India needs to expand tax base, social net and reduce Debt

The economic side Of Things

This article I am writing because as project manager should be concern with what happening with economy in general. New Government is trying all out. These should be Top concern

India’s major concern is Tax/GDP ratio need to increase tax base..

To encourage people tax collect should be given back as per month dole during period they are unemployed…

Debt/GDP ratio at 63% is highest in any developing country.. see rounded figure below 2nd worst in developing world.


Govt Budget 3rd worst in developing world:

While Inflation Look with which countries it is clubbed with:

My personal views on Solutions present:
Govt had done a good job in trying to get back India as manufacturing base for Global majors.
For Last 10 yrs IT was main engine Now Manufacturing would develop as another choice.
Strategy conveying slogan should address:
” per day minimum wage in India is just 0.19 dollar while in…

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