Innovation from Telecom Jam to Traffic Jamm

There was a time when we had scarcity running everywhere in world especially in India.
India moved from scarcity to abundance from number of vehicle on road causing jamm to lot of people squezzed to a Cell tower causing Jamm sometimes. Although telecom jamm are rare only.
Innovation in Telecom from 2G, Wi-Max to 4G is enabler for other technology.

Calculations: Only 3% population Employable by University System

In Any country let suppose literacy rate is 80% among adults population.
Out of 80% population how many did pass 10 th class Exam.
Some may have dropped to due poverty or just because not able to clear.
Look at realistic percentage:
 1. Let say 70% of them managed to clear 10th Exam: 80-(80*.3)=56
As average state board results are in 70% range.
 2. Then Those who go for 12th : result say 90%. and 10 % dropout.
 56-(56 * 0.2) = 45 %. 12 th pass.
3. How many graduate pass ultimately?
Take case of india out of 225 university and 50 IIT or 20 IIM. only top 25% university are good enough for employability. Let suppose only top 25 % student from every indian university get into real employment.
out of 45%= 45 – (3/4 * 45) = 12 % around. This is supposing all university are Equal and pitching all of its students, all courses stream, Arts , sociology, history, Engineering and management gets into Employment.
Which is not a case in any Economy since Every economy has its key sectors depending on resource availability of country, then geo-physical factors, other environmental factors.
Like China is base to manufacturing because of low labour rate.
India did well in BPO because of english skills.
Ireland has huge potential for data centres between Europe and USA so also has for milk exports.
So there are 200 skills but 100 are more important for employment. I am taking a very large figure though actual will be small. Let say 1/2 chances.
So there is  1/2* 12= 6% of all adult population.

Now % of Adult employable population not retired. Let say 50%.
So Actual is 6% * 1/2 = 3% Employable population by University System.
Note: There may be difference in probability I have assumed from country to country
So real percentage my be 3% or 6% but it would be nearby % only.
In  DEVELOPED world Calculations are little Different SO FIGURE WOULD DIFFERENT

Most innovative Education Program: Possibility and Reality

When I started My three years Computers masters in India I never realized at start The flexibility , innovation, personalisation and creativity aspect of it.
Just to give you clue:
Look At possibility Senario:
I used to ask many people about each new course started by university. In this process I happened to meet one of my old Foxpro system tutor. Who was doing MBA?
There was subject on ISO:27001 (do not remember exact Code) . I was told there is no book in market so university has created a book in India and University was present for 1 billion people in india but only 250 people enrolled for this.
In case here people enrolled in year 1999 were from cities situated 1000 kms away within India.
Look carefully this data. Why only 250 when there in no restriction on students who can enroll?
First: Though there was huge need but no fulltime-institute was teaching. Why? They will not get all student in one place. only few were aware about importance of this course.
So it was like 1 learner from London, 1 in tokyo, 5 in bejing , 3 in calcutta, 4 in delhi.
All those people only realized importance of this subject because they can relate its importance due there readings and direct work.
Second: Now institute can enrol student worldwide thus have critical mass to run program or course which only few people realize importance of yet it was critical.
Third: Due to scale it could publish and bring Expert to create relevant material as it can enroll people any place…. across globe.
Senario 2
In My case of 3 years degree: We had choice of choosing our own teacher for subject that was good as well bad. Good We had scientist from best laboratory available to teach.
– We had rented a computer lab in insitute and were running cases there.
We had choice of picking teacher who were teaching subjects they worked many years.
And since they do not have to depend on institution for pay instead they collect fee directly from us and had better incentives thus. These Scientist were working in best labs in the area of study for years.
– We could enroll in any Extra courses in any other university along with it.
– So first year I enrolled Extra Computer Graphics + ERP oriented DOEACC ‘A’ level which were no taught in 20+ courses + project We had in masters.
and a PGDIT with had modern Oracle, java but our university was teaching COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL, LISP, C++.
– Second year was slow down :I choose 1 subject which ultimately provided me second job in operation research.
– Third year I went into intern ship with local firm + insecure slow down led me to take MA Economics (1 year) on distance mode along. I did learned Econometrics basics.
So By End I had 20+ course from best teacher in town, intern-ship, plus another 20+ Extra courses.

Lets see how can such less people can relate to it?
from this calculation you can see only 3% people can reach employability status to think beyond what extra is required?

Two things : First People had choice to customize

Why Diversity important from sociology, management to healthcare

Diversity in Management: Brings differentiation in product offering.
Diversity in Social Science: Brings Stability and Wholesome view of social paradigm hence sustainability in long term.
Diversity in healthcare: Brings new comprehensive approach towards solving health issues like from pathology, physiology , to use other speciality and engineering speciality now like we see data science usage.
Diversity in Technology: In Tech domain diversity is more important than anything else like you see What brings disruptive innovations ? its complete new technology from ground up. First thing is cleaning slate of old technology with learning outcomes from old yet start fresh with new approach. Can diversity bring that ? you can answer urself.
Diversity Business process thinking implementation : Diversity approach can bring BPR Business process Re-engineering.