More Sign of Climate Change from Google Correlate

Lets look at Snow news pattern over time.
Normal data:
You can clearly see around End of Each year snow news peak Which is right.. That’s how it should be as winter season comes around December everywhere..

But abnormal pattern is the number of peaks news making Each year.
As Every time it snows at any part of world people searches increase giving consolidated data pattern. One more worry look is the Elongation of top curve and variation there it getting more varried Every year since 2004.

Laughing on somebody misery is Escapism on yourself

People create a trap or situation and laugh from background thinking no one is seeing what is happening ? But God is everywhere it sees everything there is no hiding no Escape from God.
You laugh on other and God laughs at you. (see these people I am already seeing them what they are doing and they are laughing 🙂 )
Now people think God is This thing or that But its just force which is running the whole world its like force behind nature. Which waits for right moment before reacting. When Accumulated sins goes beyond a limit it will react immediately.
Simple Example : Like in some land one by one all trees are cut after some time the top soil will get washed away. Immediately top soil is not washed away it over period of time. But one it is done there is no recovery. The Land becomes infertile or turn into desert as water level drops it may become desert.
So Nature flurry is sudden and it does not announce its arrival before. So Even if people create some situation use power to laugh over other people.But God if most powerful.
As they are seeing the weak and laughing. God sees at them laughing. As they are planning something over other people God is planning over them. There is no Escape Where will you run to mars, venus , milky way or other galaxy God is the power running everything has reach everywhere.
People say There if One Day called Day of Judgement in Christianity, same in Hinduism is called pralay, same in Islam is called kayamat. Now people say on that day whole earth will be destroyed and new life forms may emerge. History and origin of species do also tells same thing. Like how Dinosaurs more intelligent than humans wiped out. That is Earth\geological Phenomena But When a person die immediately for him/her is the same day is day of Judgement. He/She does not need to wait till End of Earth. The God knows all this sins and all his good deeds. Based on that judgement is arrived How to do justise with this spirit.
Now people say Who has seen what happens after death?
But Most of time God does not even wait for Death. People get the result of there Karma in this life itself. It may be delayed but its never dark or wrong. The judgement always tries to take people toward brightness from darkness in there life time. If that is not the case people would not say I did lot of handwork that is reason I am here or reached this position.
There can be temporary set back or testing times But there always silver lining and path defined. God help those who help themselves.
“The Flesh becomes word. And Word becomes Flesh” This means What?
The Flesh becomes word
The man made of flesh lives his life and this autobiography become words.
The Word become Flesh
The inspiring stories of moral values and stories of decorum Which help to ignite moral values in young minds. As people practise right path The words ignited moral souls become Flesh.
If you had some wrong story Then also t needs to become flesh or not? So God decides what way you can become after your story. So the Correction can be applied to your Essay of life to correct the Story. Whether you believe or not rebirth seems logical? But no one can say with surety. Bad karma…Bad story.. transform into bad flesh? Flesh is same in all animals what is changed is mind/body ratio. Highest then human being less than that then any other life form.
Any How? Karma always leaves imprint in this life itself it does not even wait for next life. but still whatever remaining is carried forward.
Life is never like straight line there are ups and down. Nothing remains permanent. Change is only permanent in the world. So Downs change into ups. And Ups into down.
A person who takes enjoyment in others down fall is No less than a Joker because God behind is seeing his/her drama. Life is all about What best you can do in given situation.
Rest you should leave to God. Water when left to settle alone finds its own level and settle.
drop some water on an area see it travels and reaches to spot below which it cannot go.
Let say under Earth is also water table.
See when you children in school of college are encouraged to behave in violent ways What happens? Violent breads violence not in othher mind but in there mind themselves as they learn this new art of violence they are less hesitant next time. It definitely end at anarchy.
There cannot be any end game of it.
Let suppose as example a owner one day decides to grow some goons with violent behaviour at some point of time the goons itself consume the owner. One day they decide why we need him/her to give instruction we can take up on over own. Is that not a logical conclusion? Institutions foundations are its values. Without values or paper values it erodes over period of time. See The institutions like failed companies read the story. Once started some malpractice it cannot be stopped. Because other people will say u did last time? This time I did? next time someone else?
from frequency one per year it ? next cycle goes to 2 ………
And The competitions set in to outpace at cost of institution.
This is precisely reason of many failing companies facing corporate governance issues.