My Story part 3: Calculations based on 15 Tech+13 domain+14 locations

One person illustrated me a story: Which goes like this:
If a person is pushing you then you should not push back. What happens at end by all pushes you travel more than any other person.
So All these years I have travelled to different difficult projects (Why I say difficult ?Because many people refused to go before me or sometime no one is willing to go on such risky projects to clients locations and risk there CV is any adverse Effect is there. )
As you allow push you are given more Each time. Then I started Reading Book Do not say Yes When you want to say NO.
Now In corporate world you are just small piece even then you may have to do certain task out of your domain due to company urgency?
In Nine years and 6 months of my work I have to worked on
Technology Worked
1 Java, Php 2003
2. Java , middleware JNI, VC++.JAva XML API, 2D graphics. 2004
3.Peoplesoft Technology Consultant. 2005
4. BI Engineer, BI team Lead using Business Objects over peoplesoft. 2005
5. SAP BO BI integration Solution architect Role 2006
6. SAP BO to Oracle Discover Migration tool development using java 2007.
7. SAP BO integration with AJAX for UI. 2007
8. IBM Cognos Sr software Engineer acting as Team lead. 2008
9. Microstrategy and Microstrategy Java SDK, project Lead. with ETL Data Stage. 2008
10. SAP Crystal reports and Oracle stored procedure, 2009.
11. IBM Cognos integration with Flex libraries, Extjs, webservices etc 2009.
12. IBM Cognos integration with Flex for Mesh up. as Solution designer 2010
13. Oracle ODI, OBI, APEX, Oracle BPEL as Architect 2010.
14. Microsoft SSIS and IBM cognos 2011.
15. BI product Development, cloud computing, security, 2011.
16. Masters in Info and Network security, 2012-13.

These are just most used technology in project but by default for any BI various databases would exist. all together 10 yrs minimum 15 different technology due to company requirement.
What about domain ?
1. Quality Control, web development, Forestry,2003.
2. supply Chain management, Autopallet loader, 2004 ,.
3. Human Capital Management , Oracle Peoplesoft,2005.
4. Software Product development company , SAP BO ,2005.
6. Pharmaceutical Pfizer, Wyeth 2006
7. Semiconductor/electronics SAP Hi-Tech vertical , nvidia, 2006.
8.Clinical Research, Quintiles,2007
9. Retail ,DFS 2008
10. Financial Services (Hedge fund) 2009.
11. Pharmaseuticals, Pfizer 2009.
12. Telecom, BT, 2010.
13. CRM Customer Relationship Managment, iYogi, 2011.
14. BI Product Development 2011.
15. Network Security

So There are At least 13 domains.with 15 core project Technology Not to mention there would be secondary technology as well.  13+15=28 for Easy calculation take it 30.
Now 10 yrs 30 domain and technology covered.
Every year Average : 3 in other words every 4th month there is change in primary Technology and domain yet there is
growth from
Engineer – Sr Engineer – Team Lead – Project Lead – Architect – Sr Architect.
As you know pressure increase with Each level.
Now Come at locations: Nearly Each Project baring 2-3 is executed at different location for which pack your goods and Change city. 10 cities in 10 yrs.
Work Location Transfer at client locations:
Dehradun(1yr)-New Delhi (1 yr)- Gaziabad (6 months)-NOIDA (3 months)-hyderabad (6 months)-Bangalore(1 yr)-pune (6month)-Bangalore(1.5 yr)-Hyderabad (9 month)-Chennai(6 month)-Kokatta (4 month)-Pune (8 month)-Navi Mumbai(3 month)-Gurgaon(6 month).
Now Study: Hyderabad-Limerick (ireland)
In new City how many days you take to adjust For me it was Easy because I was always busy with work.
So What does it mean in Software Services industry?
Every 4 months new Technology/domain for which Project was already built and struck you have to go in between and solve problem. Sometimes it will start from core.
Cycle inside Those Months (1-4) like this?
Month #1:
Week 1: PICNIC Phase
Start in New City Adjust with weather and find place for rent, find shopping centre travel etc adjust with food climate. At work Project details and Get up on technology/domain as you are living there not visiting. First week Every thing outside work will look like picnic.
Week 2-4: Adjustment and Stabilizing Phase:
Schedule adjusted with local transport ,city life, food, culture etc.
At work: Having worked now 1 week on technology Next week need to give Extra time besides work to Get up with Technology. Let say 4 hours Each day outside work.
10 hour job work+ 2 hours commuting then +4 hour scaling-up new skill= 10+2+4=16 hours.
Work May be slow as problems may require deep thinking to crack for 1 month.
Month #2: Ground Up-Searching Phase:
Having good ground up on Technology and problem domain. Find Solutions to issue.
Ground up because need to increase speed and Searching for all possible best solutions to issues.
Finding alternative solutions having sufficient depth on technology now may take 3 hours Extra. 1 Hour Extra to cover 1st month work.
8 hour work + 2 hours commute + 3 hrs alternative solutions + 1 Cover up= 14 hours work.
Month #3: Stabilize and Control Phase :
Bring All project deliverable under control: 1 hour Extra work.
Try Alternative solutions almost each 3-4 days: 3 hours
8 hours work+ 2 hrs commute + 3 hrs alternative solution + 1 hr stabilizing= 14 hrs. 
Month #4: Close Get ready for new Domain:
Work: 8 hours work.
a. Close up Extra documentation and other stuff= 1 hour
b. Resolve issues post implementation of solution = 2 hours
c. Plan to move to new Project/location/technology/domain: 1  hrs.
d. Commute: 2 hours
Total: a+b+c+d=8+1+2+1+2= 14 hours.
There might be variation upward of 1-2 hours due to work requirements.
Continued From Part 2:
2013-2014 Masters In Network And Information Security (INS) again searching for Job.

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