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A day in life of Agile Project Manager

Lets look at time schedule of typical Agile Project Manager.
Agile project management is new stream Added in project management certification where concepts of Six sigma , Statistical process control were added into project management.
This is Newest Addition into project management. These topics are not yet included in popular project management certification altogether a new certification was made for it.
Here is link for certification:

Every new requirement are written in form called user stories. The User
Day Work starts as move from home
Wake up 06 am go for 1 hour gym 06-07;30.
07:30-  8:00 daily routine, etc luck enugh time take break fast.
07:50 reach bus stop to catch bus.
07:50 – 09:00 on road to Company.
9 am-10am look at a parameters to check status of project like burn down chart to see how many user stories are covered upto now. prepare new set of activity List not next drop Testing environment.
scrum meeting
10-11.30 Scrum Meeting: To check Who is doing what and What is status of Activity Assigned. Also Take Activity list and Check Assignment and discuss possible issue around then from each a every team member. A team of 40 people each taking 2 minutes(highly unlikely people do take more time) adds to 80 minutes.
11:30 – 11-45 take all this feedback make Minutes of Meeting MOM.
11:45-12:00 make assignment of every activity taken up by each resource and recheck plan to see whether its on target to testing cycle next drop.
12:00-12:15 adjustment in plan. update burn down chart send to stake holders with project status.
12:15 Take look at technical issue hitting limits requiring attention suppose 10% of team faces means 4 people each requiring 15 minutes to understand issue and then another 30 minutes to implement solution.But in that 30 you can use 15 minutes to move to another member just paralleling h=job save 15 min per interaction.
12:00 -12:30 Team 1 issue.
12:30-1:00 Team 2
01:00 -01:30 Team 3 issue.
01:30-02:00 Team 4 issue.
By 2 free to take Brunch
02:00 – 02:30 Lunch+ going and coming time.
02:30- 03:00 meeting With Requirement gathering team for new user Stories for next cycle of deliverable. Understanding requirements and putting them into actual activity considering integration with delivered Earlier.
03:00-3:15 put all user stories in official format.
3:15 – 4:15 Code walk through check issue, Compare best practises incorporated, Standards, Regulations etc Each day of different team. Although time would less optimize.
04:15- 05:00 Look into specific issue not handled today, defect pending long, make communication mails between stake holders and reply to all status, calculate project status ratios and levelling, resourcing issue etc.
05:00-06:00 Defect Call between Testing Team and Development team. update defect list Those accepted as defect added to list to be taken up by developer and Those defects found by testing team turned down by development team as not fitting user stories description so moderate the discussion getting into each defect technicality and correlating with requirements.
06:00-06:15 Take daily status from each team member of work completed today and put that against project plan send to stake holders.
06:15- 06:45- update defect sheet, Look at technology issue which faced today help team member in possible resolution.
06:45-07:45 If 10% issue of the day would still be remain and project artefacts would require updation. it may take up 1 hour depends on complexity of project.
07:45-08:00 Dinner time.
08:00-09:00 Research time on possible better ways or project is taking any new technology implement and study, visualize its impact on future deliverables. Like one Example: There Was a issue on Report using Oracle BI solution when start fetching data from various data marts and databases taking more time and not having some feature.
So Question is Can we replace BI with portal based UI creation technology like Oracle APEX. Did you hear about it ? it was released in year 2009 and was new technology with hardly 4 resources in Whole company of 30,000 developers. So can we put geographical reporting using APEX rather than OBIEE. Mind you its not the APEX code used in’s platform to create CRM on cloud. Can u up scale in 1 hour about this issue. No first day of the 8-9 time installation, second day 8-9 get basics right at end of week you have replicated the environment. Then you may need time over week ends to experiment.
9:00 -9:30 leave from office wait for Bus.
9:30-10:30 home drop. walk to reach room by 11.
At 11 just drop and read watch sleep.No time. I had never touched facebook when I was working my account came to existent when I left job.
Now there are other activity for which yo might have to take time out for company like creating organisation assets in form of automated solutions, or project status reporting framework, business Case development, team building , taking interviews, over seeing the drop to testing and production, interaction with diverse team member sparse across. build up domain skills of like telecom OSS, BSS or Clinical research etc.
Or taking up groups of competency and giving training to user and developers etc.
When these are adjusted time may swell up more in office. So u may not see sun rise whole day started before sunsrise and Ended in midnight. After few years it will become norm although companies write work life balance but they could never provide due to competitive bidding process takes up less and less for more and more work.
One more issue is attrition: now if attrition is high due to organisational issues then it does add up to work of senior staff to upskill new resource and adjust timings. These are thin lines over which Everything rest each day you will find your self motivated to do more in less time to save time automatically but new things will keep comming.