From Myanmar(Burma) to Punjab (india): Life of my mother

Father of My Mother (Nanaji) born in Punjab but was working for many years in Burma Myanmar (Rangon now called Yangon). And My Nani ji was born in small village between Now J&K and Punjab.
Myanmar To Jalandhar 4,000 Kms & two  countries
When india was separated from Burma in 1931 My nanji shifted his residence to India from Myanmar in 1940’s. First stop was at Muzzaffar Nagar, India Where my mother was born.
Life of subhas:
I had no clue What form many years Nanji was in Myanmar And after coming to India named his daughter “subhas”. He was very good accountant, tall well built.
He worked in Muzzaffar Nagar for few years and set up a small unit of ice-creame manufacturing there but it was taken over by some people over a by miscreants dispute Instead fighting Nanaji choose to move to Jalandhar, Punjab and continuing his accountancy practise.
My mother right from childhood very hardworking very fond of music , sports and education.
She was offered a job of librarian in 1960 but she refused due to commitment to home.
Her village between Kashmir valley , punjab, himachal was also hill area away from town.
So people had to work up a lot for daily tasks.
At home my grandfather did not believed in Idol Worship but my mother believe So there was Contradiction to outsider But not to people at home reason being Idol represented The Expression of Art towards God. To many people The idol help to visualize the power , knowledge and Aura of God. You can see the Calmness and Expression of completeness on Every Idol which you see in Sanatam Dharma.
But on contrast Arya samaj never has idol in any of temple since its considered Sin to give a form to unknown God.
The Vedas were also very open to this question and Candidly They have put these questions in form of poetry. (I will write later translation of this)

My mother was very good in creating designs in Sweater from Early age and all creative aspect of sewing based decorations. Infact due Excessive focus on minute sewing she had big lens in the Spectacle.
Right from childhood when we are back at home She would put us on English dictations for many words. For Us it was additional home work daily at home and then tables of multiplications and readings.
She won many small music competition at school. Even long back planned a knitting training institute at my hometown.
(Continued next Time)

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