If Training is tough in real life its easy

In India if you want to go in Engineering you need to qualify Entrance Exam.
in late 90’s Seat available in my state were just 1200 out which I perceived upper class had only about around 400 rest were reserved. out of 1,50,000 Exam participant 400 would be chosen in state Exam. In IIT 2500 seats for around 2,00,000 contestant. But due to more seats and private engineering college senario is changed. infact 2nd year I was getting into second best private Engg college JSS Noida. Then I had just 1 year to finish graduation and dropped because next year I could write CAT, MCA entrance and Bank PO entrance.
I felt fixing minimum percentage to Exam should be crime. Because people circumstances keep Changing Every year should be given chance to compete.
Having said that I was never against reservation I have seen life of few dalits in villages struggling contrary I always used to go everywhere to help and many of my good friends were from same classification. I never believed in this classification as Arya samaj also never believed in Caste-ism.
Now Many people in Europe Take word Arya in different ways it had total different meaning in India. So Drop you pre-conceived notions.
Arya samaj offshoot of Hinduism never believed in Idol worship and Casteism , levelling of people into classes. Everyone was Equal and there is strong focus on non-violence and vegetarianism(but its people choice to think a eat what they like).
And Especially in our area there was very less differentiations. Today’s india has changed everyone to almost of same type I have seen before in hometown Everyone is treated Equal.
The Logic of Life for me was:
“When I was Born Hindu may be in next life I may be Christian or May be Muslim or May be Buddhist.” Can you or I predict it? Ans: NO.
So another version of this logic was may be 150 yrs back in previous life may be i was dalit facing discrimination and today as perceived upper class face another differentiations.
So people who took benefit in name of upper caste may be in rebirth taking benefit in name of dalit class now.
I always felt like in Europe if everyone is treated Equally and fairly by law instead of going back and thinking What was 200 yrs back it good for any society. Like many EU countries fought war among themselves just 70 yrs back now all together Is it not wonderful?
RE-cycled Soul:
So I never used to differentiate between people. If there is no re-birth how is there is continuity of life? What I mean if people die how new people come with new soul if soul is not recycled. This Re-cycling is big industry in God’s world. By God I mean some force which is controlling the Universe. Which best lengthy definition of God which i read in Rig-veda says “No one can predict What is God?”.
I begin Training for IIT Entrance Exam post 12th class. I actually went first in couching in 11th but When during demo single problem in mathematics went from geometry Asymptotes to differentiation and then Complex integration which required trigonometric substitutions to resolve then use a Algebraic equation. So I could see its 2 class syllabus in 1 problem. So I though it would be wise to cover the syllabus first and then come in coaching But it was mistake because it was just demo. In demo usually to impress student most difficult problem was chosen.
Having lost 2 yrs coaching post 12th teacher Told me one thing: :” If training is hard then Exam is Easy”.
So I We begin learning really challenging mathematics, IE irdov problem in physics, Morrison Boyd (organic Chemistry), JD Lee (inorganic chemistry). And a new Book HC verma (physical Chemistry).
I really used to Wonder How can  I.E. Irdov write such a master piece that its timeless? its relevance never Stops the accumulation of difficulty and range cannot be replicated.
There were problems which required lot of out of box thinking. Actually if you cannot think out of box you cannot solve them. in short people say Tricky question.
But yet There was structure if you follow structure you can reach there provided you identified trick involved.
After some times I had to drop physics and Chemistry due to financial stress but I continued taking mathematics for almost 3 years. The Structure was such that if you cannot go through coaching it was not impossible but it was tough.
And if there was some problem back home which does not let you focus on study it was double whamy for Student life joint family issues in India there is always conflict between parties involved leading to stress and there is this feeling of comparisons drawn.
But My parents did everything to insulate those things from our life yet something were not under there control.
The Schedule
So I had B.Sc classes as well this coaching. Our college was tough attendance was necessary so I had to attend college as well coaching. One Time I went to a professor and asked him
Sir I had coaching conflicting with lab sessions Can I skip? He told me : “Not possible Why are you here?”. No change of time was also allowed.
It was always rush hour for me on cycle to move fast 4 hours college 8 kms cycle then coaching 4 hours. Then problems solving at home. We would get around 200 problems every week in mathematics alone. tight schedule meant I could give max 5-6 hours Each day but there were not 3 but 5 subjects then B.Sc 9 subjects. total 14 subjects but I would usually leave B.Sc subjects.
I asked father Should I drop BSc can concentrate only on This :”He told me senario There was a Girl among office friend Who tried medical Entrance 3 yrs but then had come back to study BSc only. So you have to do both”. No waste of time.
I would usually drop off hours second shift B Sc lab and classes.
The Drop saviour:
One time a professor in Bsc pointed to me that I have rarely seen you in class why?
I went silent then he said meet me after class. I had to skip classes for coaching Entrance Exam.So he was teaching integration for B.Sc and not for Entrance which was second priority for me. At End of class he asked any one has any problem.
I was struck in one problem in coaching practise Sheet. it was integration of e to power suppose 1/3 multiplied by (1 +t)^m. I told me that. it required trigonometric substitution to reduce to easy alegebra then application of L.I.A.T.E rule.(First log then inverse trigonometry, algebra then trigonometry, then Exponential functions.
Read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integration_by_parts
He took out book started applying ramanujan provided solutions steps.
He said : First failed, second rule failed, third rule failed and end of 6 th rule it was 2 hours Extra time consumed but problem was not solved. He told I will look this later and there was one mathematician who gave lot of things in integrations ramanujan had he lived longer then we would have many problems solved. He died in age of 32.
After Class over I went to professor because he asked me to meet after class and told him before he tells anything Sir “I have another mathematics problem”. he said to me come later we will discuss.
I was saved from absent ism due to coaching hours. Next time student use to tell me that professor is avoiding the pathway to skip questions. So i was saved permanently.
But he was very helpful to many students. But I had curious different case altogether.

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