjeeling).
besides this there are occasional snow fall in other state.
People in North: Never seen Sea want to island. There are beautiful island in Andaman, nicobar, lakshyadeep.
Solution 1:
High Speed train connecting border of country in Max 5 hours:
This would lead to more people travelling across country and as Gandhi ji said : “Travelling is learning”. As people will travel across they will see more country and come across the diversity.
Also High Speed train 550+ kph will attraction for lot of people to attract and go for long distance travel.
Even Why not make if across Asia? people can travel to china and India by train. Just like US and Canada live peacefully. India can also allow transit for Chinese oil and goods requirements from middle east from coast of India to china.Then China need not depend on others routes to achieve. Also gives them cost effective option. Even Fast train routes to Myanmar , to Thailand and to Singapore, to Cambodia , to shanghai from china or India.
Solution #2. Promote subsidised travel during summer break for School children General free 1 ticket for year in general class etc.
High Speed boat travel:
Solution #3.  Inland Waterways development Authority:
InLand Waterways through River upto sea using High speed streamers.
From Cruise on
Route#1: Ganga from Haridwar to Kolkata Ganga Sagar or High speed boats Tour.
Route#2: Delhi to Kolkatta
Route#3: Maharashtra-Telagana-AP to bay of bengal then to Anadaman. on Godavari.
Karnataka-AP krishna and mahanadi orisa chatisgarh, Assam brahmputra etc
Can open up many travel and job possibility and can revive boat manufacturing units in India.
Solution #4. Exchange of students for 1 year of study between states for School.
This would be Exciting Where by Even student can get experience of other state as well may be taken care locally by Exchanged Guardians.
Exchange at school level
Exchange at College level
Exchange at Higher Education Level.
International Exchange.
Solution #5.