Chill Pill to Eradicate Malnutrition- SPIRULINA

There are countries facing huge malnutrition crisis, Food Crisis.
Giving poor people only staple food with cereals like Wheat, rice only gives Carbohydrates to body which gets converted into sugar inside body to provide us energy to run our daily body cells functions. But in terms of priority for any wear a tear require protien
For proper metabolism we require vitamin, minerals.
For proper development of child during Early years protein is most important as it is associated with growing body.
1. SPIRULINA is considered wonder by WHO food for future having all essential protein, mineral and vitamins

For a child 1g to 5g spirulina can wipe out all malnutrition and it already being used in Maudrai in Tamil nadu with good results.
Moreover it can also Reduce poverty in Urban as well as rural areas As Spirulina can be grown in small tanks , in ponds.
The Extra Dried up spirulina can be sold in market can be brought by some Board to promote Spirulina and then can be sold at subsidised prices further in multiple for in
2. Mid Day Meal is school spirulina can be mixed to eradicate malnutrition.
3. Cost:
Avg Cost per day buying
 from international market comes 7 Rupees per day.
When Avg income per day in 180 rupees per day in India.
This is just 3% of daily income of poor in India malnutrition can be eliminated.
While when locally grown cost comes down by 1/3 then its almost negligible cost malnutrition can be eliminated.
4. Spirulina BioFuel
Extra Spirulina can be turned into Fuel can be turned into Biofuel

5. Waste Water Management: Spirulina production
Algae thrive on waste water to grow faster can be effectively utilised to grow
with Spirulina production.

6. URBAN POVERTY and Malnutrition