Prayer Of Universality : Trying to Find Realistic meaning

To often we are constrained by imagination and application of mind to the problem we confront.
There are two possibility Either we Do not know Or We know but do not how to apply the known fact to accomplish results. 
Example: We know there may be other solar system where life is there but we have not built any system we can transport us there..
But all things may be present in modern Technology world but we do not know application in right sequence.
So I FOUND THIS PRAYER VERY UNIVERSALISTIC in that it remains independent of Even religion or sect 
पूजनीय प्रभु हमारे भाव उज्ज्वल कीजिये (Pujniya prabhu hamare bhav ujwal kijyae )
Man Says to God: Take me my approach towards right directions.. Take my approach on rigtht spirits.
There can be many approaches to reach goal like in mathematics also you can apply trignometry or geometry or calculus or algebra to same problem all are right but which one is better.. God out of all right approaches take me to better one to solve problem at hand…..

छोड़ देवें छल-कपट को, मानसिक बल दीजिये (Chood devein Chal Kapat Ko Mansik Bal Dee jiyae..)
To Solve This problem Give me mental strength So I do not resort to wrongful means..  
Often When we are perplexed with intriguing complex questions we are not able to find solutions easily we try to run into short cuts or Easier method..
Einstein Said:

  • “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

And all those Who are on wrong side of violence or wrong practises give them strength of mind to Come to right side…
वेद की बोलें ऋचाएँ, सत्य को धारण करें
The literal meaning would translate We should say words of wisdom offering moral values text like vedas.
But Actually It means: ” We should speak language of Truth. Since Vedas try to decipher truth to best of there ability and many places where they could not find answers they Ended in Question in itself.. To reflect What is factual and representation was universalistic in nature.
Second line says We should adopt truth whatever was represented by fact and data.. That’s why it ends at or adopting dharn karein.. and not at just believing as i say.. it say Experiment and find new versions new meanings..
Few years back if you say light can carry data if you say it was not truth…
But Today all fibre optics carry data in optics format or using the light.. 
So What is true today may not be true tomorrow.. So it say’s adopt what is true today.. which also means keep searching for new versions because this may not be end point..

हर्ष में हों मग्न सारे, शोक-सागर से तरें
Another Universal approach: Say Everyone around irrespective of any sect should be happy and dipped from top to bottom in like water of joy.. 
To reflect the same The water dipping is performed in river to make us understand that our fundamental nature out of this clutter of world to come out in joy.. This clutter or sufferings or life time is like a sea of unending request , wishes, problems never ending desires. We have body is spirit. And Spirit Controls body let this spirit come out of this circle of sufferings into pure soul..

अश्वमेधादिक रचाएँ, यज्ञ पर-उपकार को
Yagya is fire cermony representing Body is made from 5 forms Earth, Water, Fire, Air and space.
Today also we have only these forms like we represents non-life insurance of Earth, Air, water, Fire and Space.
But we know today body is ultimately decomposed into these forms after death it spreads to 5 elements Earth, water, fire, Air and Space.
Actual meaning:
The daily Food We take goes inside it is composed of matter fro earth like vegetables or non-veg , burned into form useable energy, water and other minerals needed in body.. 
The Daily food represents that Fire cermony we perform each time we take meal.. 
Prayer says: This Food burning ceremony should give us energy to Do Good for society … (यज्ञ पर-उपकार).
So Everytime when we eat we should think that what good does it producing in Thinking and by actions…

यज्ञ means sacrifice so sacrifice your energy for Good Cause…

Do not re-invent the Wheel : Complete this full interpretation .. Now off to work now..
Another person did good work also another version see: 

धर्म-मर्यादा चला कर लाभ दें संसार को
May we always live with faith and dignity and benefit the world
(I could not Add better words..) But here see focus is benefit all irrespective of Caste, colour , religion…

नित्य श्रद्धा-भक्ति से यज्ञादि हम करते रहें
“May we keep on performing yajnas regularly with faith and reverence”  (These two lines taken from link above.. 
Focus is doing daily Every time we do yagna like taking meals think this energy I will do good to some people.

रोग-पीड़ित विश्व के संताप सब हरते रहें
Reduce suffering and eradicate diseases of all kinds across the world.. Here focus is on all kinds irrespective like some disease are region specific.. it focus on सब means ALL.

भावना मिट जाए मन से पाप-अत्याचार की
” May our mind be free from the feelings of sin and atrocities.”
Here I add not only atrocities but also injustice. Gandhi said: It’s injustice to suffer injustice or discrimination. Root Cause of Evil in world today comparisons or jealous actions which leads to violent behaviour by thought and action.

कामनाएँ पूर्ण होवें यज्ञ से नर-नार की
“May the desires of all men and women be fulfilled by Yajna”
Desire is never ending Sea at minimal level it optimizes our performance gives other chance ..
Like if person is Rich can purchase all fruits in market where will other poor or mid income go?
Actually in reality Micro-financing to some extent we share risks and pool money in a way we give chance to others on rotation basis to take sum at once which is otherwise not possible…
लाभकारी हो हवन हर जीवधारी के लिए
“May the hawan be beneficial for every living being”
May this Food burning gives Energy to all life forms ..says all forms means animals, tress vegetations , of course as science defines.. Man is Social Animal. 

वायु-जल सर्वत्र हों शुभ गन्ध को धारण किए
“May the air-water everywhere hold the auspicious smell”
Actual meaning is not smell in air but keep air pure.. So every life form can thrive to maximum capacity..
Oxygen is main food for brain.. If air is pure oxygen level is good. Each life form brain work to maximum capacity.

स्वार्थ-भाव मिटे हमारा, प्रेम-पथ विस्तार हो
“May we get rid of our selfish feelings and enhance the path of love”
Give to the world feeling of love taking away selfishness.. Is it translateable.. The Customer focused companies live share there caring of customer by focusing on exact customer needs to perfection.. Customer reflect back by showing brand loyalty or love for the brand…

“इदन्न-मम” का सार्थक प्रत्येक में व्यवहार हो
May we truly believe that “Nothing is mine” everything belongs to God and put it into practice
प्रेमरस में तृप्त होकर वन्दना हम कर रहे
We worship you feeling contented with love
नाथ करुणा-रूप करुणा आपकी सब पर रहे
O Lord, our protector may your kindness always be bestowed on everyone

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