My story 5: Focus on Technology/Work rest all will take care of itself

In 2005, I got my First Big Company break in Bangalore and decent salary around 400 Euro per month. I took a hostel near office for accommodation to reduce commuting nightmare which were there in delhi.
Having taken a break of 4 month before this to cover all technology areas related to BI and datawarehousing (learned 5 BI tools (SAP BO, Cognos, Microstrategy, Actuate, SSRS) and 5 ETL(Informatica, data stage, terradata ETL, Ab-initio, SSIS and a New ERP customisation framework :OAF, Oracle Apps Technical in 4 months in Hyderabad)
The company in Bangalore offered me Sr Software Engineer position based on my previous 3.5 yrs Experience.
First Onsite Chance:
Company Offered me Chance for 3 months onsite to paris, France in largest French Software product development company Business Objects to implement draw a plan to implement business objects BI semantic layer over Existing ERP peoplesoft.
Since I have knowledge and skill in both so I was offered this just few days after joining.
I had to work like Architect to complete this whole end to end process. I never had such large exposure before and with new Business Objects tool it was challenging.
So I had choice of going to onsite for which I was not prepared enough. The doubt crept in my mind first project itself any problem in delivery it would ruin my career. So I suggested to drop myself from this and enter into offshore assignment.
I was wrong When I look back. Opportunity never knocks door twice but it was big task.
Then a project lead joined back from US after 10 yrs Experience out of which 7 yrs was purely in Business Objects. He was given responsibility to do task no one else was willing.
That vindicated my assumptions with my limited 3.5 yrs Experience it was difficult project to take especially in new company and new City. So it would have been like a trap.
But For good professional challenging tasks should be the goal even if you had 1/3rd experience required by second choice.

But there was buzz in company guy refused one onsite. why?
Second Onsite to Singapore:
I was offered second time to go Singapore for some crystal reports problem which was taking data from people soft to generate reports (most reports are used for printing in crystal due picture perfect reporting). These were operational reports for which changes has to be made in semantic layer and a 13 yrs Experienced professional already failed So I with 3.5 yrs behind had to go there to fix this issue and very few people were willing.
problem at Client side were not known.
Later it was clear:
Problem with 13 yrs resource was that he had oracle DBA experience. Based on this he was told to do data modelling at client but there is huge difference between BI data modelling and operational data modelling. So model designed was not scaling to reports requirements.
Stability Vs Growth
The choice of staying in company long enough. I do not wanted to take too much risky project.For 13 yrs Experienced with my experience was only 3.5 yrs So I decided to opt for another project. So I was searching for my project just 1 month of joining This company.
Another person was sent to do this task. Actually this task was not very complicated as earlier resource did not had required Exposure of BI Architecting semantic layer.
OffShore Option
Now this word was going around person was offered two onsite but refused although I never had such feeling.I started as offshore member to implement BO layer over peoplesoft. Now indian who came from US was leading this initiative having knowledge that there was a offshore person offered similar chance in about 1/3rd experience. The life is going to difficult in the project I understood So I just Sticked to requirements work day and night to finish tasks on new technology experience.
Challenge #3 : Project performance award
After 4 months of joining I was asked to look at Strategic project reporting to top 5 in BO.
The Story was : “Oracle having acquired Siebel wanted to do away with Oracle Discoverer reports and siebel was more intuitive.” So 5 people chosen to make a Proof of concept for Automated Tool to migrate Discoverer reports to BO reports.
people assumption that since I had Oracle Application Technical customisation So it would be easy for me suggest this migration process. But Discoverer was rarely used in Oracle Apps. And I had this java experience 2 yrs back.
So I started working in 1 month I could map all features on Discoverer to BO. the list was 250+. Then the process of migration since Discoverer reports metadata structure was different to BO reports. So we used Common CWXML format into insert into BO data integrator then to semantic layer using automated java application in 45 days.
Got my Project performance Award.
Challenge #4: Domestic onsite to pune SAP BO integration.
Satyam was given this project but failed to deliver the modifications. 5 people team including me was sent to give better alternative to SAP BO integration.
We were provided stay in hotel and office was just walking distance. Those days I was updating myself outside office timing with only unknown in BI top 5 space SAP BIW on my own.
Train hard cover landscape real world is Easy:
So since I had some background so company picked me up instead of other many resources. We entered into technology giant office. They were using one of SAP 250+ module SAP Hi-Tech. Immediately I told to every person to update knowledge in this area.
I told them suddenly one day client will come and ask you show me flow.
People were quite relaxed in hotel and enjoying stay. At work they were looking immediate task. One day our director was visiting tech campus suddenly client came And asked everyone come in room and tell how to integrate SAP BIW to BO.
We were given initial connector structure briefing at office back at Bangalore centre.
Client director Took us to room and Started Asking : Show me flow…
For 5 minutes it was pin drop silence. I knew answer but beside this my Team lead and other per just standing silent so was I. Then director told through stair everyone say answer otherwise getting project was difficult. No one was coming since people do not had clue. But my background was different having exposed to so many environment my self finding integration points was just piece of cake.
Scaling up (year 2006)
So I started talking and gave presentation for 5 minutes few questions were asked I responded and We had client win.
We continued delivery there for 5 months and requirements increased from 5 -7 and later to other project as well. So Extra effort I spent money for myself learning this tool helped company. After 1 year Company ended up opening a tech centre for large requirements from client after 2 yrs it was 100 people+ office.
I was given overall off shore responsibility of work going to client and checking QA aspect before delivery as my SAP knowledge was crucial at that time for project.
And SAP had not merged with BO after 1 year we later heard news BO merged with SAP.
Waking up to stark reality:

SAP BI to AJAX: Better intuitive Graphs using AJAX
Called for Urgent project in Bangalore to provide bubble chart using AJAX features and Ajaxfying BI. I had been updating this part time. From SAP BI to AJAX in next project was quiet a shocker. There were huge politics going around in the company But instead i used to think and advice people
“let them focus on politics I will focus on technology and lets see what prevail hard work technology or just politics in air ”
Every time more politics happen to shift my technology, place, project, team every time I would focus more on technology.
And to some Extent I was right as I did over years rose from Sr Software Engineer – Team Lead – Architect – And then Sr Architect.


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