The Constant मर-मर-ing actually (murmuring) or Die-Dieing

The questions from the Tyrants:  मर मर or daily dilli Die Die-ing .. Ask question Hiding like thiefs ? Why not jail and question?

Tyrant: Be silent or will kill you.. मार दैंगे. Constant Repeated : मर मर…. Why do not u die yourself ? मर जा.. (now Die (मर)
Suffers response: What is this means What have we done ? Now we want you to die (मर).  But Why it should not be my own decision?
Tyrant: We will take decision for you.. मर-मर … Die Die …
Suffers response: What the hell is this मर-मर ing murmuring? Is this new Die Came to market as Fashion die calling die-dieing everywhere….
How long will this murmuring will last…? But Is there a mistake from my side
Tyrant:  No Just we want you to die. It’s like our liberty We are free nation… everyone has liberty… So we at liberty can think that you should die.
Sufferer: Excuse me What about my own liberty about myself.. If you are so much interested in death (Why do n’t u die ?) …
Tyrant Friend: जरा पता लगाओ .. इसका  Address क्या है?
Sufferer thinking : How are These guys never seen before.. What they want? why they not show up? if they are from Govt they will have addresses ? which means they are not from Government or police or any wing? Are they Anti social..
Sufferer Replies: पता (read patta means address/leaf/ to know). When u say ? जरा पता लगाओ Are u saying to each other Hide private parts using leaf before banging you my door.. My address is very easy… ” आप पता लगा के आओ या बीना पते लगए आओ choice is yours..
We are in 21st century now atleast “पता तो लगा के आओ” (means atleast Come hiding your private parts by leafs) “हवा बहुत तैज़ है अगर पता उद गया तो क्या होगा”.(means I am only thinking of your safety even though you are tyrant if leaves are blown away what will happen wind is strong).
” अगर आप सरकार से है तो पूछने कि क्या जरूरत है.. वो तो आपको किसी भी फोटो पहचान पातर जैसे वोटर ईड कार्ड से मिल सकता है”
If you are from Government then you can easily find address in any document like voter IT Card.. Why saying “पता” address again.. I am at same address many months now.. ” पते लगा के आओ और मार दो (Come with leaf covering atleast private body part if not clothing and kill me).
Then u say ” पता भी नही चलेगा” What does it mean will you come naked like Cave Mens in 21st Century…
Things have changed lot from Cave Men ages Were you in hibernation… people started wearing clothes now…. Do not come naked or with leaves (पते) atleast wear clothes…

Gandhi said long back ” Eye for Eye will make Whole world blind”
Another Gandhi Famous saying ”

 A religion that takes no account of practical affairs and does not help to solve them is no religion .

Mahatma Gandhi

” What do I think of Western civilization? I think it would be a very good idea.” Mahatma Gandhi

Tyrant: ” पता भी नही चलेगा कहाँ गया” ( pata bhe nahi chalega kahan gaya) you will not come to know where you are gone?
Sufferer thinking : पता or address  if you put in soundx function in Oracle.
SOUNDEX returns a character string containing the phonetic representation of char.
The Combination came back : पता either leaf or address….

Sufferer Replied: Please do not believe in “पतों” (leaves).  ” पता भी नही चलेगा कहाँ गया”  will be high risky Winds are flying high leaves will fly in air..
This have moved ahead people do not use leaves any more from 11th century onwards people are wearing clothes made from Wool/Cotton/Jute.. Leaves are not used any more… “पतों के दिन लद गए लोग अब कपड़े पहने लग गए हैं” (we have moved away from ages of leaves to clothes)
IF you use leaves The risk is when you come for Killing and wearing those leaves it may fly in air leaving u naked…
“Atleast Kuch pata laga lo.. ” Atleast get some enquiry done What this person done Book a case Run Case then do whatever you like with him?
Taking shelter another phonetic of पता: (enquire/leaf/to come to know).
You have make us suffer a lot ?Why do you not feel satisfied and leave us alone.

Tyrant (in discussion mode with other tyrant) : What do we do now he is not even responding? If he does not respond how can we harras him more?
(Tyrant IDEA) : ” Tell to world he want to take revenge on some bloody reason I do not care what is that”

Tyrant (in Saying mode) : “You want to take revenge ”
Sufferer: ” Excuse me when and where did i mentioned that. Was it in your dreams “सपने बहुत आते हैं आजकल”.  Why is this threat when I have done nothing? No case no crime? Now u find new reason when I have not responded to your calls. “Now u say I want to take revenge”. I think its another Strategy When u found nothing to continue to harras me or torchure me. If  I am not replying to all your violence and misdeeds on me for years..
Then you are thinking even now he is not responding we have harrased him so much over years may be decade…
Now you say we fear he may take revenge But where did you that world. Did I said it ? For years I was non violent did u not understand I am non Violent.
Tyrant: We understand that But What else We can say then You are not giving any chance to harras you any more…(NO OPTION LEFT).
We have to use this strategy…
Sufferer: Why do not use This strategic thinking for betterment of world What the hell By achieving this Falsehood upon ordinary person like me.
Actually now I have almost adapted to your musings. I never thought such drastic things which are advising me ” अब हम चहते हे तुम मर जओ” ” we want now you should die .
But Without any reason.
Tyrant:  Lets listen to Some dying Words of Philosophy Of great sages. You are just a puff of Wind and sole with body of flesh and bones
Sufferer: Sir correct you its soul not sole.
Tyrant: “Whatever Both are same for us”. If u say to anyone u are Gone With Wind.

Sufferer: But Atleast Give any reason For it.
Tyrant: It does not require any reason. You do not know us.

Sufferer: I know you are not that strong just a stooge of Few people.. You fear Police .. You fear open Words That’s why u are coming sleepishly and disturbing me when you found nothing against me last 10 yrs/decade.
Then When will this Constant  मर-मर-ing or Dilli-dying or Die-Die-ing Will Stop.???

Earlier you were behind me That you were against some people.. That did not work…
Then you said you were behind management ” That also people did not buyed your argument” because both Were false…
Then you said u increased scale of it” You are against province Govt” That also Did not Work as it did not stood test of time and truth..
Then you said you are against ruling party. It also Turned Wrong ” As ruling party lost Election”.
Now there is another party Ruling ” What problem you have now”.

Tyrant: ” Do not tell to anyone Even We fear leaking this conversation “.

Sufferer: ” If you are not in this Govt  nor in past who lost and your fear Police and even comming out in public then why do not leave it”.

Tyrant: ” Another reason which We could find was That you Are (MAY BE MORE Educated).
Sufferer: I have heard Computer Educated/ Physics Educated / Management Educated But What is this new specializtion called “May be more educated”. Ok Call it MBME for short.. Is There anything it will affect you. Even if its perception problem I see from your side.

Tyrant: ” May be”.
Sufferer: Does This means I will go to court And the prosecution will pleade like this …
PROSECUTION: ” My lord : he has done crime so many times That ask him does he remember how many times ”
JUDGE: ” What crime?”
PROSECUTION:” May be Courses”
JUDGE: “May Be words not allowed in court. Mind your language you have to exact”
PROSECUTION: ” Crime is Courses ”
JUDGE: ” What you expect me now to say ” This person under Indian penal Code sentenced to death for doing a crime un-numbered times even he/she not remembering the crime count that is no. of courses…”.

Tyrant: “We can make it”
Sufferer: Just now judge said it not possible… But atleast should tell crime now…

Tyrant: ” Please do not tell to anyone WE ARE SEARCHING”
The Constant मर-मर-ing FEARLESS in Country for Fearless Tagore…

Tyrant: ” जरा पता लगाओ


Let understand What is happening before I start I want to refer To This Song .
I always like good lyrics Song Which have meaning like Bob Dylan ” Masters of Wars”.. and this one from Collionial Cousins “Krishna ”


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