Microsoft BI 2010 strategy

MSBI(SSRS SQL Server Reporting Services,SQL Server integration services SSIS,SQL Server analytical services SSAS). PPS
- excel (most used analytics tool) + with power pivot, and with extension and license of microsoft performance point server
used for data mining only of excel so scale up customer to new high.
-sharepoint collaboration. (integration of BI with content management solutions to keep respective artifacts and documents.
-Micorsoft has now 10% market share in BI market.while Excel has big share in analytics.
- BI for everyone.Pervasive BI . BI reaching to smallest vendor Microsoft can monetize more money out of it.
- Excel enter in market then move to BI of big data prawl.(help in showly accpetance of user in performace point server 
post MSBI implementation.
- self service data analytics.
-cleansing is really required.(new cleansing features in SSIS components)
-no excel for analytics as people move into complexity. they move to full fledge datawarehouse implementation from 
Excel into SQL server based data warehouse which used ETL data Integration tool SSIS earlier version of DTS and 
with integration of proclarity PPS has grown leap and bounds. New charting API makes more powerful.