Wail of secrecy and un-interrupted language of truth

For Over the years people from small town migrated into bigger cities.
Having baked my hands dirty in foot of soil water plants horticulture and agriculture

NECKAR BUT Haan Kar: ( Dress “No Doer” but mind “yes doer”. )

I used to help my poor once rich grandfather in daily paddy produces on field. As Child after School then marshal arts after that most of my time went around those trees on horticulture farm set by my grandfather.
I was beautiful almost 12 fruits each with combination of 4 varieties.. So you can find 50 variety of fruits
Life of farmer In India is very difficult. We would use all mechanical process to preserve Trees. Work was physical like digging pits, watering plants taking water from water canal which comes from Himalayas hills to plants. Jumping over insecticide spraying platform to throw water to top of trees. No doubt over Orchard farm was chosen 2 times best in state of Uttrakhand ( Mangoes, guavas, oranges, pomegranate, papaya, banana, peaches, loquat,pear,plum, litchi , etc..  12 vegetables, and cereals it was self sufficient.
I was just in class XI besides my studies I have to cope from stress of farm work, then martial Arts (Korean Martial Arts : Taekwondo).
With So many things Studies became little overpriced commodity.

Some people would visit our farm me always wearing necker ( mind you its not Hacker or even “Haan Kar or Yes doer” “Always saying yes tendency”.

NECKAR BUT Haan Kar: ( Dress “No Doer” but mind “yes doer”. )
My mind was always “Haan Kar” and dress was always neckar (mind you not “na kar” or “no doer”). long length will always get spoiled in mud and water. For any kind of work I would never say no the Haan kar tendency was high on me.

From Todays debate of Rationalist Vs Non Rationalist : I was far away in neckar but actually never there in hindutva firebrand which we see setup flaming country. For me all religions were equal.
My grandfather was hindu local Arya samaj local body head But he know URDU and Sanskrit. He gave his Orchard Every time to muslim vendor to picking fruits taking to mandi. (Aryan belived to came from IRAN There was no IDOL worship.) Rules were not that strict.
My Mother Father were more IDOL worshiper. Regular Temple goer. At age 5 I was able to recite many full sanskrit shlokas used in havans.
I was always learning from Kilogram books from way yards
Read ” https://sandyclassic.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/learning-english-through-newspaper/”

Changing State from Horticulturist to Educationalist
FROM early age : Farmer , horticulturist to taking plunge later on in mushroom farming : I was trying to bridge My father meagre income with priority of smaller sister Education.
At graduation I started teaching people as private Tutor.  Taking time out whole day paddy fields to tutor people around.
Then I moved to Masters in computer science. From local place I would read almost every word in newspaper from advertisement to advertising agency Name.
Like a army General Watches his maps daily Or Business watches market reports : My reports Were Job posting on newspaper by major companies.
In addition To News in news in News paper.
My Look out patterns:
” What Infosys looking each week after week” Likewise all major companies. For few year we sold out TV So I had just this stuff.
After 2 years reading I could predict Which Company want which kind of manpower sitting there in remote Dehradun away from hustle bustle of Big cities.
There were So many Mentors here Newspaper posting were first starting point of IT requirements. For me my maps were my tools I would revisit them daily taking cuttings and notes.

Also My Teacher Told me a thing “Always appreciate good things”. Made notes about good things I hear and learn from that every time.

I Kept on flowing such had work Worked 14 yrs across industry and Tools technologies. But Like Golden Goose while honest communication from my side kept flowing other side wails of secrecy Kept Tightening Each day new tricks and techniques.
Part 1
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:




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