World moving towards reconciliation India moving Backwards

Over the Years in India people gets divided in group although this is true in Every country to some extent But In india very often. National integration has failed so miserably that there is need to think innovative ways to create atmosphere for people to come out of there Well.
Two solutions which I could think rather than just running Advertisement which people rarely see. Fast Track Train (travelling is learning) and exchange of student among school is state. May be govt can open Some school like Kendriya/Navodaya Vidyalaya open for common public even for those not in central govt offices Call these School Aam Vidyalaya where student exchange can happen between states.
Need for regulation for Exchange Student among states
But it will small percentage So there need to regulation by govt on school to compuslory Exchange students with other schools in other state. So in 12 yrs schooling atleast student lives 1 ,1 yr in 2 different state other than home state.
Read This :
Why it important?
Today We have Europe where every country fought war over others like England with france with germany etc. etc have come together to form a alliance called European Union.
People are moving freely across school and colleges and work across countries without any prejudice. But Similar problem look at India (upper caste vs not upper caste, religious groups, regional groups) these existed for 60 yrs and still almost at war level Why not have same policies and leave all bitterness of 200 yrs back and look forward learn from Gandhi atleast ” An Eye for Eye leave all people blind”.
Today the discussion happen in country : ” What is for my community?” Why not for everyone Why community have to pitted against community?.
Why not similar focus on all group. The politics of focusing on one group over other just for votes in very detrimental to Future of India.
As somebody says people dig ditches not build bridges to overcome differences”. This What destroying india community Vs Community even when voting there leaders.
But look at No- one is winner Collectively Everyone is loosing by digging ditches bigger and bigger.
Solutions have to found. In india we have socialist party which are not even 2% socialist voted by community feeling. There party won against communist turned out more communist then there opponent communists. We have national party which not present everywhere in India? We have a major national party present every part in india which tries to win vote by looking some community?
Does it not surprise ? Actually There are party who claim to work for poor but involved in most corruption cases at regional level .
Look at attack on North East Student. Look at India was missing from All talks on maynamar despite being second largest border with it. No one Ask Foreign secretary for East Affairs Why?  India is not in ASEAN not in Middle East Does it want to isolated?
All this due to community politics in India. Where will poor 80% hindu population will go if this country not grow to its potential. Where will other 20% community go also?
Can you think what would be endgame of all this?
READ link above for possible solutions


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