Caucus Of Hyprocracy and sycophancy

The world we live in money rules the most. The more satisfied people are more they tend to help people.

Look at arguments like blaming someone for currency fluctuations?
Since independence The Currency has fallen more than 20,000 times sometime 20 paisa and sometimes 5 rupees. Now can The people be killed for predicting currency. All poor nations currency will continue to fall that what everyone tells. It’s not new.

Can Currency fall by looking at body language of people? The amount fo money which central bank like RBI pushes in system in 1 day will make any company bankrupt if at all they want to do that. So its impossible the demand for imports and other items drives currency downward.

For years I used to believe and live like INDIAN but last few years I have realized its better to be WORLD citizen. It’s because I had never seen world beyond india. The World we live is full of Hypocrates  and Sycophants especially in corrupt country like india.

If they give arguments like currency fluctuation would they not arrest anyone everytime currency fluctuates.? All indian prison would be full by then now. Is this kind of belligerent ignorant thinking RIGHT?
When you go after someone without reason extend anti social elements against him/her. Is it not sign of corruption or Scam?
We people work hard pay our taxes make country but if it cannot protect and give shelter What is then this whole cacus about?

WORST CRIME BY law is india is prosecuting innocent While we see actual culprits roaming on street and honest hardworking intellectuals dying.
It’s like cleansing of intellectuals. For our Ancestor Chosen method of fight NON VIOLENCE (But see condition today people die on stayagrah FAST ON TO DEATH. No one comes to them ask what is your problem? Why do you want change ?
Numerous Example in past like Ganga cleaning activist died FAST ON TO DEATH. But no body cared to listen to plan changes.

FARMER dies no body comes and drop a tear. JAWAN DIE on border people make horrendous statements. Are we bunch of idiots? Can we not see What has gone wrong against someone may come to us in future? Can we not collectively resists.

I AM NOT THAT PATRIOT NOW: BORDERS MAN have created So all creators are equal. boundaries are irrelevant today.
Scripture tells “World is our home all world people cast religion are our brothers”. I always felt the same. But since I grew 35 years in india So I could not think beyond India. Everyday watch news there is new kind of disappointment. That is precise reason I left India and planned not to come back.

Because India we know freedom fighter non violent like my grandfather brothers KNOW the prise they paid for it. So They wanted to make india great nation. We have achieved a lot But more we progressed more we became hypocrites. (telling something and doing something else).
We forgot our freedom fighters with that we are loosing our freedom as well as our fundamental right to live with dignity.

Look at inflation rate? But look what can you buy in 100 rupees in inflation adjusted terms can you buy equivalence ?Not?
Can we believe data published its all estimates? The superflous painting.

The Facebook Abuse:
Not only common people even for great legends like tendulkar, bollywood stars and cricket : if you take daily statistics atleast 1 million people will be writing negative about all those stars daily.. every second your will receive 1000 good and 500 bad tweets.
having said that Can you really blame someone for misusing INTERNET or Facebook? When let suppose they have written not even 1 or 2 comments.
Facebook abuse has become common from both sides.
There is 1% elite in every country which runs the country and makes decision how it should function?
Our culture routes are criticism ” Nindak niyare rakiyae aagan kuti chaway” But we are losing to learn from criticism.
Out culture ” Was that of giving shelter and learn from everyone” We are losing it.  Today in world of media Can we think of someone from middle class can really take on people on facebook.
It’s impossible. Everything in internet world is paid service. To making it viral.

Butt Stamped approved individual list:
Those who are enjoying fruits of it They will never understand the pain of common man. With Famous cartoonist ” R K Laxman:” The common man is dead. We have now The Thug mans (butt stamped politically butt individuals  who are made nude to check they are affiliated to a party or not)
Just keep your pants down show your butts is there any Stamp there of party No ? .. if not then you are demon not useful at all.

Can we join the caucus ? absolute earlier the better I think as soon child is born Take birth certificate sma eday get it stamped on his/her butt which party would he/she associated with. So Any problem in future you can say he/she is there in party since birth.

Welcome to Caucus. It’s most growing list. It’s almost like communist nation Where wail of secrecy always surrounds you.
Still in democratic India Honest people have no value. In fact Honest people can be treated like criminals While butt stamped can do any crime and roam free enjoy all freedom.
Everywhere you go the stamp will be checked…Then only you become acceptable. Can you have many stamps? I can n’t really say what Can happen then? Is there any refuge ? Ans: In free india atleast I cannot think one.
WE ARE BORN AFTER FREEDOM. FREEDOM WAS GIFTED TO US FOR FREE. We know most free things are precious… did we paid price?

Meanwhile The Caucus is growing….

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