Punctured Lungs Revolution- Where can it take you?

To Every punctured lung out in world. Drinking Cigarette is injurious to health is written on Every packet , and passive smoking is even more Dangerous Still people Enjoy it.
So its burning Tobacco which enters into lungs I still cannot believe What brings enjoyment in it.
punctured lungs            illustration picture :See The Right Side punctured Lungs: its feeling kick of burning vegetation inside you.
Think An Advertisement: “person take burger and burn it then inhale its smoke into its lungs. And says it was wonderful”. And then tells to other people to join him and many people join burning burgers into smoke and inhaling.
If you think about it and visualize this picture its almost same.

Curious Case : Cigarette and Indian Corporate politics.
In India : A law was made to make ban public smoking Under this Even in offices people cannot smoke inside offices. So They needed to get out just to drinking burning leave(tobacco). Many people make smoking groups inside offices. Now The Smoking groups will go out and random intervals just get there lungs punctured and feel of it will make them work better or Extra.
Most people Who ventured out many would in higher position since they had more time and money to burn there money with burning lungs to them it gives kick. Surely lungs get kick. Accumulated Kicks in lungs over period by Burning leaves would surely make them kick you. Once lungs start kicking you then you would not require any kick because they will not stop. So the Punctured lungs would help it along to get it more punctured.
Think: A cycle tyre got punctured you repaired it once. but What happens in some time around the punctured area another punctured comes up without any External Event.
And Then another puncture in lungs storing Oxygen for your brain.
(I cannot imagine how brain will feel kick of each sip causing less oxygen inside it. offcourse i know biology how it works but I am taking common sense without biology. The nicotin from burn enters into air then mix up with blood getting purified which gives better feeling damaging your lungs with particles setting there).
The Punctured lungs feel happy after every sip thinking they are in different world. I have actually never tried this approach coincidently because i do not want to go in that world.
How many Repairs Can punctured lungs take?
I have found out when I was riding cycle that max six puncture for one tyre after this t was not worth while Even repair person will say better take a new tube.?
Can you take a new Lung after repair?
That you can decide yourself and depending on that can increase or decrease kick of burning vegetation(tobacco leaf).
suppose tomorrow I come up with Burning charcoal or burning orange peals gives similar effect. There would be lot of people pealing orange cover.
orange-peelThen sun dry it on top of trace to crush it into powder.dryed Orange pealThen I say its very healthy to Take smoke of burning orange peal into your lungs.
How many people would be takers of it? supposing orange is big traded commodity throughout the world and it has some vitamins as well.
How Many punctured Lungs would try this new combination? Would they not ask question why? I bet keep it somewhere as stall and see how many would ask question about its benefits and its content.
Coming Back to Corporate politics.
So The groups of people going for puncturing there lungs in group like its some kind of movement going inside company to make everyone join it and Enjoy it. This Punctured lung movement we can call “puncture revolution”. This puncture revolution is going on inside Every corner of the world without our notice. Just look around inside office at one incident you can find trace of puncture revolution. It’s slipping beneath carpet everywhere.
Even its has taken meta-physical dimension moved inside screen from human beings.
If you see picture hall people smoking there traces can be found even after they leave.
“Life is not about following other’s footstep leave your everywhere”.
You have two dimensions one is in air floating (little heavy particle than air) other is the filter left on ground. So its has infected Earth and air Even after you are gone people will remember you by your traces.
But usually people will think about a person a one time like his/her birthday. In this case its almost Everytime. So This Every time formulae has entered into films where puncturing lungs is an art. Its requires lot of creativity in puncturing lungs and then more creativity in leaving traces in air and on ground.
Let me demonstrate with visual:
Even there is How to do videos available on youtube for you to become popular.

Why popular? its logical once people found out you have capability to leave traces in air and ground Also of attracting people around you directly by joining movement or indirectly by passive traces found later on (did you not have this feeling somebody was here? i bet no one will say no Why? because no chance traces are already there ).
Its like leaving your footsteps on Sand.FootprintsInTheSand                            Leave your Footsteps on soil join Puncture Revolution
Creativity? Are you joking? No Can you leave ring traces or round traces in air to force people to accept that you were there. Can anyone say you were not there? No one has courage. Can you not see creativity in the video above?
Puncture Revolution inside Corporate politics
So Back to Story After all illustrations. People inside company going out feeling urgent need to puncture there lungs. Its irresistible urge which is quite universal and omnipresent.
So The groups Are also formed even inside company for this ceremony everyday many times. Now The top rung people usually in India are part of this because it considered status symbol. If you have no willingness to puncture your lungs then you are considered inferior low paid tribe. The Corporate politics thus will be dominated by puncture-man in the corporate hierarchy would pass on this tradition to other new joinee in the company.
The puncture group usually would have more say in politics everywhere since they share more details when they get kick which was not possible otherwise. Also the group with be usually large and also dominated by heavy weights (here i do not mean obese but those who are in top management of the company).
Interesting Incident:
There was this guy who always use to keep cigarette in his pocket one day I asked him:
Are you Smoker? He said : please do not tell anyone I can share with you: “I am not a smoker”. Then Why you keep cigarette in pocket
His Reply: “It helps me to listen to upper management (What we call in management Grapevine communication? smart guy). So you go in puncturing ceremony yet you do not puncture just watch people puncturing. yes in that process lots of grapevine comes out.
And if anyone not having cigarette I can supply them almost free. Good.
I was thinking : He gets free passive puncture as well.
So you can Easily understand Why this urgent need is spreading the wings of Puncture revolution. People take pride in there capability , message passing, and the relativity you get with top rungs otherwise you would be feeling alienated.
But if you have will you can do anything in this world being democratic space Everyone has equal opportunity. So Some people did achieved success without joining puncture revolution. In Third world countries Where laws are made put in big libraries in books but rarely followed/implemented.
Same is inside the Companies values are last option for profit motive There are are many Exception though Where Company did defied this law and surprisingly sustained longer that above law abiding companies. You can call this The Age of Outlaw.

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