Seem Andhra and Telangana A win-Win Deal for Telgu people

After few years of formation of Seem Andhra Under right leadership The pace of development in Seem Andhra will outpace Telegana.
That Has happened with Every New State Which was formed in India since 1950.
Myth #1 : Seem Andhra does not have resources.
Fact: Haryana came out of Punjab And now Haryana per capita in more than Punjab.
People Argue Seem Andhra has less resources. Haryana also had much less resources.(No major river, No Agriculture in many areas due to vicinity with desert. But punjab had rivers, agriculture, Electricity resources etc etc..

Myth #2: There is No Capital City And it will take long time to develop new capital.
Fact #2: World class capital will Start competing with Bangalore.
Historic Opportunity so seem andhra to Choose Senic Land and develop well planned capital city like Gandhinagar with hight per capita Tree population and world class smart city Technology From Fresh.
This City if in good climate zone like bangalore (moderate temperatures) and World class smart city infrastructure it can become Next Bangalore For India ( This remains very High possibility). because if you develop from fresh due to new learnings There might not be mistakes due to old historic constructions.(As every science even Civil Engineering keep evolving Every year).
Myth #3: It takes long time to build capital.
Fact: Mordern technology makes it faster.
Let See this video where 10 storey building was constructed in 2 days 48 hours..
GandhiNagar in Gujarat has highest per capita Trees per hectare  New capital can also come in that range.

Myth #4: It’s not good for Telgu people both sides.
Fact: Competition between states and the performance would be compared each  year. This will lead to imporovement in quality of life Both sides.

Myth #5: Telgu people are divided. Language was one thing based on which states were formed.
Fact: UP, Bihar,Haryana, rajasthan, MP, uttranchal, himachal Almost language is same which represent 45% on india’s population and by that logic all should be 1 state.UP itself is so large and contradictions in state.. To any reasonable mind it un-manageable.
So Teglu speaking population in India is 8% in terms of total population. Since Both sides were very sensitive about issues many majority Telgana preferred division since very long time..
Now Already majority states in india are not divided even if same language like bihar, Jharkhand, and MP/Chattisgarh, and Uttranchal and UP Still all are doing well.
Probably After few years people will not even know that they are in different states as has happened with other states in India.

All things mentioned above are also true for telangana.


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