Do you want to have Ear Whispering Government? Kana-phosee Sarkar

” Whisper in my Ear do not tell to anyone else” I will do it as you please.
Between Last Govt. people used to say it Coterie Government Where it is surrounded by people and only listen to surrounded people not listen to people who on ground may be suffering may be happy.
It was not in touch with actual reality on Ground. “Jameenee satar pe jo ho raha hai us se anbhigya”.

A person is great leader if he/she believes that let people do what they want and I will do the best I can? I will not fear there capabilities I will let them flourish… let see how long they can grow…
Let someone whisper in my ears ? I will do what is right?
No Keep it secret. people who have high post like PM or CM they would not bother by what is going on? Who is doing what?
But people locally who do not want to see other people grow wants obstacles on there path will try to keep trap on them…

I do not believe that present government is Kana-phosee sarkar But actually its listening to people. Is is run by some coterie where its listening to only few people and make judgement about other people on small matters which can be ignored.
A great economist once said countries which rise are those where people have faith on one another.. Its both way not hiding one news and presenting others.. Look out what people say : “Many say today that they do not believe in news” Why ? I asked they said its advertisement some say its selective. While still people keep faith they watch it and they make judgement whether its true or False.

year 2003: I was in Cab while moving in Cab A Senior manager was telling to another senior manager.
Senior A: Why you gave that girl a trivial unnecessary task?
Senior B: She was reading too fast I do not want her to grow So want to keep her busy in unnecessary tasks.

SeniorA: What purpose it serve?
SeniorB: Whatever be I just cannot see people grow or may be outgrow me.

I was just software engineer then But I was in shock “this is office politics”  welcome to Gang can you play it.

As competition have increased meaning of politics has changed from use to misuse. I will categorize the above one as misuse.
USE: “Politics is way of getting things done which was not possible otherwise by other means”.
This definition I read on my way back even in project Management exams long back…
But how its
MIS-USE: ” It’s way of stopping other people work which was not possible otherwise” or

” Politics is way of getting things not done which was possible otherwise by other means”
Look at Maslow hierarchy Who are the people who will think like that? It’s called INSECURITY.
People at lowest level who have not achieved anything and feel INSECURE in life….

Do you want to listen to these INSECURE people? Or you have more self Actualized levels and more important tasks to attend?
Would this Govt be the same as last one listen to only people it surround Go to there birthdays and marriages while leaving the farmer weeping in his land.. Farmers are very stuborn they are like true shivaji or auranjebs They are at mercy of RAIN god but still they work hard never say “this year no rain I will not toil soil” RAIN always comes suddenly
That’s the reason they can grow paddy or wheat we eat.. ” AAN data” like ” KAMDENU”
They give use pretty everything we eat Today or drink today.. Even for that sake young kids do not hear whispers ” there liquor they consume also somes from what farmer produce day and night….

What Change Can you do to it? ” BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD”.
Would you listen to KAMDENU or solve his/her problems or you want them die unwanted?.  How many people go and cry with farmer who died recently after 30 yrs of hardwork on same land WE CALL BHARAT MATA.
Do you really love BHARAT MATA? The curator who is taking care of it is farmer they KAMDENU do you hear his whispers?

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