Tableau Server 8.3 configuration and Admin

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  • 1. TableauServerConfiguration Setup Adminusername andpassword NT Domain/username Data Connection:
  • 2. TableauServerpanel:Youcan see the leftside menuforAdminpanel Settingsare self descriptive : EmbeddedCredentialswill allowpublisherstoattachpasswordsto publishedworkbooksthatwillautomaticallyauthenticate webusers. You can setup sites,users,Site users,projects,data connection,schedule,Tasks,etc.. Reportshelpanalyze Administrationtasks.
  • 3. Sessionactivity,DetailedUserActivity Performance Of Requests
  • 4. Statusof backgroundtasks Chart : Space usedby user We will setupprocedure: Development:Tableaudesktopdevelopreportsandkeeppublishingto Developmentsite
  • 5. Testing:Whendevelopmentisfinishedandreportsare readyfor testing.Published(Tobe testedversion to testsite). TableauUser Password Name Testuser Any Password TestUser Dev User Dev password Dev user I have segrated acess to dev / admin on UI Install Tableau desktop on another machine or virtual machine TableauDesktop: Tableau Desktop 1 IP Address Username Tableau Server Configuration: 1. Segregated access to Dev/Test / Admin on Tableau Server UI: Test User: Viewer Acess Development User: Publish Acess. 2. Separate Site for Test and Development User. Dev:http:///t/Dev/view/projects
    Test: http:// <IP address>/t/Test/view/project
  • 3. Password has been mailed to user separately.
  • 4. encapsulate IP address with domain name (For which we need to…

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