What to sacrifice for Software Learning? part 6

Continued from Last part 5.

2006 we were implementing BO on Top of SAP BIW For a technology major. We were also migrating data from financial Modules of SAP FICO also called LO cokpit migration and COPA migration (Cost and profitability Analysis modules within SAP).
My interest were to move up value chain rather than just doing what is required? So I had been trying to learn extension to BI called Planning modules. Which coincidently in week-end Management classes by By ICFAI MBA on management Accounting classes had in detail concepts of Balanced Score Card, Management reporting and consolidations.

Later on SAP acquired world largest business planning software company called outloooksoft You can read more about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OutlookSoft
But  having been directly attached to SAP BO product divison before acquisition. I have been updating my self on Cognos Planning, and SAP demand planing modules.
Post Acquisition This Small planing company having major share was integrated in SAP offering Called SAP BPS (You can read how balanced Score Card sub module with BPS)
What was required for the job was BO integration knowledge which I could exibit during those discussions.But I had gone down deeper in chain by learning SAP BIW customisations ETL and writing SAP Exits for transformations in 2005 in addition to planning submodules.
Rather Than Engaging myself on usual task which other people in project were doing like going to dance bars calling up people home. I choose to move away from company provided accommodations to a place were few of my friends were living in Aundh in pune. Away from Goregaon park accommodations.  Concentrate on learning new Skills away from all benefits company provided. I have been only 4.5 yrs into career by this I had covered all major ERP, Java, .net, BI and ETL products from Top also managed to work on them due to company urgent requirements And developed this kind unique combinations which were handy to company to position me in any permutations Where its hard to get people from market.(This was revealed to later. I will ellborate later).
Due to this hard focus people felt lot of friction one person whose brother was IPS officer one day came out of office and threatened me (telling Why are you trying to Show more than required in turn even they were also forced to scale up) But non was my intentions which I rebuffed never cowed down by threats. Surely This aspect of corporate life used to wonder in India were Laws are weekly implemented.
All My External Learning decisions were vindicated as often I see later on Even Company acquisitions were going in Same way. Like My thinking many times validated So I could relate how Things are moving in Industry? Big Company R&D are much ahead of time and curve always As They have to on implementation side you judge from market
As Sr Software Engineer:
2004-5 EAI products with ERP later ERP came with EAI modules like Oracle Fusion middlware, SAP integration kit, SAP XI.
2005-6 SAP-outlooksoft, SAP BIW-BO,
As Team Lead:
2008 : IBM Cognos 8 with Flex Controls which came in Cognos 10.
2008-9 : learning process Orchestration modules of IBM WebSphere like BPM. Later ERP came with modules like SAP XI came with SAP PI module.
2009– Oracle-Primavera (in class coincidently I found all civil engineers).
2010– BPEL, integrated with Earlier knowledge of  Business Process Management BPM module.
As Architect
2009-10 Apache hadoop, map reduce. (Which actually few people laughed in 2009 in India being in datawarehousing why are you  learning this technology). But now Everyone knows why?
We have to base our foots on ground and remember “we are sitting on shoulders of Giants”. And We have to anticipate Where market is moving Everytime.
Having This range Came handy when we are implementing
2011 EAI+ETL+BI+Portal module for British Telecom project of Tech Mahindra in 2011.
2011-12 Focus was on Security + Virtualisation (Vmware) + Networking.
Also since I was away from job started using Social Media first time as almost coerced from all directions in belonging to a perceived minority religion of Hindusim (still I am figuring out what is reason for this?).
2012-2013- Masters in Information and Network security from first time outside India in Ireland with 10 other online courses + 2 certifications.

  • Operation Management, Wharton Business School, Pennsylvania University,USA.
  • Competitive Business Strategy, LMU University, Germany.
  • Technology Security and History, University Of Michigan,USA.
  • Introduction to Finance,University Of Washington,USA.
  • Malicious Software and its Economy, University Of London,UK.
  • Mathematical Thinking and Models, University Of Michigan,USA.
  • Software Defined Networking, Georgia Institute of Technology,USA.
  • Designing and Executing Information Security Strategies, University Of Washington,USA.
  • Pattern-Oriented Software Architectures for Concurrent and Networked Software from Vanderbilt University, USA.
  • Healthcare Informatics Over cloud from University of Minnesota, USA.
  • Course in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), copyrights, Trademarks, trade secrets,India.

Which some people say how they are related ? (I can relate Every small bit Ask me if not understood).
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