Some Good Cryptography Compromised Case Study

This is a free software implementation of the HDCP encryption algorithm. We are releasing this code in hopes that it might be useful to other people researching or implementing the HDCP protocol.
This is most exciting link:
The Streisand effect is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet.

Case Study Security Aspect of Biometric for payment

There is Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council which runs guidance on banking and Finance Industry. This quite popular in industry. Exam handbook has interesting
A case study for use of Biometric Usage: (attached FFIEC_IT Booklet_RetailPayment)
– Biometrics for Payment Initiation and Authentication
FFIEC guidance on biometric talk about (attached FFIEC_IT Booklet_Information Security)
Authenticator Reissuance
Behavioral Authentication
Device Authentication

Daku bell and McKitchen healthy breakfast….

The Daku Bell and McKictchen Food Chain
The Taco bell just as bell runs everyone has to come to table for breakfast.
So if there was name called Daku bell. Daku (dacoit) bell as soon as bell run u have to be in breakfast Line.
The Healthy Mckitchen Knowledge is power
And there is MacDonald then there can be McKitchen Chain Which is selling healthy well re-searched food for breakfast .. you know like Mac OS this one is crafted in design for perfection to morning breakfast goers..

The Mckitchen Food Chain has institutionalised knowledge on morning breakfast.
As they say; “Breakfast like a king”. The Mckitchen knowledge is very important to decide which body part breakfast should target in morning. All organs are body are like hay stack so many objects come up but where to focus is decided by McKitchen there i no reason why Mckitchen range will not grow?
A day in McKitchen Food Resturant :
Mckitchen starts with daku bell in morning when everyone hears restaurant is called mess sometimes is up for breakfast.

The highly specialized knowledge @McKitchen
McKitchen is specialized in deciding higher level issues requiring urgent focus on your body requirements for nutrients. The knowledge is so refined that its considered almost an arbitrator on subject to decide instantly which nutrients to take up for review and which one not? But due to lot of thought which goes behind might be possible that decider has to take 20 days intensive process of deciding the case in background. But once its up for arbitration its quickly decided for review.
Nutrient Review process Real Time last resort
You cannot ignore your body requirements can you? The review would help you set
Human body requirement for protein, mineral, vitamin and amino acids are quite well known but do you have personalized recommendation done in quick time?
Of The Nutrient review application that is where McKitchen specialized that’s why morning Daku bell everyone comes running there for personalized nutrient requirements for review of there already graded nutrient requirement list.

This is not a easy Task by any one’s imagination because dynamic nature of human physiology. The review is painful exercise for everyone if requires careful calibration of requirements of person concerned.
The Practical Situation
But practical consideration is if there are enough people requiring only one kind of mineral then inventory will be empty soon for particular so there has to balance the rule has calibrated number of inventory fill up (reorder level). So ingredient in demand are relatively high in ratio in inventory and there Re-order level is adjusted hence.
Now there is conflict of interest between supplier , operation managers , Nutrition grader and the nutrient Arbitrator for you ‘The McKitchen’.
the nutrient grading decides your future success.

How To use Google Correlate for data mining , data patterns, trends

Lets look at Snow news pattern over time.
Normal data:
You can clearly see around End of Each year snow news peak Which is right.. That’s how it should be as winter season comes around December everywhere..

But abnormal pattern is the number of peaks news making Each year.
As Every time it snows at any part of world people searches increase giving consolidated data pattern. One more worry look is the Elongation of top curve and variation there it getting more varried Every year since 2004.

Look at this trend of popularity of functional languages.

Trends of popularity of Functional langauages

Trends of popularity of Functional langauages

Example Personal targeting from my life – part 7

Contd. From Earlier Read:
Corruption In India is so high many times with political linkages its hard for common person to even protect them Every small thing can be fabricated, laws are very porous and judiciary keep running same case for 25 yrs.
So in 2007-8 I was working on A totally contrasting picture to my earlier role in SAP BIW with BO. New role I had to work on Java to AJAXify some components to bring more intutive-ness in controls for better UI. It was urgent company requirement and I was told to work on it otherwise no option reason being other staff in BI department was less aware about Java so even a new java resource was called and I have to pitch in between BI and java.
Even Certification Request turned down
Since I had worked 1year + now on SAP BIW so I wanted to appear in certification exam in first SAP Tech Ed which was happening in bangalore for which SAP license number was required from implementation partner. I was willing to put in my own money for risk our company was running on SAP and partner implementation was also on SAP. I did prepared for Exam even partly applied for first SAP Tech-Ed in India. But my request for license was turned down. For me it was big surprise that when a resource wants to upgrade himself why would some people in company would be interested in stopping that.
Anyhow? For this day time I was at job and night ,used to sleep in hired training shop for latest SAP BI 7.0 upgrade from BIW 3.45. I had choice that I could leave company after 2 yrs but I wanted to show more stability in my resume so I continued with new AJAX assignment on BO.
A new Urgent Requirement for creating BI competency Centre for major clinical research firm.Since company had limited expertise on Cognos at bangalore centre I was told to take interview for Every level of resource coming in for project for 2-3 months.
Education Update running parallel:
same year I completed six sigma green belt , oracle fusion middleware, Management Accounting and portfolio management training, (Intellectual property rights,copyrights, trade marks,Trade secret) certificate course along with week-end MBA on my own fuelling all earned money into these upgrades moving between pune and bangalore for company projects.
BICC competency Centre:
Since The requirements for BI competency centre was rigorous As The CV used to go US FDA for Every resource so many people would not turn up even after selected in multiple rounds in India. Due to high un-employment in country for Technical qualifications and strict rudimentary policies of company (like if u took break of more than 3 months between employment you are not eligible for job.) Many people would not join due to screening and clinical research being regulated industry.
So I was pushed into BICC as Cognos resource. I could clear all rounds and then started working for Cognos BI for which was awarded in next 3 months. And then client had confidence new people joined from manager to Architect. Team Expanded in BI from 1 person to 5 then to 20+ in 6 months time.
Saving A Dalit:
I met a new person from Tamil nadu from dalit community  coincidently his manager was also dalit but due to differences early itself he was put into a near impossible to crack Informatica work. But When I talk to this guy i can see some enthusiasm other than the little factor of age looking for Girls dating everywhere.
So in BI manager asked me reference for good ETL resource so I directed towards a tamil dalit person. There were sections who were in conflict not due to casteism but also due to some behaviour issue with him But he was selected and sent for 1 year onsite to US.
Many people would look at this fact in multiple ways but caste was always secondary to me. But person had some ego issue he was was called back after 1 year and told to leave on manager Egoist pretext without any reason. Only reason was that no backup resource could be created as person was doing less knowledge transfer.
Adamant Ego clashes all rules of company were by passed to take side of seniority.
Infact one senior Employee Exit feedback was to follow values as written.
Waiting for promotion to Team Lead for 3 years:
Most people who joined around me had left for new companies. I have been Expecting promotion after 6.5 yrs Experience and 3 years continuity only to find new employees with less experience, knowledge were preferred due to politics even when they had less knowledge.
Interview process Joke:
I was told by my manger to prepare Cognos interview questions in Excel for experience band 1-3 , 4-7, 7+ sheet and hand over to new resources so thry can read them and take interviews of new staff joining company. I did prepared and gave them sheet.
Everything happens for good
For Last 3 years continuously I had not left city for any vacation even visit to home.So I had resigned and moved new company which offered me Team Lead role and salary hike of almost 80%.
Personal Targetting:
One Senior Employee suggested me these are powerful people now u left move house to some other area. Which I never did.
Later I found there were theft attempt on house in which non of my object was lost but my room mate laptops and other items were believed to be mine and taken away.
When I correlate A senior Employee told long back that they did know inspector of that area and some criminal element during a meeting. I could relate whose work is this.
But My room mate coincidently were also influential So we could register case resisted by local politician later abandon it for sake of suspected people might be beaten for some goods lost which he could easily re-invest.
I met one person who was working with Unisys he later told me not to disclose that he did worked in my previous company and he left within 7 days of joining after seeing process was told even police, telecom operator (mobile tapping) Etc can be used against him to not allow to join a new company. Its all because people with political linkage are powerful enough to twist machinery against him. But I was Ever positive to take new challenge focusing more on technology.

More Sign of Climate Change from Google Correlate

Lets look at Snow news pattern over time.
Normal data:
You can clearly see around End of Each year snow news peak Which is right.. That’s how it should be as winter season comes around December everywhere..

But abnormal pattern is the number of peaks news making Each year.
As Every time it snows at any part of world people searches increase giving consolidated data pattern. One more worry look is the Elongation of top curve and variation there it getting more varried Every year since 2004.

Do Executive MBA for Free how? Free online courses, Top MOOC sites:part 1

With The Explosion of Educational Website offering plethora of online courses.
Where you are getting power to choose courses from very diverse set often diverse location across the world sitting right back at you home.
Category of courses:
1. Yet you can feel the rigour of full time courses ,
2. sometimes more rigrous program than full time can be planned,
3. Highly specialized courses which cannot be run in campus for lack of student strength at one location of campus. Kind of work requiring my be post PHD work..
What I mean to say so specilized that even masters level people cannot understand their utility only may be PHD or POST PHD of that subject scattered around the world can appreciate the content.(hence only fe numbered people are willing to join in world and collaborate)
4. Fade of just basic courses will phase out soon. Although they are also important but in long run site which move the value chain to run specialisation which cannot be run in full time mode are going to attract more people.
Here are List of Sites offering Online courses under MOOC: