Security Requirement Gathering in Agile World and Six Sigma

The Security View

Security Requirements are generally categorized in NFR (Non Functional Requirements) during requirement gather phase.
There is Always a dual between Usability/Ease of Use and Security.More Ease of use given to consumer more vulnerability it is Exposed with. With more Secure software many of the vulnerable functionality of ease of use features have to be reduced.
Security-Functionality and Ease of Use triadEach one is correlated when you increase one it will decrease the other. Such as it satisfy property of Triangle

(sum of two side > left over side) then only triangle is possible.
So if Functionality + Ease of Use is increased then the Security has to be downgraded.Read related blog on more Triad detail.
In Modern time Security of Software is quite a concern with user information leaks and security attacks coming into picture daily. This means loss of money and creditability of company. The most important…

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