India: problems in National Integration and solutions

The problem of national integration : I want to illustrate from story from third party outsider in India.
Story: How to Go to Nigeria from India by Bus.
I met a person from Nigeria in CCIE security Lab training. Normally he would talk less to people in India. In class When I started to taking to him asking about Nigeria.
He told me one day: You know what people here Ask me?
I asked: what?
He replied: people ask me. Which bus do you take from Hyderabad to go to your village in Nigeria?
I was surprised so was many people around. Then We confirmed further does people who asked this looked educated. He told they were in Computer Network training and already graduate.
people are not able to recognize Nigeria is in country or outside is not only geography lesson failure for those graduate but also failure to know states outside the their own state.
Getting more Data: Real hand people understanding
When I asked few more people: How often do you visit state outside their own in AP?
Answer: in majority case was never. Even some people said we need not. Only people from outside come to our state.
I was really surprised that is people do not know country How will they understand?
Then there was this assumption: We want to see Snow So we go outside?
When I told: There are 8 states in India where you can get dumped in snow Himalayas, Uttranchal, J&K, Sikkim, Assam, Aurnachal Pradesh, Mizoram, West Bengal (Darjeeling).
besides this there are occasional snow fall in other state.
People in North: Never seen Sea want to island. There are beautiful island in Andaman, nicobar, lakshyadeep.
Solution 1:
High Speed train connecting border of country in Max 5 hours:
This would lead to more people travelling across country and as Gandhi ji said : “Travelling is learning”. As people will travel across they will see more country and come across the diversity.
Also High Speed train 550+ kph will attraction for lot of people to attract and go for long distance travel.
Even Why not make if across Asia? people can travel to china and India by train. Just like US and Canada live peacefully. India can also allow transit for Chinese oil and goods requirements from middle east from coast of India to china.Then China need not depend on others routes to achieve. Also gives them cost effective option. Even Fast train routes to Myanmar , to Thailand and to Singapore, to Cambodia , to shanghai from china or India.
Solution #2. Promote subsidised travel during summer break for School children General free 1 ticket for year in general class etc.
High Speed boat travel:
Solution #3.  Inland Waterways development Authority:
InLand Waterways through River upto sea using High speed streamers.
From Cruise on
Route#1: Ganga from Haridwar to Kolkata Ganga Sagar or High speed boats Tour.
Route#2: Delhi to Kolkatta
Route#3: Maharashtra-Telagana-AP to bay of bengal then to Anadaman. on Godavari.
Karnataka-AP krishna and mahanadi orisa chatisgarh, Assam brahmputra etc
Can open up many travel and job possibility and can revive boat manufacturing units in India.
Solution #4. Exchange of students for 1 year of study between states for School.
This would be Exciting Where by Even student can get experience of other state as well may be taken care locally by Exchanged Guardians.
Exchange at school level
Exchange at College level
Exchange at Higher Education Level.
International Exchange.
Solution #5.


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