Cloud Architecture Strategy

Cloud Architecture Strategy

The Cloud View

This series we would explore cloud Strategic thinking.
There are lessons on site about how to setup cloud? IAAS, PAAS, SAAS.
How to estimate cloud costing best way is like in amazon use
Amazon calculators.
AWS calculator BeanStalk ServiceLike for hosting a PAAS application using Beanstalk service of amaozon pricing will be like this:
Pricing will be based on
1) Type of Windows/linux servers requested ( whether they are AWS provided or self made and then hosted over AWs cloud).
2). Licensing cost in cloud is machine based licencing for provided machines. For more than 2 remote login whether on Windows you would require RDP CAL licensing with Service Assurance for mobility.
3) DB  licensing like SQL server unlimited user can connect from outside using Sql server management services. SSMS. As licensing is Machine based. M3x instance has 4 CPU hence 4 CPU license capacity provided.
AWS calculator BeanStalk Service 2

4) depending on solution The Services used…

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