Economic Development and National integration of North East India

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North East of India has unique culture with Each of 7 states have unique classical dance forms, Folk, Mighty Himalayas, common Brahmputra, and its own Martial Art forms.
a. Watch these two beautiful dance forms devoted to Krishna as aerobatic as Brazil martial dance forms.

b. Manipur dance on life Krishna raslila with Radha
Similarly other parts of North East Assam has Bihu, Nagaland very aerobic dance..
Toursim spots.
The Economic Success of North East lie with linking it to Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia , Cambodia and Singapore with high speed Road and Rail connectivity.
Like in Ancient times it can become trade route between India and East Asia, China and Bangladesh As more people travel through the region people will be able to understand the diversity of India.
How Linking helps North East, and Bengal, Bihar, UP? Read above article and below one
High Speed Rail Economics:

2. Teaching North East Dance forms and Martial Art forms to Rest of India.
North East dance form are very aerobatic can be used for people to learn art as well workout to reduce obesity. In directly It will show people in rest on India cultural awareness about North East.
There is huge market to learning in rest of India let say: Thang-Ta
Government and proviate sector can pitch in create these kind of course in rest of India like for obessity reduction with dance can popularise this dance form

Similarly Naga dance, Arunachal, Each Region has so many skills to teach in schools in India. Really it makes me surprise Why its not taught in schools in India?
Assam Bihu, Arunachal pradesh Folk dance each part of 7 states Has so many music and dance forms to Offer but yet not taught in Any School in India..