Story: Lower caste not agreed Marry in Upper Caste Why this insanity?

Such a contradictory world:
Story #1: Cannot Marry in Upper Caste
Both upper caste and lower caste , religions , regions all are under oppressed. Oppression is not specific to one group.
When I had my profile up for marriage in matrimony site 3-4 times it happened that the girl turned out lower caste so I did not had hesitation so was my parents But I was really surprised girls parents Told we cannot marry in Upper caste?
When would such bizarre arguments seize to exist….
Even I told my parents do not bother about that and in System there was no caste ism or even communal ism. The Vedic mantras talk about world good not about country or caste or region or religion Even many times The even seize to use word earth by just using universe.
Myth #2: India As country made up of many influences?
Another Hippocratic which exist in country ?
Everything which we see now was already written in Scriptures. If that is written Why it does not exist in reality?
As concept somebody might have written something But What about giving credit to people who actually made it possible due to those we actually see those things in front or our eyes. Like Aeroplane.. Anyone can write I can fly or charter fly.. Those things may be old does not mean it was there?
If people think that way also then also they need to go deep to bring them into reality then talk.
Even when people say idol worship is okay for people if they understand but like in Arya samaj there is no idol worship ,no caste ism, even to extent no communal ism, no violence and no believe in miracles etc. Whole focus is on Work. Work is worship.

Ancient Greek civilisation tried to decipher most of Unknowns for us like medicine, science every thing started with branches of school led by Socrates, Plato, Aristotle etc…
I was reading one essay Which goes like people began to think god is in sky so why not investigate build something go in air and find out. Aeroplane models were built by Leonardo de Vinci,  only later Oliver brother Actually flew first aircraft and went to sky.
But even back people built balloons to go in air.
LeonardoFlying model                              Figure: Leonardo Flying Model
Leonardo died in 1730 in italy and in 1770 next generation first hot air ballon was built in France by Jean-Francois.
The Chirstian and islamic civilisation Also gave so many things to World Similarly Chinese and japenese over period of time.
The civilisations were richer by interactions Every civilisation gave something there were no clashes or claims on contribution Indian Civilisation also gave

We need to understand as somebody said :” We are standing on Shoulders of giants”.

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