Jealous small subset of Relatives : 10/90 percent

Many times I felt Relatives are dangerous tribes ” Jealousy is common symptom”
Especially They have access to Corridor of power
So They want to see you always under you for no reason “Do not want you to go out of radar”
Bring him here. Do not let him earn Dollars Before he goes abroad malign his image.

But there are other set who are helpful. In family uncles usually there are only small set hardly 10% Who have such feeling this is there in every family.

It also depends on level of there knowledge . Less knowledgeable once will always feel threatened when you are moving ahead.
So Less educated have no choice they became business Oriented. And Then they feel less secured seeing other RISE.

The deli ma today Honest educated people have that they are less inclined towards negative thinking While The Poor uneducated are always conspiring against “Because they cannot imagine How Can people learn despite We grouping so many people anti socials against them How can they Come up”.

Let see how India Governance is ” Politicians always mostly  inclined towards corrupt people” Corrupt people have politicians as friends.
Who knows what level there relationship translates to. Not Every politician is Corrupt.

Infact I will can prove almost it would be 30:70 ratio.. which remains heavily skewed towards honest almost every time otherwise country cannot run..
While in Politics Educated/un Educated people always know right and wrong.

But is Corrupts are partner in crime with local politicians They they have to listen to them. People at lower level may get troubled this guy rising well.
May put barriers to let them grow while decimate or stop progress of others. The Corrupt politicians prefers un-educated for corruption because he knows they will not question.
While they prefer Educated for IDEAS. This today we are in generation of IDEAS.
IDEAS grow far more challenge than the only corrupt practises. Look at theam today every where INNOVATION, Stratups, IDEAS.
Why? The multiplicative Factor is more in economy. Today Every politician Almost runs a benami in India. I feel its there compulsion to stay there But How can he make more money IDEAS/INNOVATION/Startups of many kind.

But what unsecure , uneducated Feel We are left behind ? So They conspire , spread rumours, before you go outside country. They is person is shown as NoN secular it would be difficult fr him to survive there. So They infact themselves are non secular.. So They know this group and can plant same people around you To Show that you are non secular…
But after all trials nothing comes out Then Why not send friends around your Social media? where fundamentalist post articles make pages share around your facebook to make you look un popular…
Look at when you are outside people take you as fundamentalist or may be against some fundamentalist For pluralist society like india lots of permutation possible at hand of corrupt/un educated jealous.

There are gr8 leaders in past.. Today most leaders are educated But They make be surrounded by Whispering uneducated. This is Third world That is Why it remains like that?
Under Democracy They Cannot do anything drastic So why not create lies rumours around it.. Take name of Big people So no one can go and ask question to them While tie up with local politics to harass people So they will always remain under you…

Having said that people like this do not have even 1% vote When people see there task it drops to 0.1% While 99% see around and help This is Beauty of democracy.. For INDIA is not Communist its is democratic.
” keep moving that is best revenge done because god will punish all bad acts you have done no bad acts u get no punishment from god while others if they have god will punish them..”

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