Answers To India’s Growth Story To reduce poverty

The Answers to Good Growth in India relies very much on Creative new Industries Like Alternative source of Energy, City planning like putting cycle routes in all cities in India for reducing healthcare Expenditure by healthy lifestyle at same time reduce fuel usage of Gush of cars every morning travelling to their offices..with single person inside…..

1. Education Reforms
R&D and HRD ministry have to look Higher Education reforms Which will ultimately Contain or Expand india’s growth story and reduce poverty in country…also help industrial houses and outside investors..
Industries require to grow in order to maintain good P&L and returns for its stakeholders for that most important Capital is Human Capital Which is created by diverse competitive universities highly specialized focused on R&D.
Now India has largest youth population But if they are not educated they cannot come upto graduation level then less people will compete for R&D positions if R&D seats are not competitive in terms of number of people competing for it as well Researchers are jointly compensated by industries+University Grant+Govt Grant. Then Industries would not be competitive.
If Rules are not well placed right people will not come up. If higher Education Standards of 250+ Universities are not made equivalent to say IIT or IIM then Even it not helpful for growth and therefore even for IIT or IIM.

Higher Education is One area which will Constraint India’s growth Story in Long run. It cannot be improved in 1 year it requires atleast 4 years. To improve status of universities to world class Competitive Industries.

2. Expert Ministry led by Regulator:
India cannot work under present without collective wisdom for regulators Experts put in to tune Sector let say remember Telecom Sector History, or Stock Market History, or Banking Industry or Even IT industry (without NASSCOM).

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