Check:Example Decision Making based on Famous Sayings/quotations my be wrong

For Everything Which Exist in World There is a saying for it or proverb for it.
But For any proverb there is Anti-proverb So Life’s important or unimportant decisions should not be based on Proverb but based on real-time decisions you face.
There is a saying “If you are right you should not worry anything.”
So fear/worry does not mean Actual fear/worry but it means possibility of not succeeding in idealistic way. In today’s world there is less scope for idealism due to conflict of interest but person has to take middle path and take all people along. You cannot make everyone happy there would be always a set of people unhappy and ready to drag you down.

Anti-proverb / opposite saying:
Saying “Straight Trees are cut first”.
Another way to understand this is :So if you are straight forward in your approach and may be not diplomatic about it may be you are first one to face wrath.
In the world of competition mediocrity is not a choice or 0ption. But there is conflict in market there exist space for Every category or segment of product now How do you decide which approach? Both are right based on circumstances or situations ?
Let me give one Example from Stock Market:
Boom period : In time of boom invest more on equity and take risk to garner more return.
Recessionary Times: In case of Bust period invest more in debt funds and take less risk because risky stock can give negative returns.
Uncertainty: In case of uncertainty you need to balance your portfolio other word Diverse your risk to multiple options Or in other words Follow Middle-path.
So There Exists Market for Everything as long as you able to make rational decisions.
The irr-rational behaviour may exists due ill-informed decisions, or lack of environmental knowledge or due to lack of knowledge itself or Unknown Unknown. Lack of environmental knowledge like sitting in Earth you cannot visualize what might be situation in Space?
You need to go through cycle of gravity and weightlessness.

Decision making:
Decisions should be based on hard facts or situations faced. The Abstract thinking of proverb cannot be considered an alternative unless its validated by situational parameters. Based on These parameter ranking which is nearest one should be chosen heuristically or on opposite based on measured metrics based rules/score. The nearness of the score justify decision or Risk taken based on situation involved.

Something Which is right for one person cannot be right for another person. Yet Sometimes Copycat does work? Some decisions perfected over period of wisdom can be taken as rule but yet there always a space where they can be improved or contrary view.
There nothing in world which is impossible Other world of saying is There is no rule which is ultimate there is always scope to Explore and find meanings.

Having said That Let me tell you a story.
One fine day There are 7 people happen to pass through a jungle. It was getting Night so the 7 people (1 old women, One young Businessmen, One trader, one soldier, one teacher , a doctor and a small child ) were passing by A large tree.
Suddenly it started raining and lighting started falling. After many lighting Strikes passed away. People started gossiping with each other. Suddenly there came a topic What is happening Today? Why is this lighting coming when we have no shelter Elsewhere?
Rumours Started spreading Fast among group That there is some person due to which lighting is falling on all of us. Solider telling its due to corrupt businessmen. Businessmen telling it due to corrupt bureaucracy where soldier was employed. Teacher telling its due to doctor who ill-treated patients. And doctor telling its due ill-equipped teacher harming students with half knowledge. Women telling its due to child who may be full of sin.
Then everyone started fighting and blaming each other.
Settlement Rule
To settle matter teacher suggested why not like we give punishment to students? We will take this one person out of this group and let him stand not protected by shed into the open for 5 minute if nothing happen then individual comes back.
The Fear
Because every one feared if lighting strikes due to one person on this tree then many other people who are innocent may get killed.
First They decided Soldier Will go because he may have killed many people in wars he fought. So they pushed soldier in open for 5 minute But nothing happened he returned safely. Everyone was surprised.
Then They all pushed Businessmen thinking corrupt but still he also surprised everyone and came back safely no lighting falling on him. God is not angry with him.
Then they pushed trader may be doing wrong trade due which is attracting wrath of God in form of lighting. But nothing happened in 5 minute.
They Doctor was sent thought was many patient who may have died complaint to god so god was sending emergency response in form of lighting.But he also survived.
Now its turn of Teacher as many people future depends on teacher may have destroyed many career. So he was pushed but nothing happened still.
Then Everyone though its The Women because child cannot be the culprit may be she is politician and its her trade to circulate lies and win votes or may be she is not morally right So She was pushed but nothing happened still.
Everyone Was really surprised So it is this small child Who has committed so much sins that lighting is threatening there purified lifes. So They were standing at crux to push this child to wild open fumes of god wrath and getting consumed by flurry of lighting into ashes.
No one was willing to push child but they decided for the interest of there family and themselves they need to push this child to lightening. So they pushed Child To open area.
As the Child walked into open immediately lighting Strikes.
The Reaction time was limited god’s willingness at test. And bodies turned to ashes. The lighting has fallen not on child but on Tree And 6 people were consumed. Only child survived. You know why?
Due to one child god was protecting all the lighting falling on tree as he has not committed any sins As soon as child walked out. God allowed lighting through tree to pass to rest of 6 bodies for there sins.
So What is Moral of Story? Scientific wisdom says no god Exist but still there is Cause and Effect there is Newton law of Equal opposite reaction. There is Some force controlling universe.The force does react only by testing its willingness and limits.


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