Prayer Of Universality : Trying to Find Realistic meaning


To often we are constrained by imagination and application of mind to the problem we confront.
There are two possibility Either we Do not know Or We know but do not how to apply the known fact to accomplish results. 
Example: We know there may be other solar system where life is there but we have not built any system we can transport us there..
But all things may be present in modern Technology world but we do not know application in right sequence.
So I FOUND THIS PRAYER VERY UNIVERSALISTIC in that it remains independent of Even religion or sect 
पूजनीय प्रभु हमारे भाव उज्ज्वल कीजिये (Pujniya prabhu hamare bhav ujwal kijyae )
Man Says to God: Take me my approach towards right directions.. Take my approach on rigtht spirits.
There can be many approaches to reach goal like in mathematics also you can apply trignometry or geometry or…

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