When are we going to build Bamboo to Mars?

The Colony on Mars. Many years it may be possible.
Bamboo is fastest growing tree but it does not scale up. Earth is round Can We build from round Ball Earth a bamboo to another ball Mars (Jokes apart)
There is possibility is all nation come together and make a joint endeavour  to make a full city like floating village fly up to mars and yet people on board do not miss their daily routine like school or college.
jumpOutOfEarth                                                         Jump Out of Earth Ball
Going to space is interest of whole world. Why not whole world come under UNO to make a agency for Urgent space Project and financing.
This would make it more Risk awarse and make it useful for all.
Man Has already Eaten Half of Earth. Now if we have super bamboo Stick joining Two
It Would look like Two meat balls connected like.
Earth Linked with Mars                      There is invitation also by ribbon tied on Bamboo.
Jokes apart Where is this High speed space craft large enough to take people there.. Is there enough people willing I would say more than required are willing…country wiling yes..like country looking for land to grow its vegetables and other things..
Question is When will We start thinking sustainability? So new meat ball is urgently needed now.. Jumping is not solution. Actually its just Risk reduction in Urgent situations like suppose something drastic happens.
Today there is capability where if all world join can built a large space vehicle to fly out and come back. Even To moon.

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