My Experiments with Truths- part 8

AS I did lived in very contrary conflicting views I always knew that there can two point view to same concept.
Truth is not linear its Spherical.
You say how to reach to Japan from Dublin by flight
Way #1: Dublin – US -Japan
Ways #2: Dublin-Singapore-Japan.
There are two destinations Can the route be single dimensional linear line As world is spherical there are two routes to reach same goal.
Can one route be better than other? Should one route be banned and other followed?
its Complex choice for people to decide. 🙂
Sometimes Complexity and common sense are advantageously complicated in age of Hypocrisy.
More Educated people are like tree with low hanging fruits. Does Education helped people to broaden their vision and think beyond narrow lane?
As monopoly are reduced in world over everywhere We are creating new monopolies by putting Exclusive reliance on few institutions.
There is huge difference between what is on paper and What is reality? Every Time the difference between Actual Vs Real is increasing.
If there is some issue in route#1 then always route#2 is created by god.
God Does believe in diversity.
Why Diversity important? Does Diversity help?
Read :
Example: If let suppose flowers of world of thousand variety.We say we want only rose to be flower and remove all others What will happen?
In our pursuit of perceived benefit we would not realize that whole world Everwhere there is red Rose. When you go any place u only see red rose..
Can you call it flower then? Would it not be called Weed ? What are variety of weeds which are flower?
These Question comes to our mind. Would world be better place or dangerous place?
Even small rose disease would wipe out all flower population then.
Are we not focusing on Bio-diversity? Are we not ready to grow ourself to new levels?
Everyone species is important for our own sustainability.
If that realisation sets in then Why there is no tolerance to difference of opinion?
Why more Educated are far away from reality? Why more Ego are setting in?
Dot within Dot
Earth the tiny dot in milky way. And milky way is another dot in Universe.
Do we know what is out there? Then Why more Ego in Educated minds.
When fundamental questions are yet to be answered then why such ego setting in?
From the Time institutions were conceptualized by Aristotle would this Ego setting progressed to Extent what we see today?
In the world Were Every religion, caste communities are like flower in Garden put by Gardener The God.

Life of my Grandfather Learning from Adversity, Equality and Triumph

My Grandfather was born in 1913 in Jalalabad, India as wealthy and ideal pro-poor Landlord. He used work hard in his father field and go to school after long walk.
After Completing Mechnical Engineering from Lahore, pakistan in undivided India. Both My grandfather and his brother were employed in Indian railways in expanding railway lines during those days.
Being Straight Forward person he resigned from Railways after seeing corruption there
When I used to ask He told me;” We had enough fields to take care so he never bothered at that time.”
He had horses and fields were growing tobacco which he used to oversee.When anyone needs help he used to just give money without asking them time to return. Unlike his father he lost lot of money.But he never bothered because Everytime there was sufficient more available.
During Any family marriage in village? There was a room full of a vessels for village to Eat Was kept for village for any occasion for free.
Our town was on border near India-pakistan during partition had seen lot of violence. Although our town was inside india only. So he decided to leave all his property there and move to safe place.
URDU + Non vegetarian
My grandfather was very proficient in Urdu used to write letter to many of his friends yet very strong vegetarian. These days this combination is hard to believe. Upto 93 years of his life he was healthy with no disease and active on fields.
The Migration
My grandmother just took a bag with money all family came to Dehradun, uttranchal Where his cousin was running a Ayurvedic Medicine Company.
And Another cousin was MTech in aeronautics resigned from India after corruption Went to Manchester and settled there in 1950.
During a call of vinova bhave distributed land to poor under Bu-Daan Andolan.
My grandmother was strict Gandhian and used to make her clothes using charkha SPINNING WHEEL.

Brahmin and Arya Smaji (No Castism, No fundamentalism, No Idol Worship)
There were Two divisions in hinduism one which believed in Idol worship and other one which does not. So My mother believed in Idol worship but my grandfather did not belived in idol worship. There were no Idols in his room. While my mother had my god Idol.
Although its not hard for Hindu to understand this duality.
I would often turn to vivekanand to understand this and other other side by by Maharishi Dayanand saraswati.
When I wandered outside my house then only i could see there are difference on opinion.
At my house there was no difference between perceived lower caste and perceived upper caste. It was Highly reformed group with no casteism, no magic, no prejudices which exited in society since 17th century.
Few Quote on Dayanand form people present in his time.
“”A man of spirit has passed away from India. Pandit Dayananda Saraswati is gone, the irrepressible, energetic reformer, whose mighty voice and passionate eloquence for the last few years raised thousands of people in India from, lethargic, indifference and stupor into active patriotism is no more.” – Col Henry Steel Olcott.”
“Swami Dayananda Saraswati is certainly one of the most powerful personalities who has shaped modern India and is responsible for its moral regeneration and religious revival.” – Subhas Chandra Bose
Every Sunday Whole family will go in Everyother person house (dalit or non dalit or any caste) person will conduct prayer of fire, called Yagna (to represent 5 forms of namely Earth, water, air, sky and Ether or sound) from which life is made.
Man of few words
He would never speak about his past life only if sometimes I request then only some information I will get but When required he would give right guidance. I was very amazed he would never become angry in any situation. I have never seen him angry despite under stress.
Landlord to Alternative medicine Drug Chemist
From Landlord to drug manufactuerer: My Grandfather after coming to new town started helping his cousin in manufacturing ayurvedic drugs like chavanprash.
Many times I was amazed at amount of knowledge old people in India had those who have seen Freedom movement. From Calculations table of 27 to medicine memory as good as a child in old age upto 85 yrs.
Confusion diffusion:
There was time When I was not able to decide Whether to move to delhi for work. As first time I was moving to new bigger city. I asked him he told me ” Himmat-e-marda- madad-ye khuda”.
For sometimes there was like surprise to me. Then he advised my Father Also which I still relevant for many family life in india old urdu jumla
“The three main reasons of difference in family are jar, joru, and jamin” in many family.

Chemist -cycle Shop- Farmer-hoticulturist
I really amazed at struggle faced by him form wealthy landlord leaving all property behind to chemist, Then he started a cycle shop but still he was always helping people many people would not return cycle after requesting him and he obliges Almost every time.
Suffered loss in business due to same reason.
Then Became farmer during those process my father will also help. I was still not born those days. Really hard time rocked family dependent of agriculture.
Grandfather started building collection of trees for horticulture at one time got best garden award due to variety and rage present in field. There were still 1 year back 13 fruits and 40+ trees and agriculture production of atleast 20 vegetables. Rarely we would go in market to buy.
As Child I was always helping him in fields ploughing, watering, pouring insecticide on trees using large manual pumps.I would often go on havans try to understand the differences in Concepts. Many great people did visited our house but I was very small then to understand those days.My grandfather Always wore Khaadi. Everything smallest made up of only khaadi from banayan to bed sheet.
My grandfather would be always surrounded by perceived lower caste and work with all , eat with all in fields irrespective of caste community. As result when grand Children was a home children never had this feeling of difference. Only When we come out in city we could see people talking different language. At home some of my best friends were dalits.
When I worked first time in peoplesoft company then I came to know people see other with different makeup kind of racism.
Older Generation: Concept of Freedom:
What I understood was liberating self. Learning complex task , practising , following challenging options like career change, migrations, self reliance, Equality to everyone.
He followed Strict Discipline on self but not binding on Others.
Whenever he would say only in suggestive way never like order but yet effective communication and cools attitude nobody will disobey. Atleast I have seen not a single person dis-obeying at work. Everyone would respect him.
But All this generosity Did had toll on Family as Often They have to suffer but they feel okay something good is done.
Today’s India its hard to live in corrupt Administration. Even My father had to struggle for grandfather death certificate with clerk returning back many times telling not able to find particular file.
The problem is nothing is connected or computerised or decentralised giving some power in hand of local bodies no check balance Exists.
My grandfather would often quote great indian non violent freedom fighters and builders of mordern India. Not even once he would think about caste or community.
Nearly Everytime he would give fruit trees to muslim traders when they are not present he would sleep in open tree orchards.
When First time I took the bed on open field and slept I could not sleep out of fear as child in night. During my work at field at seeing fruits ripening or not etc snakes have passed touching my legs only escaped as I became stationary.
But My grandfather would go and lift snake with tail safely send them out of field and catch wild cats. I did learned few things like how to identify snake sound but I could never lift a snake. He could easily read English, Hindi, urdu, punjabi.
For me all this versatility were lot of learning Experience which almost never End.
I can write Endlessly on incidents to incidents some day I would Today End here…
My Dream Lost
I Did dream that I would settle before his eyes and make him see changing India But corruption in public/private is so killing that people who built India are often forgotten.
Farmers were most Exploited lot.
When I got in shock mode I could not figure out what to do?  Then came phase which was compounded by people planted in my life. As that was not enough shock. people came to life as friend and as girl friend for marriage kept wasting time as they were controlled by may be politicians.But As my Father said I remained At Every Extremity positive only to be sidelined.
Then people started spreading rumours. The marriage websites
Today There is huge rage in country about corruption and politicians some people think violent solutions but I never based my arguments on those lines as even today I feel as my grandfather said non violence is counter productive.
What I feel irrespective of party or affiliations people should come together with even politicians and try to solve the issue by persuading and trying to make them understand issues of the ground.

Leadership is important But Team is also important. Leadership should take people along and team along everything should be distributed like we see today Advances in distributive computing. By Distributing changes Can be Effective Faster.
More details on thought I would forward in next blog for decision makers to take cognizance of facts on ground and possibilities.