My Experiments with Truths- part 8

AS I did lived in very contrary conflicting views I always knew that there can two point view to same concept.
Truth is not linear its Spherical.
You say how to reach to Japan from Dublin by flight
Way #1: Dublin – US -Japan
Ways #2: Dublin-Singapore-Japan.
There are two destinations Can the route be single dimensional linear line As world is spherical there are two routes to reach same goal.
Can one route be better than other? Should one route be banned and other followed?
its Complex choice for people to decide. 🙂
Sometimes Complexity and common sense are advantageously complicated in age of Hypocrisy.
More Educated people are like tree with low hanging fruits. Does Education helped people to broaden their vision and think beyond narrow lane?
As monopoly are reduced in world over everywhere We are creating new monopolies by putting Exclusive reliance on few institutions.
There is huge difference between what is on paper and What is reality? Every Time the difference between Actual Vs Real is increasing.
If there is some issue in route#1 then always route#2 is created by god.
God Does believe in diversity.
Why Diversity important? Does Diversity help?
Read :
Example: If let suppose flowers of world of thousand variety.We say we want only rose to be flower and remove all others What will happen?
In our pursuit of perceived benefit we would not realize that whole world Everwhere there is red Rose. When you go any place u only see red rose..
Can you call it flower then? Would it not be called Weed ? What are variety of weeds which are flower?
These Question comes to our mind. Would world be better place or dangerous place?
Even small rose disease would wipe out all flower population then.
Are we not focusing on Bio-diversity? Are we not ready to grow ourself to new levels?
Everyone species is important for our own sustainability.
If that realisation sets in then Why there is no tolerance to difference of opinion?
Why more Educated are far away from reality? Why more Ego are setting in?
Dot within Dot
Earth the tiny dot in milky way. And milky way is another dot in Universe.
Do we know what is out there? Then Why more Ego in Educated minds.
When fundamental questions are yet to be answered then why such ego setting in?
From the Time institutions were conceptualized by Aristotle would this Ego setting progressed to Extent what we see today?
In the world Were Every religion, caste communities are like flower in Garden put by Gardener The God.

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