The Concept of Jungle University

Sprawling Campus filled with Green Grass grounds and Tree surrounding Buildings situated away from town inside the Jungle.
There are small rivers Even Lush green small mountain inside the University.
Better Utilisation of Infrastructure: 
Jungle University has variety of animals those can be domesticated kept near to Campus the More aggressive ferocious one one kept little away but more importantly also away from river otherwise they can run away.
Self Sustainable University – Highly Employable – least cost
The Grounds are filled with domesticated Animals like cows, pig and sheep.
When Student leave Campus Cows and other animals can occupy the University Building for Night stay.
Every morning staff will brings cows from different departments to ground and tie to trees on ground with long rope as they can make large circle around trees and graze whole day No need of grass cutter.
Why I am saying from every department ? because more nearer animals are to there consumer the less time is wasted in moving to and fro.
Advantage and Skill set:
So much grass land and building remain under utilized can be avoided.
Healthy Life: instead of Cost Chemical Drinks after Every lecture professor can get fresh milk from cow outside department without wasting time.
milking cows                                           Picture: Professor Milking Cow
Skill Set: and upskilling
Off course some upskilling would be required to learned under supervised environment how to milk cows.? But its handy skill set and its important for sustainability of life.
Also like how to cut animal for meat like Butchering skills ? Its not difficult and hence its easy can be taught easily. (supervised learning would be essential here)
Trees would not be use-less tree but instead fruit trees inside university like strawberry trees. Mixer would be inside every room. Now After every class professor can take few strawberry and milk cows just outside his/her department and use mixer to make strawberry shake.
Motto of Up-Skilling School: Any Skill if good is good for life.
(Most important word here in Any Skill ) it reflect equal opportunity.
Hence Name of School/department: Any Skill School
Problem come with opportunity:
If professor decides today that he is going to have beef or chicken or pork today. then one person cannot Eat whole animal.
Then there would be voting website Every morning where professor will vote there preference for today. So suppose today there are 20 vote for a particular animal then that animal can be cut.
Now next problem : Who among 20 professor will cut animal? As you know its easy skill and its already taught by Any Skill School.
For that There would be Arbitrator/Counsellors: to Decide who will cut today in case of dispute.needless to say Con sellers are highly trained in Psychology and counselling. So they can understand Psychology of professor coming for dispute and give them guidance.
Off-course medical Leave is allowed if professor does not want to cut or hounded by others and not in right mood to cut animal.
Typical Scenario:
Think 20 professor assembled in ground to cut animal. Each one is saying its your turn to cut today the one pointed replying not me its your turn. There would be comments you lazy professor it your turn he/she says i do not want to cut today. Some may skip this meeting in room come late taking shelter of argument Oh i slept or got nap in room.
Outsider passing by would Say: These sleep dwarfed professor cannot do any work.
In say 365 days atleast 60 incidents have happened like this out of those almost 50 went to Counsellor/Arbitrator. Even Counsellor are weary of taking any new incident which comes to them. Then there is powerfull VC who would pass info to counsellor to protect there confident professor who bring them share of meat or Strawberry shake for free.
There is nothing wrong in it Since VC is always busy and has no time for cutting or milking.

Mood Swing And Laziness
After lots of incident like this last year University decided that security agency would be hired to look into life of each professor to see whether they are actually sleeping or not. Also They have decided after prolonged thought that Even needed to look at there life a home because how can they decide professor is disturbed today from home or not? in the case of arbitration When he/she says “I am disturbed and not cutting/milking today”.
So it is perfectly valid since a decision can be arrived at which was not possible otherwise.
Also By This if anyone Claims Mood swing then it can be investigated by the agency Whether Mood swing was for real or it was made up for giving reason.

Problem #2: Since University is self sustainable and surrounded by Jungle. The Aerated drinks do not reach University.
University Circular: decision To self-make drinks in Chemical Lab
So it was decided Every one would be given access to Chemical laboratory to create Drinks for themselves Any How it not difficult problem or skill set to master. Since Last 60 yrs these drink exist in market so nothing breeding Edge or cutting Edge about it.
Patent Principle:NUN: Novelity-Utility-Non Obviousness
There was no novelty in it and it was prior knowledge, off course there is lot of utility in these  as drink made are self used for drinking, Every thing here is Non-Obvious.
So it was decided That These Drinks would not be patentable.
So It was Easy to Make most popular drinks which were available in market can be made inside chemical lab and with water from river flowing nearby. (Self sustainability can be achieved)
Risk With falling from Tree while pricking strawberry was very costly for University So University decided to Outsource this to known vendor specialized in the area. If any professor breaks his bone while taking strawberry in hurry it would be loss of classes to students and medical cost etc etc. Then there was emotional aspect also about there family might storm University asking (What kind of University do you Run?) So This was Top priority item to make University Risk Awarse. So diversification of Risk was also achieved as any incident no instead people storming to one party(University) they have another option of the Vendor(Which was relatively Easy option to storm since Vendor are usually approachable to Family and vendor are not stakeholder in University So there aggression can be curbed rather from inside). And Damage might be irr-repairable able if discontent is from inside rather than outside.
This Principle is Called Any-How principle Of University: And one of guiding principle for most of the policy decided within University. It would come to Rescue almost every time and any time to any Topic  for University (Since University was not accountable to anyone for Anything in general)
Other word Which was used in University in Cross talk was “Rescue Principle”. Also called “two birds with one stone principle”.

Problem #3. As all these nutrition is good but it might cause obesity.
University has nice creative solution for that as Creativity was essential pillar of University Student To be traits. The Vast area around university Tree density was increase further to have better Oxygen for Animals as well student and professor. As you know Oxygen is brain fuel. Most Oxygen we and animal inhale is utilized by brain (almost 50% of total).
Brain fuel is important to keep animal as well human well behaved with proper flow of oxygen. Also Ferocious Animals needed thick cover to keep them inside the jungle which surrounded University. It was again like killing 2 birds with One stone.

Scenario #2: IT was such a healthy can see professor carrying bucket of milk milked from cow near University and strawberry from trees brought by staff from vendor as and when strawberry was needed.

There were Loins, Deer , beer , tiger , birds inside University. When Any one say Beer to not think he is talking about beer its actual Bear.
University Book of Rules and Regulation:
(Be Careful with your words was one slogan inside University As some beer were literate to understand few human words might hear you They have large Ear). It shows The influence of University in the Area and Human touch that Even bear were listening to lecture sometimes it was difficult/dangerous for humans to adjust though. It was perfect Example of Animal-Human Equity based Ecosystem.
So Read Care fully all Slogan inside University Rule of Book As any of those can come handy to you any time you are struck. But in actual situation it was not only handy but life saving Remedies inside Jungle University if you ignore its all at your own risk.(like say beer So Do not say Beer).
Note: Keep Reading Revisions for any new inclusions in Book Otherwise you know ( you may become history by any of new revisions not read Like Beer was new inclusion this month).

Coming Back to Obesity problem and need to Exercise: Creative Solution
University Circus Area:
it was newly developed area after lots of planning and thinking. It covered large area of Campus as it was bordering with jungle nearby you needed to be careful Also because University was away from City. Even There Were large iron pillars on entrance to direct people lost inside the jungle towards the Entrance of University. This was most watched Object inside University. Coloured meaning less flags were also put on these pillars so as it not confused with dried/dead tree. And to Everyone Advantage They were always flying this never causing confusion about Entrance.
The meticulous planning which was gone in creating University was never thought of anywhere due to this fact many institution/people were jealous with University.

Circus Was perfect medium to keep people healthy and also utilize resources upto potential. The Ferocious Animal Can Also be used in this way which was otherwise not possible.  The Extent of creativity inside circus was worth watching for hours.

The Most Powerful Rule 2.4.5 #from University Rule Book
It was decided By University Board in Annual General Meeting  that person Who

Needless to say Everything inside the area was controlled by University including business in and around and employability of student there in around.The Referral by University was considered Death warrant hence student would anything for it.  It was in rule and regulation That Like Nike slogan : “Just Do it ” (embedded meaning at your own risk).
The Nike Shows therefore were hardly numbered. These Embeded meaning Concept was a novelty which brought to table new skill set to students “To decode to Coded Rules”.
Just focusing itself on this problem alone would have made you quit outstanding student in the competitive world outside. The University proud itself of its intelligent student who could decipher the near impossibility to normal person.
You can well understand situation of students who were really trying hard to pass these embedded tests. The real test were not difficult for them as compared to these and this is where University Excelled beyond comparison by making student life harder and harder by embedded test  not real test The Real intelligence of Student Came out without they are being aware that its coming out. In Today’s World This Real Intelligence was most important thing for Employers which attracted many Big Companies even in remotest part of the world to rush immediately towards University ASAP the Students are available.
you can see hardly any company in world and any country of the world from where these institutions were Rushing towards The University. The rush was so much that University has to Erect Camps/tents inside Jungle for Recruiter on Recruitment Fair. The Fair was Called “Jungle Safari”. The population of the Area would triple around recruitment season.
It brought Extra pressure on local population and City had High Employment due to this fact. See if University is top Employer Automatically City Will become Top Employer this was logical. There cannot be scenario where City had high unemployment and University become the highest employer.
So You can Easily find if there is high Unemployment in City Whose responsibility or what was the primary cause.
So To Keep the people from rising against popular thinking University had Most powerful Rule:
Rules No
3.5.1 From Rule and Regulation Handbook: (Kindly read more details at University site though there is a caveat #1 )
“If anyone calls(rumour) themselves Powerful or rumoured by others Somebody(group least 10 people) called anyone powerful then it becomes necessary fr them have to prove it despite there will”. It
3.5.1 a )How to make people prove it?
Rule was very Simple: “The person would have to present him/her in front of loin/Tiger inside the cage in Circus”
The Skillset needed to control Loin/Tiger Would be provided by ANY SKILL department?
Some times there can be mistake : Any Skill may become MAny Skill.
Mind you it not Many? its M + Any? or put in simple word M of the Any skills.
So any of these unkonwn M or ‘n’ skills can be employed to stop you from completing the Task of controlling loin (Ring Leader).
Who is Ring Leader? University after long effort of years had provided training to some professor to Become Ring Leader. It was not Easy Task to skill professor as Ring Leader you can Easily understand this Why?
This Skill set Was quite rare.(Professor + Ring Leader). Ring Leader between dancing loins in circus. This was USP (Unique Selling Proposition) Why?
Have you heard Dancing loin any where? It was only possible in cartoons but this was first time that it was made reality by consistent Effort of University Research Wing(Which keeps searching for new things like this).
Its Easy to see standing loin but dancing loin was very difficult considering the agility of loin and reflexiveness. This has made University place of choice for Researcher’s as prospects as it was easy now to search around new things around it and Thus complete the papers.
Have you heard Travelling Salesman problem  or Assignment problem? Can you implement this assignment of rings to dancing loins? it was very Easy here.
It was very important that you are selected by Ring Leader Professor because otherwise All loins are controlled by ring leader and it will become difficult for you get any task done by loins.
The Steps of Dance of loins was also cryptographic puzzle till it comes to you then you will understand that they are doing RUMBA or Salsa or ( not to be disclosed).
Actually problem was not That they are Rumba but it was to fix whether it was Rumba only (can you understand). Any how its called Cryptography. If you can understand this then it would have been English language or Any Language.
Due to limitation of space and time only this thing can be disclosed right now. Others will be disclosed when task will be completed.
Any How ? Coming back to Dancing loin. So Training to complete this task between Dancing loins and Ring leader can be provided Any How? (Do you relate Any How? principle or Killing 2 birds with 1 stone principle )
Let me Remind you. Risk Awarse Principle. Principle was If you think Risk is large make many people party to it thus you can diversify the risk and become Risk Awarse. This is also coincidently basic principle of Risk Management.
By this way any amount of Risk can be handle only thing is to identify as many people on whom risk can be put.
Since The Jungle is quite a controlled space So it can be Achieved. Moreover The initiator not only identifies the new people on whom risk can be put but also convince them that it is Risk.
Leave This Topic that whether it is Risk or Not? That was Question No one would think because no one is bothered its Risk or not as long as it can be diversified.
Also This question Whether it is Risk or Not? Will consume 30 minutes but if diversification of risk can happen in 1 minute per person Why to waste 30 minutes.
Since it was Easy to identify any one new to the Jungle.
Any how? City was little away from the Jungle and its influence.
The Ring Leader Professor was Quite a important employee for University. So University would always listen and oblige to Ring leader professor? I think you can Understand Why? …Why ?
because As he controlled most ferocious loins in Jungle. Can Anyone Risk loin?
if Anyone Risk loin then his position would be same as position of person under un-willfull test. A Test Whose Dancing loin format is also not fixed and you have to co-ordinate.
Let see : you started steps assuming it Rumba suddenly it changed to Salsa so you need one partner means u fail. you make some thing it changed to Hip Hop Then to locking and poping then to some other.
The problem is how long you keep changing on changing platform controlled by administrative Ring Leader. Even you successfully do then you will run out of time. Even if you take task to home the dancing loin comes with it.
Can you understand Why is called Most Powerful Rule Under Handbook of Rules and Regulation
Any How? Everyone is happy in Jungle. The Jungle is surviving with the University. The Jungle University is Now up for interesting time as people are becoming more integrated with City life.
Still I will say there is nothing Healthy like in Jungle University. 🙂
Can you Really provide more healthier space than this?
Even drinks are manufactured inside The self sufficiency of University is beyond doubt.
– Although I would say University gave task to professor Some years back to produce drinks like paepsi/Kola. Which Were quite old drinks since last 60 yrs but They have not yet come back with any similar looking drink? If you have seen then kindly point to me so I can check it. A well known old technology but yet people get confused Why not yet manufactured in the healthy/stress free Environment like in Jungle University.
Any How? it is managed ..(you should be knowing how? you know Hint: Any How?
If University needs to grow means jungle needs to grow then where will city Go?
The Future OF Jungle University is Bright Since There would not be any Ring master professor anywhere, there would not be any student equivalent anywhere, there would not be similar skill sets available anywhere? Lets keep Spirit Up and keep University growing…..
I am closing now. May be I will write second part of it?

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