Multi vendor Cloud (IAAS) management Analytics

The Cloud View

  • 1. Cloudyn:Tool ForMulti vendorClouddeploymentmanagement: For Managingcost: Billingacrossmulti deployment
  • 2. AnalysisOf costbymultiple workstream: Cost AnalysisbyStackandServices:
  • 3. Resource andservicesForeach Cost analysis:Formultiple instanceoverperiodof time.
  • 4. Cost of servicesGroupedbyWorkstreamand Stack (Windows,linux etc.)
  • 5. Creationof rulestocustomize AllocationRule for(services)CostEstimation. Cost of Compute/Disk/StorageOvertime Stackedbyinstance type
  • 6. Machine Comparisonandtrackingfor memory/CPU/space usage overtime.
  • 7. Findinginefficienciesinallocationof Disks,ReservedVsunreserved instances
  • 8. UnusedReservedinstancesdetectedabove. ServerSizingforOptions:(Lowestmemory utilization,HighestCPUutilizationetc.)
  • 9. ServerSizingRecommendation ListingDownsizingCandidate instances.
  • 10. Recommendationabove basedondata:reservedinstanceinplace of ondemand.
  • 11. Chart showingondemand,All upfront,Partialupfront,NoupfrontaccumulatedCostoverperiodof time.
  • 12. Usinginstances Only12 hours a day machine move toon demand(see blue above) Savingfrommovingtoon demandinstances.

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