SpiderMan,PowderMan and The-Woes (Davos) enquiry with professor

There was a Spiderman and There was a PowderMan.
Lets introduce the PowderMan:
just imagine this song and replace Spider with Powder.
PowderMan Living his life on protein powder and multi-vitamin pills to compensate for Complex Food Ecosystem life in City.
Interesting Things were happening around There was meeting happening of major world leaders it was Called The-Wooes (Davos).

The-Wooes is Where the Woes of world would be discussed All people from the world will assemble there to discuss there Woes. This was this only instance of this large gathering get together to discuss Woes which was never heard of before.
Powderman thought there are lot of woes accumulated in this world so there no other way but to get together in tourist spot and gather all intelligent people so they can discuss irrespective of there local push-pull constituency and discuss find Solutions.

PowderMan Got interested in process and wanted to gain better understanding of process.
So PowderMan Went to his professor in The University:
He asked professor “I wanted to Discuss The-Woes meeting”.
Professor Told “I do not have time.”
Powderman asked further: ” Sir, (Do not have time for The-woes of world or for this meeting”.
Professor replied: “I Cannot give time to both, I am very busy I have my own meetings”.
PowderMan: “Sir please give me 5 minute if you have”.
Professor: “Professor got Angry and Said. See this Whole world works on theory of relativity given by Sir Albert Einstein (Sir is not available to all country) . See
Relativity is very important. If you are relative to somebody then he or she may oblige otherwise not. Are you relative to me?”
PowderMan: No
Professor: Then How can I oblige for 5 minute.
Powderman: Sir But I heard its about difference in Velocity with respect to position you are.
Professor: Exactly.
PowderMan: But Sir In the meeting of The Woes no one is relative.
Professor: You have to go little deep in concept. See The relative means are your thought and perspective are relative(similarity) to me. How much its s similar that much we are relative.
PowderMan: Sir But if views are similar then what is discussion about?
Professor: The whole discussion is about to become more relative (similar thinking individual). So they can Call Themselves and think with relative sense otherwise there is no sense.
PowderMan: Sir The process is going on since years. The world would have become relative by now.
Professor: If it was so easy then Sir Enstein would not have got noble prize in Physics. And Would not be called the Greatest Science-twist in the world.
PowderMan: Sir, Scientist or Science-twist?
Professor: What is work of Science-twist? It is to twist science to achieve the objective og mankind.They are working for the benefit of mankind like us.Can you tell me any one concept of science Which you can twist?
PowderMan: I have to develop twisting skills. Now its under my notice I will definitely develop twisting skills. Sir can you tell me better approach to develop twisting skills.
Professor: This is very simple. Early you start its better. If you do not start Early on twisting skills then you know slogan (Catch them young). Then you will never be able to develop twisting skills. Start with whatever you have in hand right now. Each time you do it you will get better.
Its all about repetition. See What you learned in University? Is it not repetition?
Whatever we give in notes same is asked in Exam? What do you think it develops in you?
PowderMan (after long speech i got chance to speak): sir subject knowledge.
Professor: You will never learn. If you write something which is relevant but we cannot develop any relativity towards it then you cannot get marks. So What we give in notes only that you have to write back in paper word by word? otherwise we cannot develop relativity towards it.(Theory of Relativity). The more you become relative to us the more marks you can get otherwise you can write anything which may be relevant. So you got you lessons.
PowderMan: Sir What?
Professor: Repetition. Keep repeating word by word exactly.Write same in Exam. you now we do not have time to read what is written in paper?. if it exact it easy to match. Any how? it is world of computer science? tell me is it is not Exact can computer understand.
if you replace word by some similar word its your own peril.
PowderMan: Sir Computer can use Artificial Intelligence to find similarity?
Professor: Okay then Why Computerized Exam have only objective question answer only in ( a, b, c, d) ? So it can look at repetition built inside it to match. Right or not.
PowderMan: Yes Sir Exactly. I will start improving Twisting skills ASAP.
Professor: If you do really well then Gobble prize committee (just a joke) is relative to us. We can get you anywhere but Can you handle that Twist it only Question you should ask yourself?
PowderMan: Sir I am enrolling myself in twisting classes. And off course it would be difficult for me to Twist So much.
Professor: The world works on Relativity as you know it fundamental principle of Physics can you deny that? See Leave The-Woes for now only focus on relativity. As you know cause and effect relationship. Relativity would lead you there.
PowderMan: Sir I only wanted to understand The process being in news.
Professor: The-woes will remain woes but What is your concern is not our or their concern otherwise Theory of Relativity could be applied in it. And There is Constitution Which helps us finding relativity. if there is no relativity we cannot do anything?
Powderman: Sir, Then Why there are subjects like jurisprudence which keep improving the process of rule making in the Constitution. Its basically to bring what is not relative to bring it in Relative-ness? So it for the missing Aspect can be taken up and included in The rules,law , process, procedure etc.

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