Ragged Hierarchy Support in Oracle DRM

Ragged Hierarchy Solution in Oracle MDM-DRM

Oracle Technologies and Trends

Hierarchy are represented in ERP and other multifarious systems in form represented By business.Hierarchy like Country–>County–>City is one geographic hierarchy.
So When I want to drill-down to view detailed Sales from Country to county to City level.
The sales data show detailed value of each granular city sales detail.
Same way as we collapse or Rollup hierarchy from city to County level the sales of City gets added up in Business Intelligence System or other reporting system.

What Is Ragged Hierarchy?
There are balanced nodes and unbalanced nodes.
Whenever update to one leg of hierarchy tree happens while other leg representing another hierarchy remains same. Then This is Called as unbalanced Hierarchy or Ragged Hierarchy.
RaggedHierarchy due To Changes in One Leg

For Example in representation See in diagram changes in Right leg caused A21 to move level down but for another hierarchy A21 remains unchanged Which caused the parent -child relation to be like that if both…

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