Building career: Every unrelated course is important – practical Example.

As some great men said: “Bad Man quarrel with his tools”. Educational courses are one set of tools available to mankind.
Steve Jobs lecture to Stanford:

Connecting the Dots……………………………..
Where When he was not able to pay for University fees so he could attend only 1 class so he enrolled in calligraphy course Which he had interest but not knew where it would come to use? university had best calligraphy courses.
So He says in later part of his life after 10 yrs it became clear why god made him attend that course of calligraphy When he was creating Fonts for Macintosh all those come to use.
And “Macintosh would never had typography with multiple typefaces and propotionally space fonts”. -Steave Jobs (listen video above)

Today When I was watching WEF debate Tony Blair made one statement which is quite true but said surprising sarcastically.
He says important thing is “to learn new thing everyday even when piece of information may not be practical use to you rest of your life.” -Tony Blair
Go To last of this video: 1:19:09 minute.
This is credible proof that whatever you learn comes to use one day.
Now I quote Some Examples from what I experienced.
Instance 1:
Extra Course in Operation Research Gave me first Software job:

Strategy: Differentiate or Die.
Curosity to know details of Operation Research along with my Masters in Computer Application. Most people in my class used to joke Why you need this course?
Even my cousin who was in Software at that time worked 5 yrs said same thing to my parents and complained its useless tell him to get out of that course and concentrate on MCA.
————–But I never did infact my strategy was actually correct in testing time of recession. Having read many Case Studies : I knew “Differentiate or Die”.
When I floated My resume?
within 15 days I got call : there urgent need for software developer with Operation Research OR Knowledge. And OR was critical for them they needed person who can test OR algorithms for Warehouse management software. This was company having offices in New zealand and USA. In Company in India development and testing of there product used to happen. This product was used in 160+ countries by FMCG majors Nestle and P&G.
Instance 2:
Six Sigma Green belt:
I enrolled in six sigma green belt certification in year 2006 on my own. But it was not getting used anywhere But On day When I was working for Clinical Research largest company Quantiles Transnational. They were looking at better ways to mange there studies of drugs. Each Study was organized as project. There I could related and suggest using Six Sigma how to improve processes in year 2008.
– year 2013: MS final project also I did  applied this six sigma known to complete the modelling of Wireless sensor network communication pattern. using LCL/UCL process control methodology.
Instance #3: Yoga for health
I can quote many instances like Naturopathy and yoga courses which I took as along with college graduation later even taught these to many people helped me to stablize and maintain patience also re-leaving stress build up.
Instance #4 Mathematical Modelling.
while doing MS in network and information security. I enrolled in many coursera courses one of them was on mathematical modelling.
My Six months project on Wireless Sensor Network Modelling
would be in difficult shape had I not enrolled in this Mathematical modelling course.
Infact it gave me more knowledge then any full time stuff.
Finally: Everything is useful if you can connect the dots.
“The bad man quarrel with his tools. Good man Connect Dots…………………”.
By Good here mean people with common sense. We cannot compare with Great people who have extra-ordinary vision only we can have at least common sense.

My Story part-2: Harassment Of being Hindu Software Engineer

Part 1:

So As I was in New set-up working on Peoplesoft Support projects for Human Resource Management System HRMS dealing with (global payroll customisation, benefits to employee, and there reporting using Brio’s SQR (which later got acquired with oracle now called Oracle Production reporting).
Living in house tenant to house owned by muslim. We had very cordial relationship As his son usually come and spend time in our house and discuss career options available to him after his graduation and to find schools for him for acting etc…
At Work:
Back At work I was new to technology with Organisation putting me back to work under a senior staff member. I was picking technology from outside as well especially focus on what I am not learning form outside. Having already worked as java,oracle and open source developer there was no issue with me to pick new tech. But This was ERP.
Complexity Of being ERP: Exposed first time.
ERP by its nature is very vast to give you a hint. There are more than 30,000 tables populating data in background for may be more than 20,000 + forms and 30,000+ reports of different kind all pre-delivered ready to customize.There are many ways customization can be achieved on these like using language called people code, report SQRW, app Engine, application integrator, crystal reports, Application designer tools etc..
Domain Depth:
More important thing in case of ERP is it goes really deep into domain like suppose payroll.
Now there is american payroll with 401K plans , benefits etc, But its not there in German payroll or Canadian payroll. American payroll will implement each and every related government laws like what % of salary goes to taxes , heath care related regulations for Benefits module of ERP. Usually a person who gets Expertise in 1 payroll stays with that payroll throughout career or may be Add one more payroll max.
So like this if I count how many career lines available in peoplesoft HRMS may be more than 20+ , in Financials 20+ in other modules like supply chain management etc 30+.
in total around 80+ different techno-functional career available within Single product people soft can check yourself just google Oracle Peoplesoft.
Now We had cab scheduled working in shifts. This company was largest Peoplesoft support company handling 18% of world wide cases related to Peoplesoft reported Incidents, customisation and Enhancements ICE there kinds of request have to be understood at human resource domain level than Technology level. If there is customisation required then peoplesoft would not support request and implementation vendor like Accenture, Capgemini etc. has to found for customisation. We would take mostly support cases on technology and domain.
There were 3 divisions: Peoplesoft HR, finance, SCM each of which had 4 or more sub-divisions.
So new Technology area of ERP learning curve takes min 4-5 months atleast to understand what is being done and then mentored by somebody would make it easy and fast you can easily Understand now why?
being vast modules technology, law, HR management, labour laws, taxation etc coinciding in each case. Peoplesoft has its own application server it can use any of major databases in back ground, it had its own scheduler and integration tools.
So any database like oracle, sql server, mysql, informix etc.. can come up in case assigned.
As well any of App server like Webshere, weblogic, jboss, Tuxedo etc.. can also come up.
Then from 30,000+ already built in tables figure out which one will be used in case.
Same for 20,000+ forms and reports. So learning curve was good enough and I had no senior from my college in company unlike many others who had this luxury so I needed to toil hard and pick as much as possible from outside. people were not ready to spend money on outside education they wanted more to mentored by company itself.But I had curious case doing all way as opportunity arrives outside/inside. My low cost Educational background had not provided luxury of vast alumni Network.
My Educational Background:
3 Yrs Masters degree in Computer Application MCA.

One of the problems I had many time went to University and Asked them to do it for sake of poor students studying in different part of India 500+ centres.
But Any how the Exams were good quality and assignments were even better we had good scientist working in home town to take tuitions from so we never had problem.
We would get problem Like this in our masters in year 2000-03 (3 yrs degree)
Out of 1200 student registered in centre End of 3 yr only 60 passed out. 5% passout, 95% did not made it in cut. So people were very confident that now they can get what ever they want having in 5% result set. But India reputation of college in more important than the rigorous syllabus and exam system. Even student were so much in demand in teaching institutes that they never look back into software engineering career as well.
I having Read as many 600+ business magazine by then as well complemented parallel with 2 more degree in IT and mathematics, operation research. Even final year I thought why not read economics as there is slow down so I did enrolled in MA Economics parallel with my other degrees and passed 1 year. As i got job I left focused on software job.
Back to my Experience:
So While working I came to know this fact Almuni is more important then Even your hard work because anything you do Exceed all Expectation yet evaluation is in Hand of someone Who is in Alumni of someone.  Boss can do anything he like with your performance report as trivial as not proper English skill When could not find ans fault in technology and domain. Any How I was doing well technologically never bothered about all those focused more on technological issues and break through, reading business cases.
for about 6-8 months I worked under a superior who later wants to put his own community person in my position my first Experience of casteism in Work (which I never thought before follower of samajwadi party ). So I was put under another manager for part time. Then next I came to know to make way for people he started planning to make my way out. What was strategy? put some people who his related party controls and push some muslim managers against me. I had no clue being very religious and open to any religion as one kind approach. So he started using him to push me further I had sleepless day and night. What I used to think that if I continue improving then this hard training would make my job easy on this technology in next job. One day 3 days contentiously 72 hours i was in office only. As my technology and domain was shifting constantly and I wanted to somehow complete 1 year then move to next company.
Planning Shift To another Company
Now my manager a yadav has easy strategy having put a muslim manager has easy task if i say anything it can be used as hindu-muslim issue. That would make my career in permanent cold storage. For manager He can do anything and having spent 6-7 yrs in technology and network created easy to go anywhere. But I rather did not minced anything even for 72 hours continously in office.
Institutional Failure on Integration of community in India
That is first time I say people grouping with each other based on Caste , community and languages. Having spent most of my childhood wandering all over india , I used to feel very sad at the failures of national integration visible even in private company store. Namely Jains group with jain, muslim with muslim , yadav with yadav , punjabi with punjabi, south indian with south, pahari with pahari in my case i wish to remain idealistic not in any group. But it was mistake when I look back it important to be part of group otherwise u may be left alone being hindi speaking punjabi from uttranchal who lived all over india.
So Company was doing good adding numbers took new office .
Second Successful prediction
Suggestion: One day I met director told him its risky to put all your egg in one basket by focusing on just 1 technology. What will happen if an shift happens ?
He told me be positive nothing we are doing Good.
This was during office party so I did not wanted to dwell longer. I had already studied oracle was pursuing takeover of peoplesoft for last 4 yrs many attempts.
Which turned out true later: Oracle acquired peoplesoft and cancelled support contract with company. Company lost all business in short had to reduce manpower from 240 to around 30-40 people.
Before This Manager made plan for my exit god made plans for each one’s exit.
Snooping at home:
The two boys back at home were given assurance by manager of job in return snoop on me. So when I lost job alone with 60 others as result of company losing business. I was very upset as the people i recommend were still there. So I was looking for answers and i was told it was corporate trick. I started looking for new job. As well to stabilize when one boy back home told me there is one muslim preacher you should meet he can answer your queries. He told that it helped him having and was passing this information at behest of people snooping info from company. So I went to preacher he told me to go to a sufi mazar and a majid and prey there for few minuted each week donate money and give food to poor on every Tuesday.
I having brought god as one concept looking for peace went there prayed there one man guided me. I was serious but these guys were watching from behind and making fun of me.
Which became clear later to me 3 months later and 12 visits. That See Where We have brought him.
Then I wanted to just move away from that place. To them they thought they its like joke to me i had no problem see for me god was one in any form and place. I often used to stop in front of temple, mosque or gurdwara or church and remember god.
When I look at this incident today it looks like they needed to expand horizon. India i later realized rightly maintained tolerance for many religion due to this openness. But Any how they kept laughing on the incident for many years.
During office The harrasment Which I suffered verbal and work related made one perosn say one day “He should file a defamation case but I had more tolerance to sustain being from may be poor background made me hard just making living somehow”.
Now I shifted to new place for my training without telling these person back home snooping to those people. For my next job.

A day in life of Agile Project Manager

Lets look at time schedule of typical Agile Project Manager.
Agile project management is new stream Added in project management certification where concepts of Six sigma , Statistical process control were added into project management.
This is Newest Addition into project management. These topics are not yet included in popular project management certification altogether a new certification was made for it.
Here is link for certification:

Every new requirement are written in form called user stories. The User
Day Work starts as move from home
Wake up 06 am go for 1 hour gym 06-07;30.
07:30-  8:00 daily routine, etc luck enugh time take break fast.
07:50 reach bus stop to catch bus.
07:50 – 09:00 on road to Company.
9 am-10am look at a parameters to check status of project like burn down chart to see how many user stories are covered upto now. prepare new set of activity List not next drop Testing environment.
scrum meeting
10-11.30 Scrum Meeting: To check Who is doing what and What is status of Activity Assigned. Also Take Activity list and Check Assignment and discuss possible issue around then from each a every team member. A team of 40 people each taking 2 minutes(highly unlikely people do take more time) adds to 80 minutes.
11:30 – 11-45 take all this feedback make Minutes of Meeting MOM.
11:45-12:00 make assignment of every activity taken up by each resource and recheck plan to see whether its on target to testing cycle next drop.
12:00-12:15 adjustment in plan. update burn down chart send to stake holders with project status.
12:15 Take look at technical issue hitting limits requiring attention suppose 10% of team faces means 4 people each requiring 15 minutes to understand issue and then another 30 minutes to implement solution.But in that 30 you can use 15 minutes to move to another member just paralleling h=job save 15 min per interaction.
12:00 -12:30 Team 1 issue.
12:30-1:00 Team 2
01:00 -01:30 Team 3 issue.
01:30-02:00 Team 4 issue.
By 2 free to take Brunch
02:00 – 02:30 Lunch+ going and coming time.
02:30- 03:00 meeting With Requirement gathering team for new user Stories for next cycle of deliverable. Understanding requirements and putting them into actual activity considering integration with delivered Earlier.
03:00-3:15 put all user stories in official format.
3:15 – 4:15 Code walk through check issue, Compare best practises incorporated, Standards, Regulations etc Each day of different team. Although time would less optimize.
04:15- 05:00 Look into specific issue not handled today, defect pending long, make communication mails between stake holders and reply to all status, calculate project status ratios and levelling, resourcing issue etc.
05:00-06:00 Defect Call between Testing Team and Development team. update defect list Those accepted as defect added to list to be taken up by developer and Those defects found by testing team turned down by development team as not fitting user stories description so moderate the discussion getting into each defect technicality and correlating with requirements.
06:00-06:15 Take daily status from each team member of work completed today and put that against project plan send to stake holders.
06:15- 06:45- update defect sheet, Look at technology issue which faced today help team member in possible resolution.
06:45-07:45 If 10% issue of the day would still be remain and project artefacts would require updation. it may take up 1 hour depends on complexity of project.
07:45-08:00 Dinner time.
08:00-09:00 Research time on possible better ways or project is taking any new technology implement and study, visualize its impact on future deliverables. Like one Example: There Was a issue on Report using Oracle BI solution when start fetching data from various data marts and databases taking more time and not having some feature.
So Question is Can we replace BI with portal based UI creation technology like Oracle APEX. Did you hear about it ? it was released in year 2009 and was new technology with hardly 4 resources in Whole company of 30,000 developers. So can we put geographical reporting using APEX rather than OBIEE. Mind you its not the APEX code used in’s platform to create CRM on cloud. Can u up scale in 1 hour about this issue. No first day of the 8-9 time installation, second day 8-9 get basics right at end of week you have replicated the environment. Then you may need time over week ends to experiment.
9:00 -9:30 leave from office wait for Bus.
9:30-10:30 home drop. walk to reach room by 11.
At 11 just drop and read watch sleep.No time. I had never touched facebook when I was working my account came to existent when I left job.
Now there are other activity for which yo might have to take time out for company like creating organisation assets in form of automated solutions, or project status reporting framework, business Case development, team building , taking interviews, over seeing the drop to testing and production, interaction with diverse team member sparse across. build up domain skills of like telecom OSS, BSS or Clinical research etc.
Or taking up groups of competency and giving training to user and developers etc.
When these are adjusted time may swell up more in office. So u may not see sun rise whole day started before sunsrise and Ended in midnight. After few years it will become norm although companies write work life balance but they could never provide due to competitive bidding process takes up less and less for more and more work.
One more issue is attrition: now if attrition is high due to organisational issues then it does add up to work of senior staff to upskill new resource and adjust timings. These are thin lines over which Everything rest each day you will find your self motivated to do more in less time to save time automatically but new things will keep comming.